SilverSky is the expert provider of cloud security solutions.

They deliver the industry’s only advanced Security-as-a-Service platform from the cloud, dramatically simplifying how growth-minded companies secure their most important information.

Forged from their success as a managed services provider, their Security-as-a-Service platform delivers comprehensive network security and Email security services that protect critical information simply and cost effectively. As companies struggle with the increasing security requirements placed on their information-intensive businesses, SilverSky’s cloud-based security solutions simultaneously reduce cost, manage complexity and master all your compliance requirements from a single powerful platform. Guided by a mission to simplify how their customers secure their most important information, they create solutions that enable you to pursue your business ambitions without security worry.


SilverSky combines the existing portfolio assets of Perimeter E-Security and Now led by the market’s foremost security thinkers and backed by respected investors including Goldman Sachs and Bessemer Ventures, we have mobilized to realize the promise of cloud security solutions – simple, manageable, cost effective. For years, our company has been recognized as a leading managed services provider of business email and network security services. We have hosted, secured and monitored the information assets of thousands of large enterprises and highly regulated businesses that use our proprietary security software. As the industry’s most trusted managed services provider, we have built solutions that satisfy the world’s most demanding regulators and auditors. Now as SilverSky, we are making our formerly exclusive security software available to any organization or partner as a single, comprehensive Security-as-a-Service solution from the cloud.

Our Customers

We direct our innovation at delivering a worry-free service that lets our customers sleep easy. By simplifying how our customers secure their critical information, we free them up to spark new business possibilities. Every day we protect $525 billion in customer assets and analyze 425 million security events so our customers don’t have to. This is why we are the partner of choice for growth-minded leaders entrusted with high-value information. Our growing customer base includes 6,000 organizations around the globe in the financial services, retail, healthcare, energy, critical infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.

Our Organization

With executive offices in New York City, SilverSky operates seven geographically distributed technical operations centers and four redundant datacenters. Our Security-as-a-Service solutions, which are offered both on a Network (in-the-cloud) and CPE (customer-premise equipment) basis, are validated by Verizon Cybertrust and guaranteed for current and future regulatory compliance.

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Andrew Jaquith explains how SilverSky helps secure your information and networks.

Email Protection Suite

Email is the lifeblood of business communications, and keeping it secure, compliant and highly available can be a surprisingly challenging problem. But with SilverSky’s Email Protection Suite in the cloud, you can achieve comprehensive message security without complexity.
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Managed Email Services

SilverSky's hosted Exchange is a comprehensive cloud service for Microsoft Exchange that allows businesses to reduce cost and complexity of critical communications. Unlike commodity hosted mailbox providers, we deliver a Fortune 100-class cloud email that is secure and compliant out of the box, and is complemented by expert, high-touch service.
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Managed Security Services

The threat landscape is more dangerous than ever before, and attacks on corporate networks are now more common and more difficult to combat. To make matters worse, effective network security is complicated, resource-intensive, and expensive, especially when companies rely on in-house solutions.
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Network Protection Suite

The threat landscape is more dangerous than ever before, and IT departments are struggling to reduce risk and maintain regulatory compliance. At the same time, they are facing intense pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity. SilverSky’s network protection software empowers IT departments to drive down security risk and do more with limited resources.
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