Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG)

Driven by automation & threat intelligence

An explosion of threat indicators has overwhelmed traditional network security enforcement.

More than 95% of threat intelligence goes unused, leaving organizations exposed. Bandura delivers the threat intelligence automation and control needed for companies of all sizes to block known threats at massive scale, operationalize threat intelligence, and get more out of your existing security resources.

Automated, Intelligent Blocking of MASSIVE Amounts of Known Threats

The Bandura Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) does the heavy lifting needed to reduce your attack surface and stop critical data loss. Bandura TIG automatically blocks millions of known IP and domain threats before they hit your network. It also stops data exfiltration attempts in their tracks with the same granular, automated, and robust outbound filtering. The TIG keeps the storm surge of attacks out and your valuable data in.


Block threats at scale. Protect Network. Improve efficiency of security tools & staff.


  • FORTIFY NETWORK DEFENSES using massive volumes of threat intelligence to more effectively block inbound and outbound threats and unwanted traffic.
  • AUTOMATED THREAT INTELLIGENCE frees up your staff and improves protection by eliminating security coverage gaps.
  • REDUCE STAFF BURDEN by reducing alerts and eliminating manual work related to threat feed management and maintaining blacklists and access control lists.
  • GET MORE OUT OF YOUR FIREWALL by eliminating noisy known threats ahead of it.

How it works

  • Threat Intelligence with no limits. Bandura Cyber TIG comes out of the box with tens of millions of IP and domain threat intelligence indicators from a wide variety of sources. Bandura Cyber TIG can filter inbound and outbound traffic against over 100 million unique indicators with virtually no latency. Traffic can be filtered by reputation, blacklists, whitelists, country, and organization.
  • Automated Threat Intelligence that is easy to use. Threat feeds are automatically updated in near real time and policies automatically applied. Bandura Cyber TIG’s automation capabilities improve security and increase staff productivity, reducing the need to manually update threat feeds, blacklists, access control lists, and firewall rules.
  • Open platform easily integrates with multiple sources and systems. Bandura Cyber TIG easily integrates with threat intelligence sources and your existing security systems. Bandura Cyber TIG is REST-API driven and supports industry standards like STIX/TAXII.
  • Policy management as granular as you want through an intuitive user interface. Bandura Cyber TIG has flexible policy management capabilities that scale to user needs. Leveraging automation capabilities, Bandura TIG can be deployed in a low touch “set it and forget it” mode. For larger enterprises, Bandura TIG offers robust, granular policy management capabilities.
  • Flexible deployment options and centralized management. Bandura Cyber TIG can be flexibly deployed as a traditional appliance or as a virtual appliance on VMWare and coming soon in cloud environments including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Our Global Management Center enables centralized management and reporting for multiple Bandura Cyber TIG deployments regardless of form factor.


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