This white paper was written by the State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Government Coordinating Council, however it can pertain to any organization. It discusses how cybersecuriy risks are exacerbated when weak or non-existent cybersecurity programs are embedded into the organization. Organizational risk becomes a concern when information technology (IT) personnel do not make a concerted effort to train employees and manage cybersecurity programs’ effectiveness. Executives may often be unaware of these risks because they assume their IT manager, chief information officer, chief information security officer, or the external contractor managing security for the organization is managing security efficiently and effectively. Many security breaches are often a result of poor security awareness and training programs.

Table of Contents:

  • Risk to SLTT Governments
  • Training
  • What Is Phishing?
  • Best Practices/Executive Sponsor
  • Technical Assistance
  • Security Awareness

Download the white paper here:

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