Proofpoint gives you protection and visibility for your greatest security risk—your people.

We provide the most effective security and compliance solutions to respond to cyber attacks in every channel including email, the web, the cloud, and social media.

Threat Protection

Stop email fraud, eliminate email threats, easily orchestrate responses, and quickly quarantine anything that gets through.



Information Protection

Get transparent protection for sensitive email messages, files, and cloud apps. Limit your data exposure, protect access to files, and prevent data loss.



User Protection

Educate your people and reduce risk with advanced threat simulations and security awareness training. Protect them across personal webmail and web browsing.



Protect the way your people work today—in email, social media, WiFi hotspots, and mobile apps.

The way we work is changing, and so are today’s cyber attacks. Stop threats from exploiting your people and the tools they use to compromise your endpoints, steal your credentials, and access your data.

We help you protect the way your people work by detecting and managing advanced threats and compliance risks. Our advanced threat solutions work across email, social media, WiFi hotspots, and mobile apps to help safeguard what matters most. We protect your critical information and equip you with the right intelligence and tools to respond quickly when things go wrong.

Protect people and data everywhere
In the modern enterprise, your people, data, and devices can be anywhere. Traditional security products are designed to protect information residing on or traversing the corporate network. As business applications move to the cloud, so are threats—bypassing security at the corporate perimeter. That is why today’s defenses must work everywhere. Our products work where sensitive content is transferred or accessed: on the mail transfer agent, mobile app store, mobile hotspots or social media platform. This gives us greater context to analyze and extract threat intelligence, reduce the attack surface, and reduce your attack risk.

Deploy quickly, see value immediately
Cloud-based platforms such as Office 365, mobile apps, and social media require cloud-based protection. Our cloud architecture enables you to deploy quickly and derive value immediately. You can protect hundreds of thousands of users in days—not weeks or months. We use the cloud to update our software every day to instantly incorporate new features and help you stay ahead of attackers. Our cloud-based deployment also gives you the flexibility to protect users on any network or device.

Get unmatched threat intelligence
We are the only company with threat intelligence that spans email, networks, social media, and mobile apps. We take our threat intelligence to the next level by applying what we learn about every threat back into our products in actionable, meaningful ways. We help you block more threats immediately, works with your existing technology infrastructure, and improves you incident response process. Our threat intelligence helps make your existing security investments more effective—and your company better protected against advanced threats.

Stop advanced attacks, mitigate their impact, and keep your business running

Ransomware, email fraud, and email downtime threaten your business—and your bottom line. Your current tools might help with some aspects of email security or stop some attacks. But you need to solve your entire email threat problem, not just parts of it..

Proofpoint Advanced Email Security is a complete solution for email threats and continuity. No other email defense protects you against a broader range of advanced email threats.

Email fraud and credential phishing
Stop email attacks that exploit human nature rather than technical vulnerabilities. Email fraud often doesn’t use malware attachments or malicious URLs, making it invisible to even “next-generation” email defenses. Our layered approach stops this evolving threat before it reaches your employees, partners, and customers. Safeguard your money and critical information by securing all the avenues that Email fraud attackers pursue.

Malware and Ransomware
Stop advanced threats delivered through malicious attachments and URL—before they reach the inbox. More than 90% of targeted attacks start with email — and these threats are always evolving. Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps you stay ahead of attackers with an innovative approach that detects, analyzes and blocks advanced threats before they reach your inbox. This includes ransomware and other advanced email threats delivered through malicious attachments and URLs. And zero-day threats, polymorphic malware, weaponized documents and phishing attacks. TAP also detects threats and risks in cloud apps, connecting email attacks related to credential theft or other attacks.

Fast, effective response
No defense can stop every attack. When something does get through, Proofpoint Threat Response takes the manual labor and guesswork out of incident response to help you resolve threats faster and more efficiently. Get an actionable view of network threats, enrich alerts, and automate forensic collection and comparison. For verified threats, quarantine and contain users, hosts, and malicious email attachments—automatically or at the push of a button.

Cloud-based and on-premises solutions to protect email users from cyber-threats.

For decades, email has been an essential tool used by individuals and businesses to communicate and share information. Due to its popularity, attempts to compromise email channels have increased. These have evolved from simple spam and malware attacks to more advanced threats like phishing and ransomware. Because email is a popular attack vector, it’s extremely important that service providers take measures to secure their messaging infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated malicious attacks.

Carrier-grade Cloud Messaging Security
Attackers continue to find creative ways to entice users to open these increasingly malicious messages.These messages can expose recipients to malicious content that can cause significant financial or data loss. Cloudmark, a Proofpoint company, offers Safe Messaging Cloud (SMC) to provide you with a comprehensive, cloud-based email and messaging security solution. And it integrates seamlessly into any existing infrastructure. SMC takes on your messaging security needs in the cloud. And it only delivers sanitized messages to your messaging infrastructure.

Real-time Message Analysis
Cloudmark Authority analyzes your messages in real-time. And it provides you with continuous updates every 15 seconds. This ensures your networks are always protected. It adapts to current spam and virus trends by utilizing the Cloudmark Global Threat Network, which delivers the highest level of email protection. Free up your network resources, reduce storage requirements and immediately improve your user email experience by accurately identifying new spam, phishing, malware and ransomware attacks as they arise.

High-performance Messaging Security Infrastructure
Cloudmark Security Platform (CSP) for Email is a high‐performance, email-security focused message transfer agent. It can be integrated into the most complicated email service provider environments. Its modular and extensible policy framework—along with our advanced content filtering capabilities—automatically detects and mitigates email abuse and threats. With CSP, you can deploy sophisticated class-of-service-based policy. This significantly increases your protection from malicious messages.

Less Clutter and Inbox Anxiety. Increased Productivity
Cloudmark Content Categories moves clutter out of the Inbox and allows your users to concentrate on important person-to-person (P2P) messages. It enables quick and easy implementation of Priority Inbox features within any webmail application. This allows marketing and other bulk email messaging traffic to be separated from more important communications. As a result, important messages are more likely to get the attention required, faster. What’s more, specific categories of messages can be shown in separate folders or tabs, depending on your end user’s preference.

Post-delivery Remediation of Misclassified Messages
Ensure continuous monitoring and analysis of email through the entire delivery process. Cloudmark ActiveFilter tracks fingerprints of previously scanned and delivered messages. At the same time, it actively monitors for new threat updates from our global network of trusted reporters. This automatically removes spam and returns misclassified email messages to user inboxes.

Protect your mobile messaging environment from malicious content, maintain customer loyalty and prevent revenue loss.

Mobile messaging has gained popularity among enterprises and brands as a way to engage with their customers. However, mobile messaging carries inherent security risks. These risks make the platform a favorite target for malicious actors to send attacks containing spam, phishing, malware and unauthorized application-to-person (A2P) traffic. Cloudmark, a Proofpoint company, combines the latest in attack grouping, machine learning, unique spam reporting platform, and the Cloudmark Global Threat Network to solve this problem. We help mobile operators protect subscribers against a broad range of attacks and network threats. This helps maintain a secure mobile messaging environment.

Secure Your Mobile Messaging Environment
Cloudmark offers the most complete and accurate texting/SMS/MMS mobile defense solution. We leverage extensive intelligence to gain visibility and block attacks as they arise, regardless of the obfuscation and changing sending tactics used. Our systems use reputation tracking, advanced content filtering and predictive analysis to detect, identify and mitigate mobile security threats and grey route abuse. This helps you maintain mobile user trust and prevent revenue loss.

Identify and Prevent Grey Route Abuse
Senders and aggregators seek out cost-saving alternatives for sending bulk messages. Some of the services they use circumvent the traditional bulk message delivery frameworks that mobile operators have in place. With Cloudmark’s A2P mobile phone security solution, you can ensure all commercial traffic uses approved and vetted paths into the network and to your end subscriber. This prevents mobile messaging fraud and revenue loss. As a result, you can secure your A2P revenue while also protecting your mobile phone end users from malicious content.

Securing the Mobile Messaging Future
As the adoption of business-to-customer (B2C) mobile messaging has increased, Rich Communication Services (RCS) is gaining traction as the platform of choice for interactive business messaging. However, RCS provides a new avenue for bad actors to send malicious content. This includes spam, phishing, malware, and yet unseen types of attacks, as RCS is still a developing technology. Cloudmark offers advanced mobile security solutions that will ensure your subscribers are protected from mobile messaging threats arriving via RCS messaging.

Email to SMS Protection
Protect your mobile subscribers from unwanted spam and phishing threats that attempt to enter your network via your Email to SMS gateway. Cloudmark’s Email to SMS protection is a multilayered solution. It identifies and blocks all forms of email-based attacks targeting your mobile subscribers. Our mobile phone security solution is offered in both on-premises and SaaS form factors, and it conforms to any customer requirement.

Protect against advanced targeted threats and compliance risks with enterprise-class technology tailored to small and medium businesses.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are targeted with the same attacks as large enterprises. Proofpoint Essentials provides you with enterprise-class, people-centric protection and visibility. And it gives you a modern, simplified management experience.

Secure Your Business from Advanced Cyber Threats
Today’s cyber attacks are increasingly targeting individuals through email and not infrastructure. Over 90% of all cyber threats start with an email that uses social engineering, relying on users to click a malicious link or run a malicious code. This makes people the number one attack target. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are attacked with these types of threats, but they lack the IT personnel and budget to have the enterprise-class security posture to stop them.

Proofpoint Essentials provides you with an enterprise-class security and compliance solution. It protects your end users against malware-based threats before they ever reach the inbox. These threats include malicious attachments or links, and malware-free threats such as email fraud or credential phishing emails.

Focus on Your Business and Stay Secure
Essentials is a cloud-based solution that’s tailored to SMBs with limited IT resources. That means it is easy for you to deploy, manage and maintain. With the modern and intuitive user experience, your administrators can quickly and easily complete management tasks—freeing them up to focus on more strategic tasks. Our 24x7x365 expert technical support gives you peace of mind, knowing that expert help is always there when you need it.

Stay Compliant with Regulations
Just like large enterprises, your small or mid-size business needs to comply with industry regulations. And it’s critical to prevent sensitive and customer information from leaving your organization. Essentials encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities are flexible and scalable. And they keep security and disclosure policy decisions out of the hands of your end users. With our policy-driven DLP filters, your users can simply send email. Essentials automatically works in the background to keep your organization compliant and send email securely.

Safeguard business critical information from data exfiltration, compliance risks, and violations

Protect and defensibly retain sensitive, business critical and customer data. Our next generation compliance solutions simplify data protection across multiple channels—including email, social media, popular storage repositories and more. Our industry leading cloud-based archive ensures defensible retention and disposition, protecting against data compliance risks while ensuring eDiscovery and litigation readiness.

Simplified Information Classification and Data Protection
You can’t protect what you can’t classify. Data protection and classification can be challenging, and has forced many organizations to throw their hands up in the air and give up. Proofpoint blends machine learning, natural language processing, smart identifiers and data visualization to ensure data can be understood and incidents responded to at scale.

This ensures that:

  • All data is classified, which enables policy enforcement
  • Visualization enables rapid response and remediation
  • Classify based on context, including: source, sender, recipient, metadata and Active Directory attributes

Accelerated E-Discovery and Regulatory Compliance Solutions
Even the most advanced classification and policy management techniques can’t help you if it can’t be applied to where user data is stored and managed. Proofpoint provides an exhaustive set of connectors which enable complete visibility into compliance risks and violations. In addition, if this content requires defensible archiving, it can be stored compliantly in a cloud-based, WORM grid storage architecture.

This makes e-discovery and compliance simpler to manage through:

  • Out-of-the-box content connectors with popular collaboration and social offerings—both consumer and enterprise
  • Search across all data types with a 20-second, financially-backed search SLA
  • Complete chain of custody and audit reports

Intelligent Policy Enforcement
Policy enforcement is just as much business process as it is technology. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be intelligent. Proofpoint uses template-based policies with intelligence, purpose-built to apply retention, legal hold, loss-prevention and compliance policies across email, social media and mobile applications.

This makes it easier than ever before to:

  • Ensure that data is defensibly retained and disposed
  • Apply legal hold to content based on custodian, or Active Directory attributes
  • Cross multiple channels including email, data at rest and social media

Eliminate digital security, brand and compliance risks across your social media, domains and mobile apps

You’ve built a strong presence across your digital engagement channels—social media, web and mobile apps. While this provides a cohesive customer experience, it also exposes your company to digital risk.

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection solution looks beyond your perimeter to deliver comprehensive security, brand and compliance protection against digital risks.

Digital Security Risks
Your company’s digital presence provides a rich arena for criminals to unleash their attacks on your unsuspecting customers. They create fraudulent brand domains, hack your social media accounts and hijack your customer support interactions with angler phishing schemes.

Digital Brand Risks
You’ve built a strong digital presence with big following and super fans. Now bad actors want to take advantage of your captive audience and overwhelm your social accounts with massive volumes of inappropriate content and hijack your popular hashtags. Social mob attacks and hashtag hijacking damage your brand goodwill and customer trust.

Digital Compliance Risks
Digital engagement introduces an array of compliance and governance risks. All digital content needs to be supervised to ensure it meets the corporate governance and regulation requirements for public-communications and retention rules. Social account sprawl and unmanaged accounts make this a big challenge. And, bad actors that bait your customers with fraudulent social accounts and mobile apps lead to real risks of financial losses and compliance violations.

Identify your sensitive data. Secure it from advanced threats. Respond quickly if something goes wrong.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is data privacy legislation that strengthens rules across the European Union (EU) that went into effect on May 25 2018. If you have end users, customers and employees in the EU—even if you’re based somewhere else—you need a GDPR solution that helps you discover, protect and monitor personal data.

We help you identify your sensitive personal data. We help keep it secure from today’s advanced threats. And when something goes wrong, we help you quickly respond to attacks and disclose them accurately.

Identify and classify personal data
You can’t protect what you can’t see. Our GDPR solution shows you where you’re storing sensitive customer data and who has access to it—whether it’s on your network or in the cloud.

We help you find and fix compliance issues in real time. Our dashboard reveals potential GDPR issues through visualization tools such as heat maps and excess-exposure charts for fast insight into where you’re most vulnerable.

Protect your personal data
Email attacks can lead to GDPR-protected data being stolen, damaged, or exposed. We help you stop them so that you stay compliant.

Our solution detects and blocks unsafe attachments and URLs before they reach the inbox. And it stops attacks that don’t use malware, including email fraud and credential phishing. If something goes wrong, we also help protect customers’ data from being exposed in attacks or inadvertently emailed by employees.

Beyond the corporate email accounts you control, we secure personal web email accessed on corporate devices and networks. And we protect data in the cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps.

Respond and report
Threats change, and attackers evolve. No defense can stop every incident. That’s why GDPR compliance is an ongoing effort.

When something goes wrong, we help you contain threats quickly and understand the scope of the incident for fast, accurate disclosure as required under GDPR. And our GDPR solution learns from every attack so that you’re better prepared for potential new threats.

Wombat Security, a division of Proofpoint, provides SaaS-based information security awareness and training software to help organizations teach their employees secure behavior.

Security Awareness Training

Simulated Phishing and Knowledge Assessments   Understanding your users’ vulnerabilities is essential to deliver personalized security awareness training and identify broader cybersecurity risks for your organization. Our ThreatSim® Phishing Simulations help you assess users’ phishing awareness and their susceptibility to real-world threats. CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments help you gauge their understanding of critical cybersecurity topics.

Interactive Training, Videos, and Materials   Turn your end users into a strong last line of defense against today’s cyber attacks with our research-based security awareness training. Our people-centric cybersecurity training is personalized to individuals’ needs, efficient for end users to complete, and—above all—effective at changing behaviors and reducing risk at every level of your organization.

Our curated, actionable content draws on proven Learning Science Principles, using a unique Continuous Training Methodology. Users get hands-on practice at recognizing and avoiding a wide range of security risks with our constantly growing library of education content. Our interactive training modules, videos, posters, images, and articles are designed to drive security awareness and make cybersecurity an ongoing topic of conversation with your end users.

Phishing Email Reporting and Analysis   Even with advanced email protection tools, a small percentage of malicious messages still end up in users’ inboxes. Our PhishAlarm® phishing button empowers users to report phishing emails and other suspicious messages with one mouse click, and PhishAlarm® Analyzer helps response teams identify and remediate the most pressing threats. Both tools are integral to Proofpoint’s innovative Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR) solution.

Business Intelligence   Get the granular and high-level visibility you need into your end users’ interactions with assessments, simulated attacks, and training assignments. We offer responsive, easy-to-read reporting with a modern UI, providing more than just completion data so that you can evaluate progress, gauge ROI, and benchmark, track, and trend user knowledge.

Our reporting tools deliver business intelligence on end-user risk, so you can focus on the areas, topics, and best practices that will benefit you most, improving decision-making across all levels of your organization. These insights help administrators to deliver the right training to the right people at the right time—driving measurable results without wasting time.


We understand the global nature of business and the importance of delivering a consistent, concise cybersecurity message to all employees of a multinational organization. That’s why our Security Education Platform is designed to streamline creation, delivery, and management of security awareness and training programs across all regions. Beyond mere translation, we offer localized content with regional details that create a more authentic and engaging training experience for all end users.

Integrations   Our Security Education Platform is a SaaS-based learning management system (LMS), purpose-built for infosec professionals. The platform allows you to manage and deliver the full suite of Proofpoint Security Awareness Training products, with additional integrations that enhance versatility and ease of use for administrators.

PhishAlarm®, our reporting button for suspicious email, is an email client add-in that integrates with leading providers.

Microsoft Outlook —Supports all Microsoft clients.
Gmail —Supports browser-based Gmail as a G Suite Marketplace app.

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