Outsmart Attackers With The Best Cyber Defense Services Designed For Advanced Threats

Business, customers, and attackers all converge outside your internal perimeter, creating a new attack surface that traditional security can’t see or control. Take command of that space with external cybersecurity and secure your digital world.

Digital Transformers of your enterprise journey

One of the fastest growing companies with palpable presence across the globe, Futurism Technologies is bringing 360-degree Digital Transformation for business enterprises of various sizes, as well as technology providers by delivering assured business efficiency through a set of new-age technologies like: Big Data, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Platforms, and more.

Staunchly relying on 18+ years of ground zero experience and immense expertise of digital technologies, we boast a long queue of happy clients across various industry sectors including banking, financial services Insurance, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Telecom, etsc. With state of the art offices in US, Germany, UK, UAE, India and Australia, we have become a global trusted partner of our clients by delivering age-defining and convention-defying digital transformation solutions.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top-notch agile digital transformation services, which will help enhance the business growth of our customers.

Futurism Technologies

Futurism Diginyze, an ace e-commerce platform, has germinated from the recognition that e-commerce is no longer a stand-alone channel but an integrated business component. With a goal of making the establishment of online business simpler, we are enabling businesses to move from siloed online, in-store, and phone shopping channels to an integrated commerce solution that seamlessly connects e-commerce and in-store POS to order management, inventory, merchandising, marketing, financials, and customer service. Consequently, we are dramatically changing the way merchants sell and buyers shop.

Employees and contractors are accessing critical corporate data with multiple mobile devices that are not controlled by the IT department. Mobile devices are a primary target for hackers and malware, exposing company data. To reduce the risk, corporate IT needs to control and secure these devices. In addition, transient workers such as contractors bring their own devices (BYOD) and connect to the corporate network without sufficient control.

With Futurism EndPoint Secure managed service, Futurism controls and secures all company endpoints, including the mobile devices that jeopardize the integrity of their corporate data. Companies don’t need to hire the resources to manage endpoints but instead can rely on Futurism to do that for them.

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Managed SIEM Solution powered by IBM QRadar

Cyber Defense Service
Designed for Advanced and Coming-of-Age Threats!

Futurism Technologies Inc. is a trusted IBM Silver Business Partner helping enterprises across the world adopt market-leading IBM security technology with its licensing and proprietary cybersecurity service offering – ‘Futurism Eagle Eye’, an advanced threat protection service offering powered by IBM QRadar. Eagle Eye offers the right layers of security skills and resources to keep advanced threats and risks at bay.

Futurism extends the value of IBM security right into the fabric of core business processes. ‘Eagle Eye’ is an integrated managed SIEM service offering that helps enterprises in extending the potential of IBM security products to drive intelligent and technology driven enterprise-grade security operations.

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Managed Identity & Access Management Services Powered by ‘IBM Verify Access’

Take full control of identity & access management with Futurism Secure-Access services powered by IBM Verify Access

Futurism Technologies is a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner assisting businesses around the world to embrace industry-leading IBM identity access management security tech with its proprietary and licensing cybersecurity service offering – ‘Futurism Secure-Access’, fully-managed identity & access management services powered by IBM Verify Access. ‘Futurism Secure-Access’ aims to help enterprises with advanced access management and multi-factor authentication as they adopt new cloud, IoT, 5G, web and mobile technologies.

‘Futurism Secure-Access’ help businesses to successfully deploy the right layers of security resources and skills to bring intelligence and context to decisions about who should get access to and to what thus, empowering businesses with intuitive and risk-based authentication combined with adaptive access.

‘Futurism Secure-Access Services’ is an integrated access management service offering that helps businesses in extending the true potential of IBM security tech to drive intelligent and data-driven enterprise-grade security operations.

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Managed Data Security Services Powered by ‘IBM Guardium’

Protect your data from advanced threats with the leaders in Data Protection

Futurism Technologies is a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner helping businesses embrace industry-leading IBM security technology and solutions with its proprietary and licensing cybersecurity offering, ‘Futurism Data-Protect Services’, a fully-managed data protection services powered by IBM Guardium. Futurism Data-Protect Services offer comprehensive data protection for the most critical enterprise data using a zero-trust security approach.

Futurism Data-Protect is a powerful data-centric cybersecurity service offering that not only offers comprehensive data protection for your business, but also offers centralized visibility and monitoring to track and identify unauthorized access, data theft or unauthorized exposure across your entire enterprise data landscape.

‘Futurism Data-Protect Services’ powered by IBM Guardium leverages a zero-trust approach to data security using the right layers of data security expertise and resources to help businesses eliminate threats before they show up.

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Stay ahead of the threats with our Zero Trust architecture powered by IBM.

Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services

Bringing you the right mix of market-leading IBM security tech for security that is uncompromised using a Zero Trust Security Framework to offer protection against advanced and coming-of-age cyber threats!

Futurism partners with IBM to help businesses realize their digital transformation journey in a secured and safe manner. Futurism Technologies is a proud IBM Global Security Solutions Partner assisting businesses of diverse sizes adopt market-leading IBM security technologies such as IBM QRadar (SIEM Solution), IBM MaaS360 (UEM/MDM Solution), IBM Verify Access (IAM Solution), IBM Guardium (Data Protection), IBM Watson AI (Advanced Threat Intel), IBM X-Force and many others.

As a leading and trusted IBM Global Security Solutions Partner, Futurism aims to extend its Zero Trust security expertise developed with IBM to help enterprises accelerate their journey towards a Zero Trust maturity model. With Zero Trust expertise, Futurism intends to simplify risk management by eliminating implicit trust. No matter the user, situation, user location, and access method, security takes center stage with our Zero Trust Security Framework that leverages the most tested, proven and extreme cybersecurity checks.

As threat actors continue to use sophisticated multi-prong cyber tactics to get at your data combined with the rapidly expanding network of mobile, IoT and connected devices, lack of certified security skills and resources combined with the rising problem of insider threats, it’s time you get help and Zero Trust can help.

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Tame all your connected assets with a powerful and enterprise-ready IoT platform

  • Predictive intelligence: Identify anomalies and perform predictive analysis of your equipment and devices, perform supply chain forecasting, asset condition monitoring, and much more.
  • IoT device connectivity: Foster better visibility into your existing infrastructure. Get rid of old-school methods to communicate with your devices.
  • Multiple communication protocols: Connect devices efficiently with HTTP protocol. Deliver payloads in XML, JSON, or other formats.
  • Open messaging protocol: Leverage MQTT (the de-facto standard for IoT messaging) for connecting IoT devices to the platform. Get notifications via MQTT, emails, etc.
  • Seamless third party integration and customization: Seamlessly integrate third-party enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP, etc.

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AMI, an AI-Driven BOT that will help you increase revenue by 25%

AMI-BOTS Assistant

Humanizing the BOT experience

BOT framework is implemented across multiple industries for easing work process, connecting and providing chat assistance and making things interactive. Existing solution providers support with various BOT options – from ChatBOT to Voice BOT as a service, yet these aren’t always efficient enough to address demanding tasks requiring cognitive computing. Futurism brings expertise and knowledge of advanced AI technologies realizing BOTS capable of working on complex tasks and taking interaction experience to the next level.

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Secure Access to Business Applications

Empower your employees beyond your office to work anywhere.

Get started in less than two days for as low as $18 per user and no additional hardware required.

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Take your warehouse operations to next level with Futurism Smart Warehouse Management Solution

Ramp up your warehouse and inventory operations with Futurism Smart Warehouse Management Solution

Futurism’s Smart Warehouse Management Solution enables real-time monitoring of warehouse equipment/assets by providing traceability and transparency of all the goods across various warehouse and storage locations. Get insightful analytics into inventory/storage and better visibility into the stock with reduced inventory discrepancies.

Futurism’s Smart Warehouse and Logistics Management Solution is powered by market-leading and global locating standard (DeepHub – an Omlox middleware), which facilitates real-time tracking and monitoring of warehouse assets with better interoperability, improved workers’ safety and increased visibility into the inventory.

Futurism Smart Warehouse Management solution is a next-gen warehouse and logistics management solution designed to automate all those mission-critical and time-consuming inventory operations. Get improved accuracy with efficient fleet management for improved logistics and supply chain management.

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