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Your Organization Runs on Email

It’s the main way you communicate internally and externally and you rely on it being available all day, every day.
It’s a gateway to other critical IT systems and home to a treasure trove of corporate information your employees value. For all it offers, email needs to be protected and managed or it risks exposing your organization and your data to attack. Your customers and your supply chain are far too valuable to take that chance. It also needs to be effectively archived to meet growing compliance, e-discovery and legal obligations.

We believe that securely operating a business in the cloud requires new levels of IT preparedness, centered around cyber resilience. This is why we unify the delivery and management of security, continuity and data protection for email via one, simple-to-use cloud platform.

Thousands of organizations trust us to increase their cyber resilience preparedness, streamline compliance, reduce IT complexity and keep their business running. We give employees fast and secure access to sensitive business information, and ensure email keeps flowing in the event of an outage. Mimecast will remain committed to protecting your IT assets through constant innovation and focus on your success.


Protect your organization from spam, malware, and phishing attacks.

Mimecast safeguards employee communication and reduces risk with targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforced security controls.

  • Impersonation
    Protects against social‐engineering attacks that attempt to impersonate your executives, staff, partners, and well-known internet brands to fraudulently extract money or data from your unsuspecting users.
  • Spear-Phishing
    According to Mimecast’s 2018 State of Email Security Report, 90% of global organizations have seen the volume of phishing attacks increase or stay the same over the past 12 months. Most email security solutions stop basic spam or well-known malware but fail to address more challenging email-borne threats such as various forms of spear-phishing targeting your organization.
  • Internal Security Threats
    To combat email threats that are already inside your organization, Mimecast provides Internal Email Protect, a threat monitoring and remediation service for internally-generated email. Internal Email Protect enables organizations to monitor, detect and remediate threats that originate from within one’s email system, whether the emails are for other internal users or external recipients.
    Internal Email Protect includes the scanning of attachments and URLs for malware and malicious links as well as content filtering enforced by Data Leak Prevention policies. In addition, Internal Email Protect can automatically delete infected emails and attachments from employees’ inboxes.
  • Two attack vectors, one solution

    Email and web are the top two vectors for cyberattacks, serving collectively as the initiation point for 99% of successful breaches and being used in concert to execute 91% of the malware delivered via email. Because the bad guys use these channels together, a seamless, simple, and scalable web security strategy for protecting them together is essential.

    World-class capabilities from the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway services, such as URL Protect and advanced domain similarity checks, are used in Mimecast Web Security to deliver increased efficiency and protection, while also providing a consistent experience for both end-users and administrators. The combined solution’s multi-tenant cloud architecture also provides visibility across tens of thousands of customers globally, allowing Mimecast to spot threats quickly, adapt rapidly and ensure every single member of the community benefits from actions taken to keep even one customer safe.

  • Proactive protection
    Mimecast applies acceptable web use controls and determines if sites are malicious before users reach them – all without slowing response times. The categories of websites users are allowed to visit can also be controlled.
  • World-class email and web security with a single solution
    Mimecast Web Security is fully integrated with Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway, giving organizations a single, cloud-based solution for defending against the two most widely used attack vectors – email and web.
  • Adaptability and continuous innovation
    The solution’s multi-tenant cloud infrastructure gives Mimecast visibility across tens of thousands of customers and millions of users worldwide, allowing us to quickly identify emerging threats and rapidly adjust security controls. New functionality is also deployed regularly and automatically to ensure customers always have the most robust and current defenses in place.

    Introducing Mimecast Awareness Training. We solve your organization’s vulnerability to human error by combining effective, modern training techniques with predictive analytics.

    We know that even your best employees are maddeningly careless and resistant to change. Their casual mistakes lead to disaster all the time — and the cost can be staggering.

    Too often, the sound you hear is “Oops…my bad” as a well-meaning employee makes a security error that results in a breach.

    Too often, what you see is your employees yawning their way through cyber awareness training that you KNOW is boring, painful … pure “click and drool.”

    Too often, what you feel is frustration, as you sign purchase orders on solutions that fail to address your core issue: Changing employee behavior to mitigate the risks associated with human error.


    Mimecast Awareness Training delivers effective online security training to employees in roughly three minutes a month. Each monthly training module is anchored on a short video in the contemporary workplace and driven by characters your employees will recognize all too well.

    Thousands of customers around the world rely on Mimecast to help reduce cost, risk and complexity.

    Today, many organizations are asking themselves, “How do I get more value from my data?” Legacy systems are outdated and were never meant to handle the growth of a modern enterprise. This costs time, money and resources while increasing corporate risk.

    Designed as a modern, multi-purpose business enablement platform, the Mimecast Cloud Archive serves every part of your business. Easily collect data from multiple sources to create your own corporate memory and build deep insights, while giving the power of information to the people who need it, on the devices they rely on.

  • Backup & Recovery
    The drive to simplify IT has led organizations to revisit their data protection strategies for Exchange Server, Microsoft Office 365™, and hybrid environments. Mimecast Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 offers a cloud-based solution that leverages archive data to simplify recovery, reduce cost and improve business continuity.
  • Storage Management
    Organizations are struggling with accelerating growth in email and other unstructured data volumes and the cost and management burdens of storing it on-premises. Mimecast Cloud Archive helps IT teams simplify data management, avoid the headaches of managing hardware and software, and meet the growing demand for email availability, retention and retrieval.
  • GDPR For Email
    The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) holds organizations around the world to strict new standards for security, accountability and data governance, mandating changes in the way they manage personal data.
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