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To be the “Network Security Advocate and Technology Ally” of our clients in order to provide them the best possible solution to their needs at the best possible price.

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Through global collaboration with academic institutions, private sector organizations and public entities, the Center for Business Preparedness offers a central location for the business and academic communities

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Broaden your cyber defenses

5 Critical Ways to Take a More Collaborative Approach to IT Security

A new survey from IDG Research indicates that IT security professionals remain more reactive than proactive when implementing data security.
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Best Practices in Email, Web and Social Media Security

We hope this comprehensive white paper from Osterman Research provides actionable information that you can immediately apply at your business to help in the detection, prevention and response to the growing rates and sophistication of malware. Read the White Paper
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Social Engineering Prevention Guide

Social engineering is a successful way cyber criminals are infiltrating organizations. Through email, phone, online platforms such as social media, and physical infiltration tactics, attackers are preying on the weaknesses of basic human nature.This whitepaper from Digital Defense shows how to help prevent it. Download Now

Endpoint Security In Transition

FBI Official Discusses Cyber Threat

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What Is Social Engineering?

Posted on July 25, 16
What Is Social Engineering?

Wombat: What Is Social Engineering? In this first segment of a two-part video blog, Wombat brings end users up to speed on the concept...

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Massive 46M Dollar Cyberheist

Posted on August 12, 15

Scam Of The Week: Massive 46M Dollar Cyberheist Brian Krebs just reported on a massive 46M dollar Cyberheist. Tech firm Ubiquiti Networks Inc. disclosed...

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Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Installs Ransomware

Posted on August 04, 15

Scam Of The Week: Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Installs Ransomware Major Operating System upgrades usually cause confusion among end-users and the current Windows 10...

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Phishing: Adult Friend Finder

Posted on May 26, 15

Adult Friend Finder Hack Is Nightmare Phishing Problem Guys, we have a real phishing problem with this Adult Friend Finder (AFF) hack. This particular...

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SCAM: Red Bull Money Mule Victims

Posted on May 19, 15

Warn your employees, friends and family about a cunning money laundering scam that is currently back on the rise. This lure was first used...

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How New Phishing Malware Rombertik Kills Your Hard Drives

Posted on May 12, 15

InfoSec researchers at Cisco’s TALOS group discovered a strain of malware that spreads through phishing. Attackers use social engineering tactics to entice users to...

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SCAM: Nepal Earthquake

Posted on May 07, 15
SCAM: Nepal Earthquake

More than 7,000 people dead and counting. And you can also count on cyber-criminals exploiting the disaster. What else is new. Disgusting. Scammers are...

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Fall-outs from infamous data breaches

Posted on February 23, 15

In a blog on IT Governance dated February 17, 2015, Julia Dutton (Link here) wrote about the expenses and other ramifications that companies caught...

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