Security is always evolving,
and so are we.

Advance Your Security With Us

What if security was an opportunity and not an obstacle? What if it wasn’t a clunky afterthought, or a cumbersome requirement preventing you from the doing the things you really want to do?

What if you could securely advance your business with clarity and confidence?

We like the sound of that too. That’s why we’re committed to making it a reality by helping you build security into the heart of your organization.

At Rapid7, we believe in simplifying the complex through shared visibility, analytics, and automation that unite your teams around challenges and successes of cybersecurity. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive security platform, an assessment to better understand your security posture, or something in between, we’ve got your back.

How we do it
The Rapid7 Insight cloud collects data from across your environment, making it easy for teams to manage vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate and shut down attacks, and automate your operations.

Through automation and orchestration, you’ll free up team members to focus on strategic priorities with the confidence to know that things are running smoothly in the background. We work together to make sure you’re getting the right security outcomes based on your organization’s business goals.


Detect stealthy behavior behind breaches. Get up and running in no time.

Unify Your Security Data   Easy cloud-based log and event management to meet compliance. No data expertise, hardware, or ongoing maintenance required.

Detect Behavior Behind Breaches   Attackers favor stolen credentials, malware, and phishing. Detect and contain these threats before things get critical.

Respond With Confidence   Accelerate investigations 20x with visual timelines. Contain attacks across your users and assets from within InsightIDR.

Make better decisions across the incident detection and response lifecycle, faster.

• User Behavior Analytics
• Attacker Behavior Analytics
• Endpoint Detection and Visibility
• Centralized Log Management
• Visual Investigation Timeline
• Deception Technology
• File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

“Rapid7 has already implemented what VRM will look like in the future.”

— The Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q1 2018

Collect Data Across Your Ecosystem   Continuously identify and assess risk across your cloud, virtual, remote, local, and containerized infrastructure.

Prioritize Using Attacker Analytics   Leverage unparalleled attacker analytics to prioritize vulns more precisely with a Real Risk score that goes beyond just CVSS.

Remediate with SecOps Agility   Break down the silos between IT, security, and development to streamline and automate remediation efforts.

Automatically assess and understand risk across your entire infrastructure

•Lightweight Endpoint Agent
•Live Dashboards
•Real Risk Prioritization
•IT-Integrated Remediation Projects
•Cloud, Virtual, and Container Assessment
•Integrated Threat Feeds
•Easy-to-Use RESTful API
•Automation-Assisted Patching
•Automated Containment

Extensive dynamic application security testing for seeing more and remediating faster

Secure the Modern Web   Automatically assess modern web apps and APIs with fewer false positives and missed vulnerabilities.

Collaborate with Speed   Fast-track fixes with rich reporting and integrations, and inform compliance and development stakeholders.

Scale with Ease   Effectively manage the security assessment of your application portfolio, regardless of its size.

Automatically crawl and assess web applications to identify vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, XSS, and CSRF.

• The Universal Translator
• 95+ Attack Types
• Attack Replay
• Powerful Reporting for Compliance and Remediation
• Cloud and On-Premises Scan Engines
• Scan Scheduling and Blackouts

Orchestration and automation to accelerate your teams and tools

Orchestrate   Connect your teams and tools for clear communication and complete integration across your tech stack.

Automate   Streamline your manual, repetitive tasks with connect-and-go workflows—no code necessary.

Accelerate   Supercharge your operations with automation that creates efficiency without sacrificing control.

How does it work?
Accelerate and streamline time-intensive processes—no code necessary. With 200+ plugins to connect your tools, and customizable workflow building blocks, you’ll free up your team to tackle other challenges, while still leveraging their expertise when it’s most critical. Here’s how you’ll do it:

• Connect Your Tools
• Build Automated Workflows
• Utilize Human Decisions
• Improve Operational Efficiency

Ridiculously easy log management is just the beginning

Centralize   Collect data from any source, in any format. Search and analyze logs using simple keywords or analytic functions to find answers.

Monitor   Track metrics like CPU, memory, and disk usage. Receive real-time alerts. Review live dashboards and scheduled reports.

Troubleshoot   Ask natural-language questions to monitor software usage, audit user logins, identify network misconfigurations, and more.

Log management easy enough for the whole team to use
InsightOps combines log management with live asset visibility for really, really easy IT monitoring and troubleshooting.

Event & Log Management   
InsightOps collects and normalizes logs from servers, applications, Active Directory, databases, firewalls, DNS, VPNs, AWS, and other cloud services. Search using simple text, visual mode, or our QueryBuilder. Analyzing logs just got a lot easier.
Performance Monitoring   
See CPU, memory, and disk usage for every asset in your environment. Receive immediate alerts when server, application, or service performance is impacted. Regularly review performance using live dashboards and scheduled reports. InsightOps is easy enough for every member of the IT team to use.
IT Compliance   
Secure log retention, audit logs, and scheduled reports make it easy to maintain compliance standards. InsightOps can help you maintain PCI, HIPAA, and corporate compliances.
Live Asset Visibility   
Traditional log management stops with logs. InsightOps lists every asset in your IT environment and provides natural-language questions for inspecting your assets. Which assets are running Microsoft Office? Which assets have a specific registry key? What services are running on a specific asset? Just click ‘ask.’
DevOps Automation   
The InsightOps REST API and out-of-the-box integrations allow you to seamlessly incorporate InsightOps into your DevOps stack for advanced IT automation.

Penetration testing software for offensive security teams.

Collect   Gather together the collective knowledge of a global security community to test your network and find your holes.

Prioritize   Determine the most impactful vulnerabilities and focus on what matters most.

Verify   Verify likelihood and impact with real-world attacks, fix top exposures and check that they are patched.

Penetration testing software to help you act like the attacker
Attackers are always developing new exploits and attack methods—Metasploit penetration testing software helps you use their own weapons against them. Utilizing an ever-growing database of exploits, you can safely simulate real-world attacks on your network to train your security team to spot and stop the real thing.

Gather Attack Information   
Metasploit Pro makes it easy to collect and share all the information you need to conduct a successful and efficient penetration test.
Prioritize Leading Attack Vectors   
Our penetration testing software simulates complex attacks against your systems and users so you can see what a bad guy would do in a real attack and prioritize the biggest security risks.
Defending against attacks requires many complicated steps and sometimes dozens of tools. Metasploit Pro tests your defenses to make sure they’re ready for the real thing.

Leave no app untested and no risk unknown.

Keep Pace   Collect the info needed to test today’s ever-evolving apps.

Reduce Risk   Reduce risk with every build and remediate earlier in the SDLC.

Play Nice   Hand deliver the right insight the right way to DevOps.

Web application security testing to close the gaps in your apps
SPAs, APIs, mobile—the evolution of application technology is measured in months, not years. Is your web application security testing tool designed to keep up? AppSpider lets you collect all the information needed to test all the apps so that you aren’t left with gaping application risks.

Our dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution crawls to the deepest, darkest corners of even the most modern and complex apps to effectively test for risk and get you the insight you need to remediate faster. With AppSpider on your side (or, rather, all of your sides), you’ll be able to scan all the apps today and always be ready for whatever comes next.

Keep Pace with the App Evolution   
From SPAs to mobile apps, even today’s most modern apps are no match for AppSpider.
Work within the SDLC   
Most application security vulnerabilities are actually defects in the design—naturally, finding them earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) reduces risk and saves you time, money, and a whole mess of ibuprofen.
Set DevOps Up for Success   
AppSpider’s reporting and DevOps integration help streamline remediation efforts by providing developers with the information they need—in a language they understand.
Control and Automate   
With our web application security testing solution, you’re always in control.

The Next Gen Cloud WAF that gives you application visibility for complete application protection.

Assess your application attack surface.   You’re no longer in the dark. See your attack surface across your entire application ecosystem ranging from API endpoints to 3rd-party libraries.

Monitor attacks in progress.   With smart monitoring, only get notified when its time to take action. Threat intelligence is correlated with your application data to give you the most accurate monitoring.

Protect your applications against active threats.   Prevent your applications from executing on malicious behavior. By leveraging security controls in the application, you can prevent zero-day attacks from being successful.

Automatically Monitor and Protect Your Application Ecosystem
• Package + CVE Monitoring
• Browser Security
• Suspicious Actor Blocking
• Application Firewall
• Zero-Day Protection
• API Protection
• Injection Prevention
• Account Takeover Protection
• OWASP Top 10 Protection
• PCI, HIPAA, GDPR Compliance
• CI/CD Integration

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