Stop Phshing Attacks in their Tracks


In 2008, PhishMe was launched and fulfilled our vision of leveraging the everyday employee in the fight against phishing. After all, it’s the employee being targeted. Fast forward to today and we now have a full suite of phishing defense solutions and a new name that represents our focus on building an organization-wide collaborative, collective defense. Cofense™.

Cofense combines market-leading incident-response technologies with employee-sourced attack intelligence for a complete collective defense against email-based cyber-attacks. With Cofense, you can disrupt attacks at delivery and stay ahead of breaches. Imagine a time when every user becomes an instinctual node on the network, feeding actionable intelligence to security teams. Where technology and users alike work together, creating a cycle of unparalleled vigilance and response. And where unmatched human aptitude meets the speed of technology to find and eliminate threats.

This is the new state of collective defense – cyber security purpose-built to crash test every email. Designed to anticipate and disrupt the attack kill chain at delivery, triggering enterprise-wide detection and security automation.


Defending Your Network Against Phishing Threats

What do you do when (not if) you’re under a phishing attack?

No matter how much organizations invest in “next-gen” email gateways, malicious emails make it into users’ inboxes. Awareness programs are a key part of your defense, but what happens when users see a suspicious email? What do they do with it? Where does it go? And what happens next?

Microsoft Outlook is not an incident response platform.   Threat actors have become smarter. They use conversational or spoofed emails from a trusted source to gain an employee’s trust and then deliver malicious payloads—or lure them into a costly financial transaction.

Our Solution: Cofense Triage™   
Your Security Operations Center (SOC) team is bombarded with alerts from all of the tools you use to defend your network. Now they have an “abuse box” filled with potentially malicious emails. How do they sift through the noise to find the threat and how do they coordinate across all of the SOC?
That email is somewhere on my servers but I don’t know where   Threat actors usually do not target just one user – they do their research and target a department or an entire office. The best users will report that email, but what about the ones who are away from their computer or out of the office? You need to know where that email resides across all of your users’ inboxes, so you can get ahead of the threat.
Our Solution: Cofense Vision™   
With Cofense Vision, your incident responders can search across all emails your organization receives and find every malicious email – not just reported ones. No waiting on the email team—with a simple click you can quarantine emails are quarantined in your Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 servers.
Sometimes network defense is like herding cats.   Just because you find a threat doesn’t mean it’s gone from your entire network. There might be malware running on a laptop communicating with a command-and-control server trying to infect other machines. The credentials of a user with access to sensitive data might be in the wrong hands. Or, a compromised email account might be used to send emails to ask for a wire transfer.
Our Solution: Cofense Triage™   
Your incident response playbook relies on diverse teams. Your firewall team might need to block a bad URL, the helpdesk might need to re-image a workstation, or a user’s credentials might need to be reset. Cofense Triage can help orchestrate your response by notifying all downstream teams and recommending actions.
I am not exactly sure what I’m looking for.   It is a dangerous world out there. Threat actors are quite intelligent and come up with new ways to evade your perimeter controls. What do you look for? How do you know what to look for? Where do you start?
Our Solution: Cofense Intelligence™   
Knowing what to look for is half the battle. Cofense Intelligence publishes phishing-specific threat intelligence on threats as we uncover them. You get high fidelity, human-vetted intelligence, including Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to help you stay ahead of trouble.

Build A Phishing Defense To Fit Your Needs And Budget

Threats are growing. Your budget isn’t.

Small businesses are big targets for cyber-criminals. But how do you defend your network on a limited budget and with limited staff?

Large corporate victims of cyber-attacks eventually bounce back. For small or medium-sized businesses, that’s easier said than done. With threat actors constantly changing strategies and techniques, you need a phishing defense that stops attacks without draining your coffers.

Your company can’t afford a phishing awareness program.   Employees receive hundreds of emails every day. How do you protect your business from the malicious variety? The best way is to immerse employees in simulation training, so they learn to recognize and report phishing attacks. But smaller organizations have trouble justifying the cost. How can you launch an awareness program to demonstrate results—without signing up for more than you can afford?

Our Solution: Cofense PhishMe Free™   
Cofense PhishMe Free is a free phishing simulation service for companies with up to 500 employees. It deploys quickly and lets you run monthly phishing scenarios, with videos, infographics, and CBTs to educate employees. Detailed analytics let you track and communicate success.
You have limited dollars to spend on phishing awareness.   
Your business is a big enough target to need a robust awareness program. But you still need to be budget-conscious. How do you strike the right balance? You want the ability to run simulations whenever and however you like, reflecting the real attacks your network constantly faces. How can a growing but frugal business get adequate awareness training?
Our Solution: Cofense PhishMe SBE™   
Cofense PhishMe Small Business Edition (SBE) is perfect for growing companies. Run unlimited phishing scenarios all year long to train employees to resist all types of phishing lures. Use advanced analytics to track employees’ behavior and demonstrate program progress to your corporate leadership.
Your company lacks the expertise to stop phishing attacks.   
How much phishing defense do you need—and how much can you afford? In fact, how much time can your busy IT team spare to fight attacks? It would be great to find a partner that offers flexible options to help you recognize, report, and respond to phishing campaigns.
Our Solution: Managed Security Service Providers™   
To protect small and medium-sized businesses across the globe from phishing, Cofense partners with an elite group of managed-service providers. Choose from phishing awareness, reporting, and incident response solutions—build an end-to-end phishing defense as your needs and budget allow.

Keep In Front Of Threats. Know What To Look For.

Threat Intelligence to Stay One Step Ahead

Let’s face it, the bad guys are smart. They do their research and reconnaissance to find holes in your security. Yes, email gateways and other solutions can help, but ever-evolving phishing emails still get through. You need to be proactive to stay in front of threats. How do you know what to look for and what to prioritize?

I don’t know what threats I’m looking for.   Threat actors use the latest exploits to penetrate your network. They lurk in the shadows, covering their tracks to avoid detection. They might, for example, connect to legitimate-looking websites. Or their command and control infrastructure might use a trusted cloud provider. If you’re not up to speed on the latest tactics, you don’t know what to look for and run the risk of flying blind.

Our Solution: Cofense Intelligence™   
To help you keep in front of emerging phishing threats, Cofense IntelligenceTM is the leading source of human-verified intel focused on phishing attacks. Our global team collects millions of phishing emails a day. They dissect, analyze, and prioritize the dangers. Once a threat is analyzed, we publish the Indicators of Compromise, on the same day, so you can remain focused as your protect your network.
I need threat intelligence that fits my SOC.   It’s vital that threat intelligence gets into the right hands quickly. You might utilize a SIEM, TIP, or SOAR in your incident response—chances are, your network defense is a complex array of solutions. The challenge is making sure that valuable threat intelligence is easily consumed across security technologies. If your intelligence doesn’t fit your SOC, it’s not doing you much good.
Our Solution: Cofense Integrations   
Via a RESTful API, Cofense integrates with top SIEMs, TIPs, and SOAR applications: Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, ThreatConnect, Recorded Future, and many others. When a threat is detected, your SOC can open a playbook and assign the right person to take the right actions. You can open our machine-readable threat intelligence (MRTI) in STIX, JSON, and CEF formats.

Lowering The Risks Of Real Phishing Threats For Your Organization

Take security awareness beyond a “check box”

It’s well known that most breaches begin as phishing emails. But no matter how many times you caution employees, someone still clicks. And even when employees think emails are suspicious, they may not have the right tools to report them to your SOC. If your security compliance training is just meant to check a box, you’re not lowering the risks of real phishing threats.

Your employees continue to fall for phishing emails.   Threat actors have become smarter. They use conversational or spoofed emails from a trusted source to gain an employee’s trust and then deliver malicious payloads—or lure them into a costly financial transaction.

Our Solution: Cofense PhishMe™   
Since email gateways aren’t fully effective in stopping phishing emails, you need to condition employees to resist them. Cofense PhishMe™ does this by simulating phishing scenarios. Employees learn to detect all types of phishing threats, from basic scenarios to more nuanced tactics, and reduce susceptibility by up to 95%.
Your CBTs aren’t enough to improve phishing awareness.   Too often, awareness programs only seek to satisfy compliance requirements. Their mainstay: computer-based training (CBTs). But watching videos only proves that employees know how to click “Next” until they’re finished. It doesn’t really tell you if they can apply what they learn and identify phishing emails.
Our Solution: Cofense PhishMe™   
Security awareness must evolve beyond annual training. After all, your adversaries are dynamic, creative humans. Continuously trained employees don’t just check a box—they provide front-line human intelligence to your security teams. In addition to Cofense PhishMe’s immersive approach to training, we offer FREE CBTs to help you stay compliant.
Your employees aren’t reporting suspicious emails.   Identifying a phishing email doesn’t stop an attack. You need to report it to your SOC/IR analysts, so they can analyze, respond, and mitigate any threat. Without an easy way to report potential phishes, you’re asking employees to forward emails as an attachment to the SOC. Some will, some won’t. This slows response and even enables breaches.
Our Solution: Cofense Reporter™   
During a phishing attack, early detection matters. It’s crucial to give employees a simple tool to report phishing. By streamlining the process—one click is all it takes—Cofense Reporter™ turns employees into a layer of phishing defense. They click on a button, the email leaves their inbox, and your security team investigates further.

Stay Compliant And Help Prevent Breaches

Take Compliance Beyond “Checking a Box”

When organizations manage personal and sensitive data, they need to comply with regulations. Computer-based tests (CBTs) are useful, but they won’t prevent breaches—they don’t expose and educate users to real-world threats. Moreover, to stay on top of evolving compliance requirements you need continually refreshed CBT content, which means extra work for busy compliance teams.

We check the compliance box, but that doesn’t prevent breaches.   To check compliance boxes, IT teams make compliance-specific trainings and resources available to employees, often though computer based training (CBTs). However, just offering and mandating CBTs to employees isn’t enough to protect the organization against advanced threats to sensitive data. Employees may retain some knowledge from formal training, but CBTs aren’t foolproof and breaches can still happen.

Our Solution: Cofense PhishMe™   
To make sure you’re not just checking boxes, Cofense delivers more. Besides FREE compliance-mandated CBT modules—on GDPR, healthcare compliance, payment data compliance, and more—Cofense PhishMe offers training based on phishing simulations. It’s valuable exposure to real-world phishing threats.
Our training content gets quickly outdated.   Too often, awareness programs only seek to satisfy compliance requirements. Their mainstay: computer-based training (CBTs). But watching videos only proves that employees know how to click “Next” until they’re finished. It doesn’t really tell you if they can apply what they learn and identify phishing emails.
Our Solution: Cofense CBFree™   
Owing to new and updated requirements, compliance standards continually evolve. If your existing training is not updated, you could run into trouble. Not educating employees with the latest information opens you up to risk and compliance-related fines.
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