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Wombat provides interactive and effective software-based cyber security and compliance assessment and training for employees. Employees practice concepts as they learn which lengthens learning retention and provides security officers with data about their organization’s info security strengths and weaknesses.

Wombat’s training solutions have been shown to reduce susceptibility to attack over 80%. Our customers have the data to prove it.

Wombat’s Continuous Security Awareness and Training Methodology

To be most effective, cyber security awareness training must be an ongoing approach to maximize learning and lengthen retention of the learned topics. The methodology outlined below should be approached as an evolving program that strives towards continuous improvement. Research and industry results have shown that the current methods of classroom and video training once a year is not effective in the battle against cyber-attack. A continuous cycle of assessment, evaluation and education has been proven to provide reduced vulnerability and longer retention.

Anti-Phishing Training Suite with Proven Effectiveness

Wombat Security offers the most effective Anti-Phishing training solution available.

Wombat’s customers have experienced greater than 80% reduction in susceptibility to attack when using our anti-phishing assessment and training modules as part of a Continuous Security Training Program.

Wombat’s PhishGuru® offers Phishing simulated attack service with almost 100 different templates with URLs, attachments and data entry forms and four types of teachable moments developed at Carnegie Mellon University. With PhishGuru® you can

Types of training available:

  • Security Training Platform
  • URL Training
  • Anti-Phishing Phil
  • Email Security
  • Password Security
  • Social Engineering Training
  • Safe Social Networks
  • Smartphone Security
  • Security Beyond the Office
  • Safer Web Browsing
  • Protected Health Information
  • Compliance Training
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