Powering Secure and Agile Networks

Netsurion, formerly Vendor Safe Technologies, was founded in Houston, Texas in 1989, and we have been earning our clients’ trust ever since. We began as a group of network consultants and out of need to better manage our clients’ networks, we created a better way to remotely manage firewalls. We have since grown to become a premier provider of managed network security solutions – combining connectivity, threat, and compliance management into a single suite of managed network services.

Netsurion powers secure and agile networks for highly distributed and small-to-medium enterprises and the IT providers that serve them. In such environments, the convergence of threat protection and network management are driving the need for greater interoperability between the NOC (network operations center) and the SOC (security operations center) as well as solutions that fuse technology and service to achieve optimal results. To this end, Netsurion has converged purpose-built network hardware, innovative security software, and flexible managed services.

Cybersecurity Convergence   
Our mission at Netsurion is not to deliver technology for the sake of technology. Rather, we are focused on delivering results for businesses with constrained cybersecurity and IT resources.
Security and Compliance Orchestration for the Mid-Market   
Anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewalls alone cannot keep up with the ever-changing attacks, but traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions require dedicated security experts on-staff to be useful. Now there’s SIEM for small- and medium-sized companies. EventTracker Essentials, our advanced threat protection and compliance solution designed for SMBs, bridges the gap – making SIEM technology both effective and affordable.
Leading the SD-Branch Revolution   
Multi-location businesses – particularly in retail, restaurant, hospitality, and those with widely distributed IoT devices – require an affordable means to achieve network resilience, embedded security, and easier network management. We achieve this through Netsurion BranchSDO, a fully integrated SD-WAN appliance, coupled with next-gen security, cellular, Wi-Fi, and PCI DSS compliance readiness with flexible co-management service options.
EventTracker Joins Netsurion   
In 2016, EventTracker, a leader in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), merged with Netsurion. The synergy of these two companies results in Netsurion effectively delivering both NOC and SOC capabilities.


SD-WAN Security & Orchestration

Optimize, simplify, and secure your branch networks.


Branch locations of the distributed enterprise are more connected than ever and reliant on always-on, secure network performance. IT technology sprawl has resulted in complex, expensive, and inflexible infrastructure.

Netsurion BranchSDO is a comprehensive software-defined branch network solution that combines a powerful yet easily-deployed edge appliance and cloud orchestration, along with next-gen security, cellular failover, Wi-Fi and PCI DSS compliance tools and support to efficiently power secure and agile networks for branch locations as well as IoT environments. The result is reduced cost and complexity coupled with increased scalability and security.

Optimize Performance and Resilience   
• Hybrid connectivity for MPLS, broadband, DIA, T1, Wi-Fi, and cellular
• VoIP and application prioritization with service-based QoS
• Business continuity with cellular failover, dynamic link switching, and failover alerts
Secure the Branch   
• Cloud-deployed next-generation firewall services powered by Fortinet
• Network segmentation and VPN connectivity
• Orchestrated internal vulnerability scans
• Integrated advanced endpoint threat protection powered by EventTracker SIEM
Consolidate and Reduce Costs   
• Single solution for SD-WAN network management, business continuity, cybersecurity, and compliance
• Carrier agnostic to choose best-fit ISP per location
• Built-in 4G LTE cellular data service
Ensure Network Visibility and Control   
• Secure cloud gateway and orchestration for local and network-wide visibility and configuration
• Centralized network function service provisioning
• Managed service coupled with remote monitoring and assistance
Simplify Deployment   
• Zero-touch provisioning to eliminate truck rolls
• Consolidated on-premise hardware with multi-function edge device
• Edge device is pre-configured and syncs to Netsurion cloud service gateway automatically
Streamline Compliance   
• Manage PCI DSS compliance for all locations from one portal including vulnerability scans and SAQ
• File integrity monitoring and alerting powered by EventTracker SIEM
• Peace of mind with data breach financial protection to cover qualified breach-related expenses


SD-WAN Security & Orchestration

Optimize, simplify, and secure your branch networks.


At the core of Netsurion BranchSDO is the power-packed and cost-effective edge appliance, the CXD. This multi-function device dramatically reduces hardware complexity and cost by combining multi-WAN connectivity, Wi-Fi, cellular failover, and a stateful firewall while future-proofing your branch location networks by enabling easy cloud-delivery of network services via SD-WAN.

Cloud Orchestration   
Rapid service provisioning with network, device, traffic, and data usage monitoring via multi-tenant cloud management console. Orchestrated internal vulnerability scanning service.
Plug-n-Play Deployment   
Simple on-site device installation in many cases eliminates the need for a truck-roll as the CXD is plugged in and phones home for its preconfigured settings and is available for remote management.
Services Gateway   
Our SD-WAN controller delivering cloud-based next-generation firewall, application control, web filtering, intrusion prevention system (IPS), and Auto VPN.
Auto VPN   
Site-to-site virtual private networking (VPN) connectivity through SSL/TLS 2.0.
Cellular Failover   
Reliable and affordable 4G cellular failover connectivity for branch locations built directly into the edge device with multi-carrier data service options.
Managed Wi-Fi   
Multiple SSIDs for segmented employee and family-friendly guest wireless connectivity, wireless access point detection (WAPD), and power over ethernet (PoE).
Managed Switch   
Simplify more of the network with cloud-managed switches including power cycle of PoE-connected devices remotely for fewer truck rolls.

PCI DSS Compliance   
Complete suite includes management portal for reports, SAQ, and vulnerability scans; compliance helpdesk, data breach financial protection, and templates for documents required by PCI DSS.

Unified Threat Management

SIEM-powered and SOC-driven for optimal outcome.

Netsurion EventTracker

With nearly one thousand cybersecurity technologies in the market and a severe shortage of skilled security analysts to drive them, many companies suffer from analysis paralysis in implementing a strong threat management solution. Netsurion is in a class of its own as the only provider that fuses an industry-leading SIEM platform with our own SOC to ensure you get optimal security outcome. Netsurion EventTracker delivers enterprise-grade threat lifecycle management through our EventTracker platform that unifies machine learning, behavior analytics, and security orchestration coupled a 24/7 SOC and managed services.

SIEM & Log Management   
Monitor, search, alert and report on any log or any format
Ultra fast Elasticsearch with an extensible Common Indexing Model
Integrates with valuable threat data feeds from ecosystem partners and open source providers
Threat Detection & Response   
Endpoint sensors detect suspicious activity allowing you to monitor and terminate suspicious processes
Monitor for unusual patterns and behavior with Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Gain intelligence about malicious activity against the network through threat deception with Honeynet
User & Entity Behavior Analytics   
Uncover insider threats by monitoring for user policy violations, data exfiltration, or privilege misuse
Identify creation of new privileged accounts or elevation of permissions
Expose brute-force attacks by monitoring for abnormal system behaviors and patterns
Automation & Orchestration   
Quarantine compromised endpoints to prevent propagation
Suspend accounts that violate policies or established normal behavior
Kill unknown or blacklisted processes on critical devices
Vulnerability Assessment   
Eliminate false positives and include actionable remediation recommendations with scheduled scans backed by expert service ensures accuracy
Address the most crucial risks first with detailed reports that include prioritization correlated with multiple threat intelligence feeds

Compliance Management   
Regulation-specific solution briefs and security operations playbooks
Establish the baseline, track user activity, alert on potential violations, and generate audit-ready reports
ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified Security Operations Center (SOC)

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Proactively protect endpoints from advanced threats

Proactive Endpoint Security Maximized

Today’s adversaries use mutation to avoid detection by traditional security tools, leaving security gaps that can lead to a costly data breach. EventTracker Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service enables proactive prevention against malware and advanced threats by detecting and blocking them as they unfold on servers and workstations. EDR enhances endpoint security effectiveness by reducing dwell time at all stages of the threat chain, including lateral movement. Offered as a 24/7 managed service, we augment your staff with hard-to-find cybersecurity analysts.

Threat Protection Beyond Traditional Defenses

EventTracker EDR provides 24/7 monitoring of your network for insider threats and advanced attacks that evade anti-virus and firewalls. With real-time visibility and remediation, be confident that your network is defended, as you focus on your core business responsibilities.

Better Together: SIEM + EDR

  • An integrated platform for monitoring, threat detection and response, and compliance.
  • Enhanced visibility across the network and endpoints
  • A single pane of glass with EventTracker Console
  • 24/7 SOC analysts who understand your environment and mutating threats
  • Purpose-built for the needs of small and mid-sized businesses


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