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The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform empowers your team to work more efficiently and effectively.

We’ve built our platform to seamlessly scale with your organization and help you detect and respond to threats faster than ever before. The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform eliminates blind spots across the enterprise, giving you complete visibility into your IT and OT environments.

Learn how LogRhythm can advance your organization’s overall security maturity and ensure you are ready to face whatever threats may come your way.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Is Your SIEM Effectively Catching Threats?

Your organization has made substantial investments to improve your security maturity. But your team is still struggling. There never seems to be enough resources to deal with the barrage of alarms. Analysts are spending too much time trying to understand which threats are real because they’re performing investigations across multiple platforms. And they’re wasting valuable time and resources on manual, repetitive tasks instead of focusing on more critical activities.

If you have a traditional SIEM solution, it may be hindering your ability to stop threats.

Moving to the Next Generation

First-generation SIEM solutions lack the depth and breadth of centralized forensic data, business, and operational risk context to realize central and holistic visibility into threats across the extended IT landscape. Next-generation solutions map to modern security teams’ needs. They improve your team’s collaboration and effectiveness through automation and defined processes. They have evolved to provide a unified user experience that drives highly efficient workflows, offers real-time visibility into your endpoints, and produces measurable results.

What to Look for in a Next-Generation SIEM

To be relevant, a security tool must be effective and be able to do more than simply use logs to identify suspicious behavior patterns. “Next-gen SIEM” technology is the result of this innovation. If you’re in need of a next-gen solution, making your way through the procurement process is a challenge. This is compounded by the fact that many companies market their tools as “next-gen” when they are anything but that.

To combat today’s threats, you need a solution that leverages the architecture and capabilities that are best suited to detect both known and unknown threats within your environment. But what makes a SIEM “next-gen”? In “An Evaluator’s Guide to NextGen SIEM,” SANS explored this very question and provides the criteria that make a SIEM next-gen and how to select the best option. Download the white paper to learn how to select a next-gen SIEM that fits your organization’s needs.

Detecting a Threat Buried in Data

Your organization generates a vast landscape of log data and threats attempt to hide within that maze of information. These threats can be difficult to find — even when you’re centrally collecting your log data. To gain full visibility into your environment and the threats that hide in it, you need a robust log aggregation solution. Logs then need to be processed and enriched. This makes rapid log search and downstream log analysis much more effective.

LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform detects and responds to threats measurably faster through:

Log management capabilities that identify useful insights via log analysis and big data analytics.

Sorting, enriching, and sequencing your log data, then, applying advanced analytics to it.

Built-in playbooks which drive executable best practices and automated countermeasures.

Our end-to-end platform helps your team detect threats early in the threat lifecycle. You’ll be able to see broadly and deeply across your IT environment and quickly mitigate and recover from security incidents. LogRhythm helps your team achieve its goals, realize rapid return on investment, and scale for tomorrow.

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

Respond to Incidents in Seconds—Not Days

If your team is struggling with resource constraints, you’re probably facing longer-than-ideal response times. This puts your organization at risk. Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) can help.

SOAR expedites workflow across the entire NextGen SIEM Platform. It automates workflows and accelerates threat qualification, investigation, and response. SOAR makes your team’s job easier and more effective.

Intelligently Automate Incident Response

With LogRhythm’s SmartResponse™, you’re in power to decide the best solution to automate work so your team can focus on complex incident response that requires skill and creativity. Choose from fully automated playbook actions or semi-automated, approval-based response actions that allow users to review before countermeasures are executed.

Security automation use cases include:
Endpoint quarantine: Identify the network port where a suspicious device is located and disable the port/device.
Suspend users: If your team suspects an account has been compromised, they can halt a user’s account access no matter what device they use.
Collect machine data: Gather forensic data from a suspicious endpoint during a malware investigation.
Suspend network access: If data exfiltration is occurring, your team can kill the connection by updating the access control list used by your firewalls.
Kill processes: Discontinue any unknown or blacklisted process on a critical device with an automated SmartResponse action.
Collaborate Easily and Securely

If your team lacks a centralized place to collaborate and search through previous investigations, incidents may slip through the cracks. LogRhythm makes it easy for your team to create and track remediation and recovery during an investigation with Case Management. An analyst can easily escalate a case, label a priority to it, and assign a collaborator.

With these security orchestration capabilities, your team will be able to centralize all associated case evidence in LogRhythm’s evidence locker repository for final resolution and easy access in the future.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Detect and Respond to Anomalous User Behavior with Security Analytics and Machine Learning

To avoid a data breach, your organization must detect and respond quickly to anomalous activity. User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) can help you monitor for known threats and behavioral changes in user data, providing critical visibility to uncover user-based threats that might otherwise go undetected.

User-based threats are on the rise:
69% of organizations report incidents of attempted data theft — by internal threats.
81% of breaches involve stolen or weak credentials.
91% of firms report inadequate insider threat detection programs. (Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 2017)
Enhance Your Security Maturity Through UEBA

Don’t be unprepared. Give your team the means to achieve greater visibility into users and their activity.

With UEBA, your team can:
Collect and prepare data from diverse sources to provide clean sets for effective analytics.
Obtain a true view of the identity of users and hosts — not just their disparate identifiers.
Detect known and unknown threats by applying full-spectrum analytics.
Accelerate threat qualification and investigation with powerful data visualizations and direct access to underlying data.
Streamline response using integrated playbooks, guided workflows, and approval-driven task automation.
Use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to improve time to detect and respond to threats.
Quickly Spot Dangerous User-Based Activity

Don’t let insider threats fly under your radar. UEBA plays a critical role in providing visibility into user behavior and enhancing detection capabilities. UEBA empowers your team to expose insider threats, compromised accounts, privilege misuse, and more — all in real time.

Identify Malicious Insider Threats   
Malicious insiders cause damaging, headline-making cyberbreaches, and acts of sabotage. Monitor for data exfiltration, policy violations, and other dangerous activity.
Uncover Compromised Accounts   
Attackers use compromised account credentials in an overwhelming number of breaches. Distinguish between legitimate account activity and compromised account activity through deep behavior profiling and anomaly detection. Discover the imposter before a damaging breach occurs.
Expose Privilege Abuse and Misuse   
Your privileged users have the keys to the kingdom, presenting a greater risk to your organization. Track how these privileges are being used by monitoring for unauthorized new account creation, privilege escalation, abnormal access, and other risky activity.
Spot Brute-Force Attacks   
Attackers will programmatically target your cloud-based infrastructure and external authentication systems. Advanced monitoring and alerts keep you one step ahead of attackers. Know when you’re a target and quickly implement countermeasures to block access.
Identify New Privileged Accounts   
It can be challenging to ensure appropriate access rights and keep track of super users. LogRhythm automatically monitors and reports on newly created privileged accounts and unauthorized elevation of permissions.
Track Unauthorized Data Access & Exfiltration   
When a compromised user account or a rogue insider finds sensitive data, you need to know. Our full-spectrum analytics and file integrity monitoring (FIM) can help you detect when a user inappropriately accesses protected data — in real time.

Network Traffic and Behavior Analytics (NTBA)

Identify Anomalies and Stop Threats on Your Network

The perimeter is gone.

Cloud, bring your own device (BYOD), and the Internet of Things (IoT) introduce a much larger attack surface that firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) often leave vulnerable.

You need visibility into those threats that are missed. An effective Network Traffic and Behavior Analytics (NTBA) solution provides a way to analyze and prioritize network-based threats as well as automate actions to neutralize attacks before significant damage is done.

Critical components for a NTBA solution include real-time monitoring, detection of suspicious activity, intelligent analytics, and behavioral modeling.

Understand Your Network Traffic with Intelligent Monitoring

To detect anomalous network activity and data breach attempts, your team needs deeper, more intelligent monitoring. Unfortunately, most security tools can’t recognize malicious packets and traffic hiding within the routine traffic, and they don’t pick up on data exfiltration, protocol and port misuse, and other activities.

LogRhythm NetMon provides the critical visibility you need through real-time traffic profiling, application identification, bandwidth usage, lateral and ingress/egress traffic observation, full packet capture, and port and protocol mismatch.

Detect and Remediate Malicious Network Activity

Reduce your time to detect and respond to threats targeting your network to gain point-of-entry and mobility. LogRhythm NetMon works hand-in-hand with LogRhythm Enterprise, AI Engine, and our Network Threat Detection Module to provide visibility across the entire Threat Lifecycle Management framework.

LogRhythm NetMon sends SmartFlow™ to LogRhythm Enterprise. SmartFlow is a rich set of packet metadata derived from each network session that is appropriate to the type of application used. SmartFlow provides a high degree of detail by cataloging every session on the network to provide deep understanding of an application’s network activity in a quickly accessible format. Once this data is in the LogRhythm platform, our Network Threat Detection Module and AI Engine work together to model the incoming data against unique behaviors to more accurately detect threats, and initiate remediation activities.

Network Traffic and Behavior Analytics—Done Right

Your data quality dictates the sophistication of your analytics-driven intelligence. The LogRhythm platform delivers the most comprehensive solution for Network Traffic and Behavior Analytics with these key features:

Rich data derived by NetMon, such as full packet capture, layer 7 application classification for over 3,000 applications, SmartFlow™, and Deep Packet Analytics.
Powerful analytics in two places: sensor level analytics and centralized analytics. NetMon extracts rich information at the sensor level, performs analytics, then forwards relevant information to LogRhythm Enterprise for further analysis. This enables corroboration of network activity with data derived from user and host activity.
Risk-based event prioritization automatically assigns a 1-100 numerical value to each event based on the relative risk, allowing improved team efficiency in knowing which threats to focus on first.

Know What’s Normal—and Alert on What’s Not

Sometimes a single behavioral shift isn’t enough to warrant investigation. But, multiple behavioral changes should raise the alarm.

Detect shifts across multiple network behaviors and correlate behavioral changes against other threat indicators. LogRhythm’s multidimensional behavioral analytics give you higher-quality, corroborated intelligence. If your IPS warns of a possible attack and LogRhythm observes a behavioral shift on the targeted server, you’ll know with AI Engine.

Compliance Solutions

Regulatory compliance is a necessary, but often complicated and expensive component of modern business. Keeping up with compliance and reporting requirements may seem like daunting tasks when you’re strapped for security resources. That’s where LogRhythm can help.

The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform provides holistic visibility into your network and improves detection and response capabilities. Paired with LogRhythm’s compliance automation modules, your team can comply with necessary mandates more efficiently and effectively than previous manual processes. Our in-house LogRhythm Labs compliance experts develop and maintain these modules, providing you with prebuilt content specifically mapped to the individual controls of each regulation. Our Consolidated Compliance Framework further simplifies your compliance program by providing a core, shared module mapped to dozens of regulations, encompassing the majority of common cybersecurity controls. This reduces the effort spent on setup and correlating multiple, identical alarms across frameworks.

With LogRhythm compliance automation modules, you’ll be able to:
Reduce the burden of assuring and demonstrating regulatory compliance
Easily deploy prebuilt reports for audit and management review
Detect compliance violations automatically and in real time


LogRhytm helps you maintain compliance standards:
GDPR   Learn how LogRhythm’s GDPR Compliance Module addresses 16 technology-focused GDPR Articles through pre-built content, including rules, alerts, and reports.
201 CMR 17.00   To ensure compliance with 201 CMR 17 requirements, information systems and applications are monitored in real time. AI Engine rules, alarms, reports, and more help your team comply quickly and easily.
BSI: IT Grundschutz   LogRhythm’s BSI: IT Fundamentals Compliance Module provides predefined alarms, reports, and lists to enable a quick and easy implementation of the BSI IT-Grundschutz catalogs.
CIS Critical Security Controls   The Center for Internet Security (CIS) has developed the top 20 Critical Security Controls (CSC) to help IT professionals protect their environment against both external and internal attacks.
DoDi 8500.2   LogRhythm’s DoDI 8500.2 module ensures your reporting needs are met. Log data is categorized, identified, and normalized for easy analysis and reporting with powerful alerting that automatically identifies the most critical issues.
FISMA   LogRhythm’s FISMA compliance module aligns your organization’s risk assessment with forensic investigations, reporting, and prioritization settings—implementing controls for systems that support operations and assets.
GLBA   Address GLBA requirements regarding financial privacy, safeguards, and pretexting through central monitoring of activity and conditions. Collect log data from hosts, applications, network devices, and more.
GPG 13   Directly address control obligations mandated in GPG 13 with LogRhythm’s report packages, Artificial Intelligence Engine rules, investigations, and tails. With optimized indexing structure, you’ll apply real-time analytics to expose areas of non-compliance.
HIPAA, HITECH & MU   Through advanced correlation rules and machine learning, LogRhythm’s prebuilt Health Care Compliance Automation Module provides a comprehensive security framework that protects your patients and improves security posture.
ISO 27001   The collection, management, and analysis of log data are integral when following ISO 27001 guidelines. With LogRhythm’s powerful compliance correlation and alerting, you’ll identify critical issues and meet reporting requirements.
MAS-TRMG   As a component of LogRhythm’s unified security platform, the LogRhythm MAS-TRMG Compliance Automation Module helps FIs comply with Singapore business guidelines through 24×7 monitoring and real-time alerting.
NEI 08-09 Rev 6   LogRhythm’s entirely automated process of collecting and retaining audit logs gives you quick insight for regulatory control, accountability, incident response, and system and information integrity.
NERC CIP   To help you meet NERC CIP compliance mandates, LogRhythm’s automation module streamlines the compliance process, providing advanced features for monitoring and enforcement to deliver content through reporting packages.
NIST 800-53   NIST 800-53 reporting packages from LogRhythm ensure you’re meeting reporting mandate requirements by categorizing, identifying, and normalizing all of your log data for easy analysis and reporting.
NIST Cybersecurity Framework   With LogRhythm’s NIST Cybersecurity Framework compliance platform, log collection, archiving, and recovery are fully automated across the entire IT infrastructure as a prebuilt feature.
NRC Regulatory Guide 57.1   LogRhythm’s NRC RG 5.71 compliance for nuclear facilities provides high assurance that digital computer and communication systems and networks are adequately protected against cyberattacks.
NYDFS Cybersecurity Compliance Regulation   Learn about the latest NYDFS Cybersecurity regulations, and how the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform helps your organization meet compliance regulations.
PCI DSS   LogRhythm’s PCI DSS compliance module simplifies investigations through alarms and reports that are automatically associated with accurate asset categories, providing immediate notification of activities that impact your systems.
SOX   LogRhythm’s preconfigured reporting packages improve your organization’s security and SOX compliance posture while reducing costs through AI Engine rules and alerts, prebuilt dashboards, and a robust SOX reporting package.
SWIFT   Learn how LogRhythm helps your organization comply with the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework and take an integrated, multipronged approach to securing your financial transactions.
UAE-NESA   LogRhythm’s UAE-NESA Compliance Automation Suite provides pre-packaged content that is associated with UAE-NESA asset categories, easing compliance concerns.
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