Manage Software Exposure at the Speed of DevOps

Breaking Down Barriers with DevSecOps

The growing dependence on software coupled with increased exposure and usage of the Internet emphasize that software reliability is becoming increasingly critical to users. Software developers are expected to rise to the challenge and deliver applications which are both safe and secure.

Checkmarx delivers a perfect platform for DevOps and CI environments by redefining security’s role in the SDLC while operating at the speed of DevOps. The fast feedback loop makes security testing of new or edited code fragments quick with speedy remediation by developers.

This significantly reduces costs and eliminates the problem of having to deal with many security vulnerabilities close to release. Ultimately, by enabling developers to test their own code for security issues thus allowing them to get instant results and remediate the issues on the spot, everyone wins.


A Faster, Less Bumpy Route

Find the quickest path to achieving a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) by learning which of our AppSec solutions best fits your organization’s security goals.

Collaborate Easily   
Continuous Integration ecosystems require a fully integrated security testing solution that fits into your current development and testing tools.

Checkmarx offers a Continuous Security deployment designed to allow operations, developers, DevOps and the security team to easily collaborate on security issues, ensuring security enables the SDLC and doesn’t slow it down.

Continuous Testing and Delivery   
Checkmarx Continuous Security addresses security with the understanding that DevOps and CICD (Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery) environments are based on speed of delivery.

Organizations employing DevOps methodologies may release hundreds of code updates (builds) a day.
Therefore traditional Application Security testing solutions are considered a road block.

Running analysis of the full code base is out of the question and dynamic application security testing or penetration testing tactics are just not capable of keeping up with the quick release schedules.

Dramatically Reduce Analysis Time   
On top of full automation as part of the DevOps environment and the software development life cycle, Checkmarx Continuous Security provides a clear advantage by dramatically reducing code analysis times and ensuring analysis is run only on the required pieces of code. Incremental scanning eliminates the time wasted on waiting for results which have already been addressed in past iterations and concentrates on analyzing only the modified code from the previous analysis.
Early Detection - Early Remediation   
By delivering multiple integration and automation points as part of the software development life cycle, developers do not need to leave their familiar development platforms to initiate code scans and address results in near real-time. Scanning code snippets or full code base analysis happens at a click of a button. This allows vulnerabilities to be detected at their earliest stage and makes mitigation quicker and more reliable as it stays with the original developer and reaches the DevOps team after the code has been initially vetted for security issues.
No Bottlenecks   
Enforcement of secure code thresholds can be automated and enforced at the build server to ensure only clean code moves to the next stage in the SDLC. Automated vulnerability reports and dashboards are generated to the platform of choice and security teams are no longer the bottle neck for release.
Empower Organizations to Build a Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Checkmarx allows you to seamlessly plug security testing into your SDLC and CI workflows empowering developers to deliver secure applications.

Shift Security Left in Your SDLC   
Shifting security left allows organizations to launch secure applications while reducing costs and avoiding release delays. Integrate Checkmarx in your IDEs, Code Repositories, Build Servers and Bug Tracking tools to automate detection and mitigate potential risks as soon as they are introduced rather than identifying these risks just before the release schedule is due.
Shift Security Right   
But your security doesn’t stop there. The best approach to application security is to combine two or more solutions, and together, CxSAST and CxIAST provide complete coverage by ensuring security tests are automated all throughout the software development lifecycle. This is the way to create a multi-layered security strategy with the goal of detecting as many vulnerabilities as possible before your application hits the market and to ensure that releases will be secure and on-time, minimizing the need for costly post-release maintenance.
Enforce Secure Code   
Automatically log vulnerabilities and assign action items to ensure proper follow up on issues of all urgency levels. Maintain continuous visibility of project security states and monitor your application security posture at all times.
Quickly improve the security standards of your deliveries.
The Security Gate Infrastructure   
Checkmarx’s Security Gate implementation allows organizations of any size to use Static Application Security Testing at any stage of the development lifecycle. With the CxSAST Security Gate, organizations introducing application security practices can quickly improve the security standards of their deliveries.
Integrating Security into the SDLC   
Design, development and quality assurance all lead to a single goal which is the release and delivery of the application to the target audience. While all these are usually clearly defined and scheduled, application security testing has to become an integral piece of the release cycle and no application should be released without validating that the application’s code and functionality do not expose the organization to unnecessary risks.
Single Point Check   
With Checkmarx Security Gate, organizations can run a security validation checkpoint at any point in the process to ensure the delivered application does not leave the organization exposed to attacks such as SQL Injections, XSS (Cross Site Scripting), CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery), privacy violations and hundreds of other vulnerabilities.

Results, which include the categorization of vulnerabilities by severity, are reported directly to the responsible security authority along with remediation instructions for the programmers.

Benefits of Checkmarx's Security Gate   
• Allows for quick scan cycles early in the SDLC
• Integrates with common IDEs and source-code repositories
• Supports 20+ programming languages and their most popular programming frameworks
Best Fix Location   
Using our “best-fix location,” Checkmarx goes beyond identifying all the security vulnerabilities in your code. We optimize your remediation efforts, taking a bird’s eye view of the data flow in the application and identifying the critical junctions that eliminate multiple vulnerabilities through a single fix saving up to 80% of the remediation time.
As an optional Security Gate add-on, Codebashing is an in-context, on-demand e-learning platform that empowers developers to learn and sharpen their application security skills from within the CxSAST development interface. From CxSAST, developers are able to immediately activate the appropriate learning session, quickly run through the hands-on training, and get straight back to work equipped with the new knowledge to resolve the problem.
Checkmarx's Open Source Analysis   
In order to ensure that open-source components used in the code are free from vulnerabilities, Checkmarx’s Open Source Analysis (OSA) add-on allows organizations to manage, control and prevent the security risks and legal implications introduced by open source components used as part of the development effort.
Perfect for Large Code Bases   
For organizations who want to minimize application security risk, CxSAST provides the ability to detect and remediate vulnerabilities at any stage in the SDLC. Unlike other solutions, CxSAST delivers a unique capability which reduces scanning times of large code bases from hours and sometimes even days to only a few minutes. Incremental scanning identifies changes implemented in the code and analyzes the relevant code snippets rather than re-scanning the full code base over and over again. CxSAST is widely adopted by development organizations because it seamlessly fits in with their existing software development lifecycle.
Checkmarx’s Application Security Platform is built to address every organization’s needs.

When it comes to implementation Checkmarx provides the full scope of options. Including SaaS, private cloud, and on-premise solutions. Allowing a range of implementation options ensures our customers can start securing their code immediately rather than going through long processes of adapting their infrastructure to a single implementation method.

On Premise   
The on-premise solution, ideally designed for large enterprises gives you full flexibility and control over your servers and the allocated resources. The installation will run locally within your network. This implementation type is most common at enterprise organizations managing their internal network and development tools on-site.
Private Cloud   
Hosting a full Checkmarx Enterprise solution on a dedicated server, rented and managed especially for you. Storage and resources are kept completely private.
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