Tenable Network Security

Introducing Comprehensive Network Discovery and Scanning

Tenable’s highly rated vulnerability assessment tools, Nessus® and Passive Vulnerability Scanner™ (PVS™), together help organizations address the growing security challenge introduced by mobile, BYOD, and virtual connections to your network. Nessus captures security and compliance risk from connected and managed mobile devices, while PVS identifies security and compliance risk from transient and unmanaged mobile devices.

PVS complements traditional Nessus active scanning with continuous asset discovery, effective scanning without credentials, trust relationship identification and tracking, and continuous vulnerability detection on devices, applications, and communicating systems.

Together, they are called “Nessus Plus” and combined they identify mobile devices, mobile applications, and vulnerabilities in transient systems as well as enumerate managed and connected mobile devices. This combination pinpoints hidden security risks, provides continuous evaluation of your network and can help you accelerate threat remediation.

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