Universal Imaging Utility

The Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) works in conjunction with any Windows OS deployment solution such as Ghost, Acronis, SCCM, ImageX, etc., to deliver a hardware independent image to any PC regardless of manufacturer or model.

Since 2004 and the very first version of the UIU, we have been helping our customers where no one else can – with the deployment of ONE hardware independent OS image to any laptop or desktop regardless of manufacturer. Regardless of whether you have been using Ghost for years, dabbled with Acronis, Altiris, Zenworks, etc., or have recently made the move to Microsoft SCCM, we help you make your imaging and deployment something you actually don’t mind doing.

Universal Imaging Utility (UIU)

What is the UIU?

The Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) Version 4.7 is the only software application able to create a true hardware independent image. Used in conjunction with your existing cloning application (Symantec Ghost, Altiris, ZenWorks, SCCM, etc.), the UIU creates a single Windows PC image that can be easily deployed to any business class laptop or desktop in your environment regardless of manufacturer or model.

  • No More Hunting for Missing Drivers
  • No More Blue Screens of Death
  • No More Maintaining Multiple images
  • No More Time-Consuming Migrations and Rollouts
  • Currently Deployed to Over 3 Million PCs Worldwide

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