Cyber Made Simple

Empowering cyber heroes through world-class security awareness training

The only security awareness training solution you will ever need.

GoldPhish is a fully remote security awareness training company with an international team of employees based in the UK and Africa, as well as a global network of partner organisations. We provide innovative web-based training solutions to help organisations teach their employees secure behaviour. It’s Cyber Made Simple.

Simulated Fishing Emails

Realistic phishing attack simulations help improve end-user awareness, and their ability to recognise phishing attempts with confidence.

Reinforce cyber security awareness training.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our cyber security awareness training platform is designed to seamlessly deliver, monitor and report a continuous annual awareness training programme to an entire workforce.

Anywhere at anytime.

Awareness Training Content

Mixed media engages users and keeps security awareness front of mind. Interactive modules, quizzes, Infographics, posters, videos and bite-sized courses compliment any awareness training programme.


Change behaviour, reduce risk.

It’s Cyber Made Simple. A combination of essential learning modules, quizzes, measurement and multi-media reinforcement messages – including video – helps drive organisational behavioural change and reduces the cyber risk to your business.

How It Works

Create an account for your company and get started in minutes. We’ll provide you with pre-programme communications for your organisation to create a buzz and drive compliance.

User Enrollment
Easily enroll users on the training platform, either in bulk or individually. Assigned users will receive email invitations to begin training immediately.

Get Results
Users get started with assigned training campaigns and you can track their progress along the way! Produce progress reports as and when you need.

Training Content That’s Engaging & Original

It’s Cyber Made Simple. Highly engaging cyber security awareness training content helps change user behaviour.

Interactive modules, quizzes, infographics, posters, videos and bite-sized courses keeps cyber security top of mind.

Awareness Training Modules
Fully Interactive eLearning modules and knowledge assessments for your end users.

Micro-Modules – Our bite sized learning experience
Reinforce key security subjects in just a few minutes.

Access our library of training videos
Engage learners in key cyber security subjects with short entertaining animated videos.

Why Phish Your Users?

Improve end-user awareness and their ability to recognise phishing attempts with confidence.

Our phishing simulator tests users with real time, realistic phishing emails. Will they spot something ‘phishy’ going on?

How it Works

Create Campaign
Choose a phishing template and date to launch your simulated attack. Target your email users and you’re good to go!

Users who ‘take the bait’ receive just-in-time training to help avoid doing so in the future.

Monitor Activity
Track activity and receive detailed phishing campaign reports on high-risk user actions.

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