Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

Secure your attack surface with continuous asset discovery and attack path analysis. Reduce risk, triage incidents, and prioritize vulnerability findings with greater clarity and 85% fewer SecOps resources.

One goal—simplify security

JupiterOne started with one goal in mind, to simplify security and make it attainable for all individuals and organizations as a basic right. We’re securing a future of openness, accessibility, and greater visibility, empowering cybersecurity professionals with the technology they need to secure their digital world.

Modern cybersecurity

Understanding that modern cybersecurity is built on the knowledge of your infrastructure and cyber assets, we set out to build a technology that helps you know what exists, where it exists, along with all the pertinent metadata around each asset to make it possible for you to establish an effective security program. Today, this vision is a reality and we owe its success, exponential growth, and market leadership to the hard work, trust, and support of our employees, our customers, and our investors.

Core values

The JupiterOne Pledge

We Shine
We foster visibility, understanding, and interconnectedness by shining a light on the farthest reaches of your digital universe. With relevant information effective, confident decision-making follows.
We Accelerate
We believe that security should serve as an accelerator—not an inhibitor—for business, development, growth, and innovation. We’ve made it our mission to offer a security solution that’s accessible for all.
We Empower
We fuel success for security professionals, their businesses, and the world with greater context and actionable insight to propel organizations and digital transformations forward.
We Invigorate
Our driving force is enthusiasm—for what we do, what we’ve built, and what those results mean for our customers, teammates, and the world at large.


JupiterOne is the leader in Cyber Asset Visibility & Management for cloud-native enterprises. We enable your security teams to get a centralized view of all cyber assets, identify business critical-assets, and prioritize risk across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Go beyond cloud service providers, and build a complete inventory of all the cyber assets in your environment. JupiterOne collects data from your entire tech stack, and maps the relationships between each of the resources to create a clear picture of your entire digital environment.


Fast-track incident response with complete cyber asset visibility and context from JupiterOne. Give your security teams the information they need to quickly triage incidents and prioritize remediation. Secure your attack surface with JupiterOne.

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Find and fix vulnerabilities across your cloud and hybrid environments with a central view of your cyber assets. Identify misconfigurations, alert on code defects, and close security gaps in minutes with JupiterOne.

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Discover and prioritize IAM issues across your cyber assets with JupiterOne. Correlate data including user identities and permissions to perform access reviews, simplify compliance, and reduce IAM risk.

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JupiterOne empowers your governance team with a centralized compliance-as-code solution. Automate evidence collection, detect gaps, and maintain continuous compliance. JupiterOne provides out-of-the-box support for major compliance frameworks including SOC 2, NIST, CIS, PCI, and HIPAA, and others.

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