Security Professionals Want to Test,
Developers Want to Code

Application security is the number one priority of security professionals, but developers just want to code. Getting developers to use Application Security Testing is one of the biggest challenges facing security professionals today.

Checkmarx Makes Security Testing Easier to Swallow Fitting in Seamlessly with how developers work

Checkmarx recognizes there’s friction between Application Security professionals and developers: the first have a task of implementing Application Security Testing into the organization while the second see it as a burden. The growing dependence on software coupled with increased exposure and usage of the Internet emphasize that software reliability is becoming increasingly critical to users. Software developers are expected to rise to the challenge and deliver applications which are both safe and secure. Checkmarx was founded in 2006 with the vision of providing comprehensive solutions for automated security code review. The company pioneered the concept of a query language-based solution for identifying technical and logical code vulnerabilities.

Checkmarx staff is committed to both customers and technology innovation. Our research and development goes side by side with our business operations, to provide the best possible products and services to our customers.

Static code analysis (CxSAST)

  • Fluent in All Major Languages
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Coverage
  • Save Precious Remediaon Time
  • Effortless Scan = Eas of Use
  • Fast Feedback Loop
  • Provable Results
  • Flexible Rules = High Accuracy
  • Automatically Enforce Your Security Policy
  • No Devloper Downtime
  • Open Source Analysis
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