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A non-stop battle is raging. Businesses worldwide rely on web, email and social media for efficiency, productivity and revenue. But cybercriminals also have staked their claim on these channels, consistently and methodically exploiting them for their own gain. A comprehensive white paper from Osterman Research and sponsored by Trustwave, which draws on statistics from a new survey, chronicles the scope of the malware and data loss threat to the security of your information. It examines the assortment of tools and techniques available to the attackers, as well as the reality that traditional technologies aren’t working.

The white paper:

  • Describes and explains the most common security threats facing businesses – from targeted attacks to mobile malware to user errors – that can result in breaches.
  • Highlights the extent of the problem through useful statistics and graphics that can be used to spark meaningful conversations within your organization.
  • Explores the disconnect between current solutions that organizations are turning to versus what they actually prefer, which is technology less complex and costly to manage themselves.
  • Recommends viable and proven best practices specifically designed to detect and deter risks associated with web, email and social media.
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