We deliver a unified, business-driven approach to security and integrated risk management—one that positions your organization to thrive in the face of rapidly changing digital risks.

Our digital risk management solutions address the eight most pervasive risks that organizations across all sectors are destined to encounter as they weave digital technologies deeper into their business operations.



Respond to risks proactively, with data-driven insights and a streamlined, fast time-to-value approach.

What Is Integrated Risk Management?
Integrated risk management (IRM) refers to a set of practices designed to help organizations understand and manage the full scope of risks (strategic, operational, financial, digital, etc.) facing their enterprises, with more flexibility and agility than traditional GRC programs. As the term suggests, integrated risk management highlights the integrated nature of risk: both horizontally, across risk domains (e.g., security, compliance, resilience), and vertically, by connecting operational risks to an organization’s strategy. Integrated risk management is especially intended to help organizations manage new risks stemming from digital transformation activities. Since those risks can quickly have a cascading impact, integrated risk management aims to better prepare organizations for those impacts and dependencies.

RSA Archer® Suite

RSA Archer Audit Management   Transform your internal audit function from reactive and compliance focused to become a proactive and strategic enabler of the business.

RSA Archer Business Resiliency   Automate business continuity and disaster recovery planning and execution to protect your organization from crisis events.

RSA Archer Enterprise & Operational Risk Management   Gain a clear, consolidated view of risk across your business by aggregating disparate risk information in one central solution.

RSA Archer IT & Security Risk Management   Compile a complete picture of technology- and security-related risks and understand their financial impact to improve decision-making.

RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management   Establish a sustainable, repeatable and auditable regulatory compliance program by consolidating information from multiple regulatory bodies.

RSA Archer Third Party Governance   Get an accurate picture of third-party risk while managing and monitoring the performance of third-party relationships and engagements.

RSA Archer Public Sector Solutions   Improve your information assurance program and exceed FISMA and OMB requirements for continuous monitoring and assessment & authorization.

Rapidly detect and respond to any threat—on devices, in the cloud and across your virtual enterprise.

The RSA NetWitness Platform provides pervasive visibility across a modern IT infrastructure, enabling better and faster detection of security incidents, with full automation and orchestration capabilities to investigate and respond efficiently. RSA NetWitness Platform takes security “beyond SIEM,” extending
the traditional log-centric, compliance-focused approach to security to include state-of-the-art threat analytics, including user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), and visibility into cloud, network and endpoints.

RSA NetWitness® Platform

RSA NETWITNESS LOGS AND RSA NETWITNESS NETWORK   Provide security visibility across your infrastructure, from on-premises data centers to public cloud services. It captures real-time data from logs and network packets, as well as NetFlow data, and applies deep analytics, machine learning, UEBA and threat intelligence. Correlating alerts and indicators of compromise (IoCs) across an organization’s IT infrastructure empowers security analysts to detect and recognize threats before the attacker can cause the intended damage.

RSA NETWITNESS ENDPOINT   Provides visibility into IT endpoints at the user and kernel level, to flag anomalous activity, provide machine/endpoint suspect scores and block/quarantine malicious processes. It provides its own free-standing analytics server, or endpoint data can be integrated with RSA NetWitness Logs & Packets to provide unmatched visibility across your IT infrastructure. RSA also makes a free RSA Endpoint Insights agent available for licensed RSA NetWitness Platform customers, to offer endpoint data collection including Windows logs.

RSA NETWITNESS ORCHESTRATOR   A comprehensive security operation and automation technology that combines full case management, intelligent automation and orchestration, and collaborative investigation capabilities. RSA NetWitness Orchestrator enables security operations center (SOC) analysts to have consistent, transparent and documented threat investigation and threat-hunting capabilities by leveraging playbook-driven automated response actions, automatic detection and machine-learning powered insights for quicker resolution and better SOC efficiency. RSA NetWitness Orchestrator acts as the connective tissue—not only for the RSA NetWitness Platform but across a SOC’s entire security arsenal.

RSA NETWITNESS UEBA ESSENTIALS   Extends the breadth of analytics to identify advanced threats. Leveraging user, network and endpoint behavioral profiling powered by static rules, advanced correlation, machine learning intelligence and statistical analytics, RSA UEBA Essentials identifies deviations from normal user behaviors. Attack vectors such as compromised credentials, abuse or misuse of privileged user accounts, insider threat, brute force and account manipulation are among detection indicators included. RSA NetWitness UEBA Essentials is available via RSA Live to all RSA NetWitness Platform customers, and extend the analytic capabilities that empower RSA customers to rapidly identify today’s known and unknown threats

Threats are multiplying. Users are changing. What are you doing?

Attackers are finding ways to compromise your users’ credentials every day. RSA SecurID Suite delivers the identity and access assurance you need to thwart them at every turn—while delivering an absolutely seamless access experience for your users.

RSA SecurID Suite goes beyond traditional identity and access management, using identity insights, threat intelligence and business context to provide secure access to all of your users, across all of your applications, from the ground to the cloud. It brings together multi-factor authentication, risk-based access management, identity governance and user lifecycle management in one powerful suite of solutions. Download the Solution Brief and learn more.

RSA SecurID® Suite

Provide your users with convenient, secure access to any application—from the cloud to the ground—from any device.

Easy for your business users   Your users need to access applications and information with minimal friction. Additional authentication should be used only when required. When additional authentication is needed, users should have a broad variety of modern, convenient multi”]factor authentication options that provide stronger authentication for a variety of access cases and diverse set of users including employees, contractors, help desk, partners and customers.

Easy for your IT staff   It is important to make secure access deployment and management convenient for IT so they can respond rapidly to business needs and strengthen and extend access”]compliant protection across traditional, web, mobile and SaaS applications

Intelligent authentication   Provides the benefit of reducing friction and adding security to protect applications and data that are critical to the business. It provides both security and convenience, and takes into account the needs of the modern workforce.

Intelligent access   When it comes to access control, the driver traditionally has been IT efficiency and streamlined provisioning of access to applications. But as organizations move to mobile and cloud technologies, it is critical to first gain a perspective on identity risk (for instance, the organization’s current state of access, and how to stop inappropriate/unauthorized access). To minimize access risk of an application or data, an intelligent approach to access decisions considers the business context and impact of rogue access to an application on the business, in addition to evaluating current risk based on a set of defined criteria (e.g., number of orphaned accounts and overprivileged users).

Fraud Prevention

Manage fraud and digital risks across multi-channel environments without impacting custom

ers or transactions.

It’s about making cybercrime harder and legitimate transactions easier.
Protect customers from advanced cybercrime threats on the web and via mobile channels with industry-leading fraud prevention solutions from RSA. And do it without fraud protection getting in the way of frictionless customer transactions.

RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite brings together fraud protection, adaptive authentication, web threat detection and fraud intelligence services to protect organizations and consumers from online and mobile fraud, phishing, account takeover and data breaches. Our offerings improve organizations’ fraud detection and prevention capabilities, enhance their fraud intelligence, and provide secure consumer access, 3D Secure authentication, behavioral analytics and mobile transaction protection.

RSA® Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite

RSA Web Threat Detection   Even the most sophisticated fraud threat is no match for RSA Web Threat Detection. It uses behavioral analytics to identify sophisticated fraud threats and detect a variety of fraudulent activities.

RSA Adaptive Authentication   The results speak for themselves: fraud detection rates over 90 percent with less than 3 percent challenge rates. RSA Adaptive Authentication does it with risk-based, multi-factor authentication.

RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce   Leveraging the latest version of the 3D Secure protocol, RSA Adaptive Authentication provides highly effective cardholder protection and fraud management tools to support a consistent, secure online shopping experience.@RSA Mobile Transaction Protection’]RSA Adaptive Authentication offers a mobile SDK to identify fraud across mobile browsers and mobile applications.

RSA FraudAction Cyber Intelligence Services   Get everything you need to know to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals: targeted research on emerging threats, the latest information about fraud trends, and reports on a wide range of cybercrime attacks.

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