Automate Alert Triage, Incident Response, and Threat Detection

Founded by veterans of SIEM, LogicHub is built on the groundbreaking principle that every decision process for threat detection and response can be automated. Our founders recognized that legacy solutions mostly created more noise, thus hindering effective threat detection.

They set out to solve this problem by creating an automation platform that doesn’t just orchestrate workflows, it actually mimics the cognitive and intuitive skills of expert analysts to automate decision making.

Our Mission

Automate Threat Detection & Response for the 99%
Fewer than 1% of organizations have the expertise and resources to build detection and incident response playbooks, or to keep pace with the fast evolving threat landscape.

At LogicHub, we strive to bring automated security operations to organizations of all sizes. Our revolutionary ThreatGPS technology is the first to provide automated guidance for threat hunting and playbook creation, leveraging the collective expertise of leading security analysts.


Today, your SecOps team is either manually investigating each and every alert, ignoring them, or outsourcing it to a third party.

Most orchestration solutions also fall short, requiring analysts to manually evaluate investigative data around each alert to determine its severity. More than 95% of alerts are typically harmless, yet much time is wasted on them.

LogicHub solves all these challenges by mimicking the decision making an analyst goes through, leveraging all of their expertise, intuition, and tribal knowledge. Alerts are automatically triaged with the expertise of a Tier-3 analyst, and only the most critical incidents are escalated for remediation and response.

Investigate and threat rank every alert

  • Automate complex investigation playbooks quickly and easily
  • Automate analysis and decision making
  • Apply deep correlation and data science operators
  • Reduce false positives by 95%

Your security infrastructure may produce billions of events a day, but processing all of them to find high risk activity is very difficult, if not impossible. To be effective, threat hunters have to discover needles in large haystacks, and correlate them against a multitude of other data sources. Most security teams are lacking the expertise and resources to be able to keep up.

LogicHub proactively hunts for threats in your environment, scaling the expertise of highly skilled analysts to cover billions of security events. It captures the expertise, context, and processes of your specific environment, and then mimics the investigative actions of an expert analyst to automatically catch threats that are being missed by SIEM alerts and manual processes, especially previously unknown threats.

Identity unknown threats in real time

  • Gain deeper proactive visibility into new threats
  • Automate the expertise of the most skilled analysts to hunt unknown threats
  • Prioritize top threats with the Threat Ranking Engine
  • Unlike hard-coded rules, leverage the intelligence, context, and instinct of a human analyst

Coordinating and responding to security incidents consistently and in a timely manner is critical. Yet, most security teams struggle with defining and maintaining documented processes, and most importantly, remediating threats in real time. LogicHub reduces MTTR by orchestrating and automating all of the moving parts involved in any incident investigation and response process. With intelligent automation combined with a comprehensive set of integrations, SecOps and CIRT teams can effectively respond to incidents at machine speed.

Contain, mitigate, and respond with confidence

  • Create automations quickly and easily
  • Reduce MTTR by 10x
  • Ensure consistent investigations
  • Catalog evidence documentation consistently
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