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Assessments + Education + Decisive Security Intelligence

Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI) helps organizations establish a culture of security through regular security risk assessments, awareness education and Decisive Security Intelligence. This proven method bolsters the capability of organizations to reduce risk and secure information and intellectual property. DDI delivers best-in-class managed service and most importantly, peace of mind, knowing you have a team of dedicated and experienced industry experts behind you, fortifying your defenses against an unwelcome security breach.

Digital Defense protects your clients, employees, and operational integrity — without increasing your staff or breaking your IT budget. We develop and maintain solutions that rapidly identify, monitor, and report on an organization’s Security GRC-related efforts. Further, our certified security analyst team specializes in aiding our clients in identifying and addressing their issues and ultimately giving them back the ability to focus on their core business objectives.

  • On-demand, flexible SaaS Solutions
  • Managed and client-directed security GRC services
  • In-house, industry-standard certified security analysts
  • Automated, timely reports
  • Proprietary technology designed to ensure the highest standards of vulnerability detection
  • Implementations designed to minimize disruption to the enterprise

Frontline™ Solutions Platform

Tactical. Practical. You’re In Command.

The combination of DDI’s certified Security Analysts, patent-pending scanning technology and proprietary cloud-based vulnerability management system, Frontline™ Solutions Platform, (FSP) delivers the most powerful assessment results and remediation management solutions possible.

An intuitive online portal streamlines your vulnerability management so that you save time, money… and frustration. DDI’s FSP online client portal allows you to pinpoint and remediate the vulnerabilities posing the highest risk for your organization. No more digging through reams of remediation reports, Frontline’s Active View™ feature gives you quick and accurate insights to help prioritize your vulnerability remediation efforts. This host-centric view combines your host importance ranking with the vulnerability risk rating to guide your resource allocation for remediation. Your highest risk devices can be readily identified, saving you time while increasing efficiency and ROI. In addition, FSP generates customized reporting of your assessment and remediation efforts while providing online remediation workflow capability.

Read More about Digital Defense’s Frontline Solutions Platform.

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Whether your organization is large or small, you may already have vulnerabilities, lurking in the background, ready to pose a significant danger to your organization. Especially as your organization changes or grows, new threats to the security of your information may emerge. These risks and vulnerabilities often go undetected until it’s too late. Failure to assess your computing network and physical environment can lead to data breaches, interruption of services, financial loss and, even worse, irreversible damage to your reputation.

DDI offers a comprehensive array of assessment solutions, services in addition to Vulnerability Scanning Solutions. And while vulnerability scanning is the cornerstone element of an effective security program, DDI’s security risk assessment solutions provide an additional layer of security through a holistic view of your organization’s security.

With every DDI assessment solution, you get the technical and experiential expertise that differentiates our assessments from other providers. And all are scalable to fit the unique needs and size of your organization.

  • Enterprise Risk Assessments
  • Ethical Hacking (Penetration Testing)
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Physical Site Review
  • Network Architecture Review
  • Audits, Web Site Compliance, IT Controls

Our unique approach and depth of experience gives you an uncomplicated, affordable way to address regulatory compliance requirements and manage business security risks. In addition, with our solutions you are supported by an entire team of certified security professionals.

In today’s environment, security education and training must be able to break through the information overload experienced in the workplace. The content must remain top of mind with employees in order to prevent successful engineering attacks. The most sophisticated technology in the world can be quickly and easily breached by a weak or compromised password, as well as other lax security behavior. Effective security awareness training for your employees and clients can improve your overall security posture, and could be the most important investment you make this year.

DDI’s Security Awareness Education facilitates security-minded behavior so that potential information security attacks are thwarted, ensuring your assets and reputation remain secure.

Our Security Awareness Education helps you provide relevant, easy-to-understand, web-based security training for key audiences: your employees, contractors and patrons. This frees up your staff to focus on their core competencies and support your strategic initiatives.

SecurED™, our newly launched education awareness offering is breaking new ground through the delivery of security training in a fun, convenient, and most importantly, memorable manner. Check it out now!

With information security breaches on the rise and new vulnerabilities developing every day, it is imperative that organizations are adequately informed to defend against these threats.

While technology is an important element to detecting vulnerabilities, having a vigilant and responsive team of security experts is a unique benefit offered by DDI. Our dedicated Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) and certified Security Analysts are thought leaders in the information security industry. Through our Decisive Security Intelligence, you can be properly armed to defend against potential threats that could impact the security of your organization.

Our Decisive Security Intelligence is delivered in multiple ways:

Big Data Analysis – Our VRT utilizes Big Data analysis to further reinforce your security by mining aggregate data and identifying potential threats to the DDI community of clients and beyond. Acting on this valuable information, clients can respond quickly to thwart potential security breaches.
DDI Insight™ – An annual, benchmark study, offered exclusively through DDI, Insight allows you a keen perspective to inform your initiatives surrounding information security.
Managed Service Solutions – DDI’s managed solutions come with an assigned Personal Security Analyst (PSA). Unlike other tool providers, our PSAs offer the industry expertise to guide your assessment and remediation efforts and we will be with you every step of the way as you develop strategies to ensure your valuable data is safeguarded.

So, what can Decisive Security Intelligence mean to you? If you are a DDI client, you can rest assured you will receive the highest and most current intelligence available to arm yourself against the ever-changing threats to your organization’s security.

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