Your comprehensive all in one Microsoft 365 security solution

Founded in 2007, Hornetsecurity has quickly risen to become the leading security and backup solution provider for Microsoft 365 safeguarding emails, documents and files.

Hornetsecurity Inc. based in Pittsburgh, PA with North America offices in Washington D.C. and Montreal, Canada. Globally, Hornetsecurity operates in more than 30 countries.

Along with our ever-growing network of partners, we are poised to deliver businesses from their most pressing IT problem: safe keeping of their data in transit and at rest.

We’re work hard at cybersecurity so our customers don’t have to.

Your leading Cloud Security Provider for Email

Hornetsecurity is a leading email cloud security provider, which secures companies and organizations of all sizes across the world. Its award-winning product portfolio covers all important areas of email security.


365 Total Protection Business

365 Total Protection Business from Hornetsecurity provides comprehensive protection for Microsoft’s cloud services. It has been developed specifically for seamless integration with Microsoft 365.
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365 Total Protection Enterprise

365 Total Protection Enterprise from Hornetsecurity enhances 365 Total Protection Business with features such as email archiving and ATP sandboxing.

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365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup

Peace of mind is what you get with our most comprehensive service for Microsoft 365. Seamless integration, simple management, and  powerful features improve your experience.

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Spam and Malware Protection

Secure your email communications and protect yourself from unwanted messages like spam and malware— with the most intuitive and efficient filter in the market.
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Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your business from targeted and individual email attacks such as CEO fraud, ransomware, phishing and blended attacks.
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Email Encryption

The cost-effective, fully automated email encryption service protects incoming and outgoing emails against spying and falsification.

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The Starter Package consists of the e-mail platform and the integrated spam and malware protection.
Learn More Enterprise Enterprise extends the Starter Package with the services Advanced Threat Protection, Email Encryption and Email Archiving.
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With the Add-On Hornetsecurity customers can add as many mailboxes as they want. These receive the same protection as the existing mailboxes.
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Email Archiving

Email Archiving without effort: Store your incoming and outgoing emails in a revision-proof and legally compliant manner in highly secure German data centers.
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Signature and Disclaimer

Uniform and legally compliant email signatures and disclaimers to ensure your professional company image in email communication.
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Continuity Service

The stand-by system for emergencies. Activated within seconds, our service keeps your email traffic up and running in the event of a failure.
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Email Live Tracking with user-defined settings offers users a complete overview of all Emails addressed to them. If an incoming Email has, for example, been classified as spam, you will receive comprehensive information and can individually determine any further interaction. This means that you can always quickly find any email you are searching for and delivery options can be defined for the future.

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