Business Risk Intelligence

Make more intelligent decisions

Flashpoint delivers Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) that empowers organizations worldwide to combat threats and adversaries.

Fueled by a combination of sophisticated technology, advanced data collections, and human-powered analysis, Flashpoint tailors its offerings to customer requirements.

The result is meaningful intelligence that enables large enterprises and the public sector to bolster cybersecurity, confront fraud, combat insider threats, enhance physical security, and address vendor risk and supply chain integrity.


Flashpoint Intelligence Platform grants access to our archive of finished intelligence reports, data from illicit forums, marketplaces, chat services, blogs, paste sites, technical data, card shops, and vulnerabilities, in a single, finished intelligence experience. Our platform scales Flashpoint’s internal team of specialized, multilingual intelligence analysts’ ability to quickly provide responses to customers

A glimpse at the platform interface

Universal Search   
Search all of Flashpoint’s illicit community data, from elite forums and marketplaces to chat services platforms and paste sites, and run the same searches our analysts do for their investigations. Investigate the online communities safely and gain greater context around any information.

Intuitive Pivoting   
Browse or query reports, then click into a sanitized copy of the original threat-actor conversation. Assess emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and potential impacts to accurately and effectively make risk decisions.

Conversations Translated by Google   
Enables users to read native language content from illicit online communities in English within the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform. Users can translate illicit conversations and chat messages into English, and view original language content and translated content side-by-side.

Provides users a comprehensive view of data measured against Flashpoint collections, most relevant to an organization – from monitoring the latest credit card leaks, to keeping track of the most active CVEs, our dashboards provide a one pane view into information and data to help better mitigate vulnerability exposure and risk to your organization.

Our API grants access to our intelligence reports, technical data, and uniquely sourced conversations from illicit threat actor communities, enabling users to enrich and enhance internal data with our targeted data acquired from highly curated sources.

Integrate Flashpoint within your ecosystem

Our partners work with us to provide unmatched visibility into threats, empowering users with the context they need to make better decisions about risks posed by fraud, and physical and cyber threats.

Easy Integrations
Integrate into users’ existing systems and platforms, and enables technology partner integrations, including threat intelligence platforms, security information & event management systems (SIEM), and link analysis tools.

Our API empowers experienced and entry-level users with the context they need to make better risk decisions about relevant threats such as cybercrime, fraud, and physical threats.

Finished Intelligence   
Access to analytical reports produced by our subject matter experts.

Access to signal rich discussions from illicit threat-actor communities. Supplement internal data with targeted data from highly curated sources.

A high-fidelity feed of cyber observables. RIOs integrate with security operations to enrich user data with additional context.

Technical Indicators   
Enables users access to indicators of compromise (IOCs) and technical data across Flashpoint datasets and those included in Finished Intelligence Reports, allowing for seamless integration into users’ workflows and automated tools

Chat Services   
Access to around-the-clock conversations within threat-actor channels to monitor and gain insights across threat-actor communities.

Card Shops   
Collection of stolen credit card data found in illicit high-end credit card shops, compromised from a variety of operations – including dumps from Point-of-Sale (POS) compromises, or credit cards from Card Not Present transactions. Users are provided credit card data including BIN numbers and various card details including country location and expiration dates.

Flashpoint Professional Services (FPS) is a trusted partner to organizations, helping them shrink time to decision and providing an advantage in combating threats and mitigating risk. FPS also helps organizations reduce the challenges faced by overwhelmed or under-resourced business risk functions, and can accelerate growth in capability and efficiency for new or expanding teams.

Flashpoint Analyst Services Team (FAST)
Direct access to a Flashpoint intelligence analyst, serving as an extension of your team.

Fueled by Flashpoint’s robust technology, unmatched expertise, and industry-leading professional services, FAST empowers customers with operational and tactical intelligence updates tailored to their requirements. Based on relevant findings, clients can task FAST for quick assessments, rapid actor engagement, and procurement of relevant data.

Training Services
As part of Flashpoint Professional Services, our training supports building, growing, and maturing client intelligence capabilities through workshops and hands on training.

Trainings are designed to focus on teaching BRI as a methodology to serve as the unifying line of communication throughout the organization. The curriculum focuses on educating users about BRI in order to view threat events not as isolated incidents, but rather as opportunities to leverage intelligence across the enterprise to more effectively reduce or mitigate risk.

Customers will learn proven strategies and methods to establish and drive intelligence-based communication for risk-based decision makers.

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