Attackers Are Human. We Stop Them.

Focus on the attacker, not the attack. Illusive’s simple, agile approach stops cyberattackers before they stop you.

We brought together top cyber attack specialists and pioneering cyber technology entrepreneurs with decades of collective experience in cyber warfare and cyber intelligence. Illusive Networks was built to tackle what has been a significant and urgent problem for cybersecurity practitioners—the challenge to stop Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other advanced attacks that bypass security controls and silently gain access to organizations’ most risk-sensitive and business-critical digital assets.

Given the frequency of successful targeted attacks, one thing is certain: we cannot continue to apply old approaches and expect to get different results. A new approach is needed. Illusive looks at the problem from the perspective of the attacker and exploits the attacker’s weakness. As a fire needs oxygen, attackers – once they have found their way in to a network — need reliable data that will lead them toward their target. By saturating the environment with deceptive information, Illusive creates a distorted reality that the attacker cannot confidently navigate. It’s a solution that disrupts the attacker’s operations — without disrupting yours. We provide tools that help security teams detect and resolve advanced attacks, to prevent cyber incidents from becoming business crises.

Illusive’s Approach to Distributed Deception

Using Illusive for Regulatory Compliance

Cutting edge threat defense that supports core compliance requirements

As cyberattacks increase in frequency and level of impact, security teams have to both improve threat defense and achieve compliance with a growing matrix of security-related regulations and standards.

Illusive can help organizations do both. Illusive’s approach to distributed deception provides a highly effective, noiseless means of detecting “silent” malicious activity, drastically reducing attacker “dwell time” and accelerating incident response through real-time forensics. Attack Surface Manager preemptively identifies credentials and connections that violate security rules, reducing the opportunities attackers have to move laterally toward personally identifiable information (PII) and critical systems.

These capabilities help organizations satisfy regulatory requirements pertaining to:

  • Threat detection and monitoring of critical systems
  • Hardening networks and systems
  • Enforcing access controls and policies
  • Because Illusive works by stopping underlying attacker behavior regardless of the specific tools and malware being used, it guards against high-impact attacks, even as attacker tools and methods evolve.

    Using Illusive for Insider Threat Detection and Response

    Preempt, detect, and respond to stop insider lateral movement

    Insider incidents represent 40% of electronic attacks, and present several unique challenges. Insiders can operate more silently and inflict more damage than outsiders because they already have some trusted access and insight into an organization’s valuable assets. But in many cases, malicious insiders must also snoop around file systems and acquire credentials and connections to systems and applications they don’t have authorized access to—in other words, they must conduct lateral movement just as an external attacker would.

    With Illusive’s deception-based technology, organizations can protect against malicious insiders while maintaining an internal culture of trust and respect.

    The Illusive platform helps companies to:

  • Non-intrusively detect suspicious insider threat activity
  • Make it harder for insiders to get where they don’t belong
  • Quickly gather the forensic evidence needed to expedite investigations
  • Immediately know how close a potential attacker is to critical systems and domain admin credentials
  • While a deception-based platform is just one part of an insider threat program, by providing the means to detect and deter the “silent” malicious activity of trusted users, Illusive provides a critical piece that has been missing until now.

    Using Illusive for Security During an M&A Process

    Elastic cybersecurity protection during high-volatility events

    While an M&A process represents an organizational milestone and opportunity for growth, it also leads to increased vulnerability to cyberattacks, alongside higher motivation by attackers to exploit this window of opportunity. Cybersecurity issues discovered during an M&A can derail a deal or significantly diminish its value.

    M&A activity increases your cyberthreat vulnerability because:

  • The attack surface gets wider
  • Extended periods of IT change generate security gaps
  • IT resources are over-extended
  • Dormant cyberthreats can be inherited from the acquired infrastructure

    With endpoint-based deception, dynamic organizations can defend themselves against high-impact attacks, even while the security controls architecture is in flux. With Illusive, organizations undergoing M&A transitions can:

  • Detect the most important incidents, with no dependence on security controls
  • Automatically discover and eliminate credential violations
  • Immediately know how close a potential attacker is to critical systems and domain admin credentials
  • Shore up insider threat protection
  • Get up and running quickly without detracting from other priorities
  • Automatically expand the scope of protection as new systems come online
  • These capabilities can help organizations improve security during any kind of business event that causes rapid IT infrastructure change including datacenter consolidation, downsizing or workforce reengineering, cloud migration, divestures, or geographic expansion.

    Illusive enables continuous risk assessment to identify conditions that make the network easier for an attacker to traverse. If attackers are already present, or if a new one gets past the perimeter, to conduct lateral movement they must contend with small elements of false information implanted across your environment–deceptions that appear helpful to them. When used, these deceptions trigger alerts. Forensics are captured and the incident response team can monitor the attacker’s movements. With early cyberattack detection, it becomes almost impossible that an attacker can reach your most critical systems.

    Cyber Attack Risk Assessment

    Discover and identify hidden vulnerabilities in your network to minimize the risk of high-impact cyber events

    Cyberattackers can find your hidden credentials—can you? Do you have visibility into your network environment and attack surface?
    For a limited time, Illusive Networks is offering a complimentary Cybersecurity Attack Risk Assessment, to uncover invisible conditions in your network that enable lateral movement.

    Within minutes you’ll discover:

  • How many systems contain cached domain admin credentials—the keys to your kingdom
  • Which endpoints provide direct access to critical business assets
  • The number of endpoints within three lateral moves from domain admin credentials
  • Improperly disconnected RDP sessions that provide high-level access
  • …and more.
  • With this information in hand, Illusive experts and end-user security teams will review and analyze results in an on-site workshop to determine how your organization could act on the data to reduce the attack surface.

    Using Illusive to Protect Legacy and Other Unsecurable Systems

    Form a protective web around unsecurable systems—and stop attackers in their tracks.

    In complex environments, organizations rely on a variety of systems or devices—new and old—that can’t be patched properly, monitored consistently, or fitted with the latest security controls. Some technologies have inherent security limitations or are subject to third-party restrictions. In other cases, security takes a back seat when organizations face resource constraints, or when making changes may cause system downtime.

    Regardless of the challenges these systems pose, cybersecurity teams are still responsible for protecting the applications and business processes they support.

    With Illusive’s technology, organizations can prevent attackers from ever reaching business-critical systems—which is especially important for devices that cannot be properly secured.

    The Illusive platform:

  • Automatically maps relationships between ordinary endpoints and “Crown Jewels”
  • Minimizes potential pathways to critical assets, reducing the ability of attackers to move laterally in the network
  • Spreads deceptions across the endpoint environment to ensure early attacker detection
  • Immediately sees how close a potential attacker is to critical systems and domain admin credentials
  • Gathers forensic insight needed to understand and act quickly on attacks in progress
  • With an Illusive solution in place, organizations can more safely extend the life of legacy equipment, compensate for lag times that inevitably occur in patching processes, and more confidently leverage operational technologies (OT), smart devices, and other networked equipment that may not have been designed with security in mind.

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