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About Globalscape’s Suite of Products

Globalscape designs and delivers software and services that help business operate more efficiently. Our products’ military-grade security enables mission-critical information to be shared confidently across multiple technology platforms and locations worldwide. We make it easy for enterprises and organizations of all sizes to maintain total control and visibility of their data, simplifying the flow of information anytime, anywhere. Founded in 1996, Globalscape is a leading enterprise solution provider of secure information exchange software and services to thousands of customers, including global enterprises, governments, and small businesses.

Enterprise Software Suite

Professional Services

Our suite provides MFT capabilities, a SaaS cloud solution or a secure way to share files. Our skilled pro services team can help with product customization, training and more.
  • Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™)
  • Professional Services
  • MIX SaaS MFT Solution
  • Globalscape University
  • Mail Express
  • DMZ Gateway
  • WAFS

Partner Solutions

Consumer Products

We have trusted partners who create valuable software products that we can offer to you. We offer several consumer-based solutions for your data transfer and security needs.
  • Automate BPA
  • TappIn
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