World’s 1st Dedicated Intrusion
Containment Platform for Corporate
Domain Environments.

Eliminate breaches by protecting Active Directory, Domain Controllers,
Domain Identities, Domain Credentials, and all Domain resources.

The Paradigm of Corporate Domain Security is Broken

The Corporate Domain is a unique form of network, connecting all of the organization’s PCs, servers, and applications. The industry is heavily focused on protecting these resources individually without realizing the security consequences of connecting them to a Corporate Domain environment.

When a PC or server is connected to a Corporate Domain environment, it’s exposed to all domain resources by design. It only takes one compromised machine to jeopardize the entire corporation’s resources. In an environment where everything is connected, the rules of attack, as well as detection and response, are unique and different. Attackers know this but most defenders do not. We are here to change that.

AD | Protect

  • AI to Control the attacker’s perspective at the endpoint and server.
  • Reveal Dark Corners the attacker favors.

With a few queries to the Active Directory at the point of breach, an attacker can obtain all information to move throughout the network.

Javelin is the first and only company to provide a comprehensive defense solution for the entire Corporate Domain.

Javelin’s revolutionary agentless solution immediately contains attackers after they compromise a machine, preventing them from using Active Directory credentials and moving laterally into the network. Javelin greatly reduces the effort, time, and error involved in detecting and containing a breach.

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