ZixCorp provides easy-to-use email encryption services for privacy and regulatory compliance. As the largest email encryption services provider, ZixCorp protects tens of millions of members in our ZixDirectory ®, and approximately 100,000 new members are being added every week. ZixCorp provides transparent, seamless secure communications with your customers, partners and regulators.

Employee Behavior Risks

Companies can implement policies and offer employee training to prevent employees from leaking sensitive information, but a Ponemon Institute study3 found this method to be insufficient. Of respondents surveyed:
59 percent believe insecure email by employees is one of the main sources of data leaks in their organizations
69 percent believe employees ignore policies about emailing unencrypted sensitive or confidential documents through insecure channels
61 percent believe employees send unencrypted confidential information through insecure email channels, such as personal Web-based email

The Industry’s Only Fully Transparent Email Encryption

ZixCorp provides the industry’s only fully transparent delivery by leveraging ZixDirectory with ZixGateway®. When a ZixGateway customer sends encrypted email to another ZixGateway customer, the message is sent transparently. With transparent delivery, users send and receive encrypted email as they would conventional email. Workflow is not interrupted, and no extra steps are required. On average, more than one third of our customers’ recipients receive their encrypted email messages transparently, so that not even a password is needed.

ZixGateway is a policy-based email encryption service that automatically scans and encrypts outbound email if sensitive information is included within the subject line, body or attachments. Through automatic encryption, employees are alleviated of security burdens, and companies can ensure customer protection and regulatory compliance.

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  • FIPS 140-2 solutions
  • Hosted key management
  • Customizable policy engines for regulatory compliance
  • Centralized policy management
  • Custom branding
  • Flexible delivery options


  • Instant secure connection to regulators and partners
  • Low fixed total cost of ownership
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Transparent, send-to-anyone capability
  • Seamless integration with your existing network
  • Fast and easy to deploy
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