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Secureworks Unleashes the Value of Your Security Investments to Achieve Business Objectives

Together, We Are Collectively Smarter. Exponentially Safer.™

Secureworks is 100% focused on cybersecurity. In fact, it’s all we do. For nearly two decades, we’ve committed to fighting the adversaries in all their forms and ensuring that organizations like yours are protected.

Secureworks enriches your defenses with intelligence from up to 310-billion cyber events we observe each day, across our 4,200 customers in more than 50+ countries. By investing in supervised machine learning and analytics, as well as the brightest minds in the industry, we’ve successfully automated and accelerated event detection, correlation, and contextualization. That means you can identify threats more quickly and take the right action at the right time to reduce your risk.

What’s the best strategy to protect valuable information in today’s environment? One that secures – scales, simplifies and spends wisely. As the world leader in cybersecurity solutions, Secureworks combines machine learning with human intelligence to unleash the full potential of your existing security investments. Because together, we are Collectively Smarter. Exponentially Safer.™


Employ a holistic solution that helps eliminate blind spots, cuts through the noise, and focuses on the right action to take.

Comprehensive Solution Delivers Better Outcomes

Secureworks® simplifies security and helps eradicate threats with a complete solution including detection, prevention, and incident response, so you can focus on your business.
Share the Security Burden
Protect your business from the endpoint to the cloud and implement the latest security technology with less effort. Elevate your security posture with threat hunting, incident response, and integrated Threat Intelligence.

Stop Threats
Hasten detection, prevention, and response, even against targeted and emerging threats.
Gain Insights
Secureworks Threat Intelligence and Intellectual Property help deliver a stronger solution.
Network Effect
Benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained by managing security for over 4,300 clients worldwide.
Better Outcomes
Leverage a pedigreed Incident Response team with broad experience and capabilities.

Providing superior monitored and managed security services to your expanding network perimeter 24×7.

Advanced Technology & Threat Intelligence Network Protection

Information security services span your network, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis. We extend your security operations to bridge people, processes and technology for 24×7 support.

Security Management
Elite cyber threat intelligence combined with security expertise protects devices and data and provides continuous security monitoring and operational administration of managed devices to safeguard investments and meet compliance regulations.
Managed Firewall
Managed IDS/IPS
Managed iSensor® IPS
Managed Next Generation Firewall
Managed Web Application Firewall

Advanced Threat Services
Prevent the threats you can and leverage elite cyber threat intelligence and global visibility to detect and respond to the threats you can’t prevent.
Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD)
Advanced Endpoint Threat Prevention
Advanced Malware Protection and Detection (AMPD)
Advanced Remediation Management

Security Monitoring
Delivers 24×7 real-time monitoring, correlation and expert analysis of your environment, using our Counter Threat Platform to eliminate false positives and detect valid threats.
Log Management & Compliance Reporting
Security Event Monitoring

The Secureworks™ Incident Response team provides a wide range of expertise, cyber threat intelligence and purpose-built technologies to prepare for and respond to cyber incidents.
Reduce Response Time & Incident Impact
Seasoned incident responders using purpose-built response technologies enriched with years of cyber-attack and threat group data help you respond to and mitigate cyber incidents efficiently and effectively.

Expert Incident Response Consulting
Employ a modern incident response portfolio of capabilities comprising people, technology and threat intelligence to help you respond to cyber incidents efficiently and effectively at scale.

Emergency Incident Response
Proactive Incident Response
Incident Management Retainer
Targeted Threat Hunting Assessment

Adversarial Security Testing
Identify and remediate gaps as highly certified security consultants help test your security defenses and response capabilities

Be Confident About Your Security

Gain the knowledge, expertise and efficiency to conduct thorough adversarial security tests with actionable results. Discover and remediate security vulnerabilities and risks to your organization.


Gain Assurance   Test your applications, networks or team to improve security and capabilities.

Prepare Better   Receive actionable recommendations to enhance your security

Achieve Compliance   Establish controls to help maintain compliance with laws and industry mandates.

Master the Changing Security Landscape
Our expert team provides the knowledge, expertise and efficiency you need to conduct thorough security evaluations based on real-world risk. We provide new ways to protect your data, brand and bottom line.
Penetration Testing
Application Security Testing
Red Team Testing

Collaborates with Qualys Vulnerability Management technology to eliminate vulnerabilities within your network to protect your critical IT assets.

More Than Just a Scan

Our VMS experts help you go beyond basic scanning – define key risk areas, analyze scan results with intelligence-driven context, customize reporting for clear visibility, and coordinate remediation activities.

Stay Vigilant   Provide continuous visibility into your on-premise and cloud environments.
Strengthen Your Team   Receive scanning and prioritization of your top vulnerabilities as a service.
Report on Compliance   Satisfy regulatory compliance obligations around vulnerability management.

Get Ahead of the Threat
Quickly absorb our proprietary threat intelligence into a fully managed process to help detect unknown exploits in your network, devices, servers, web applications, databases, or other assets — both on-premise and in the cloud.
Vulnerability Program Management
Managed Vulnerability Scanning
Managed Web Application Scanning
PCI Scanning
Policy Compliance

Our consultants and cybersecurity experts help your organization adapt, mitigate risk and thrive in the evolving threat and regulatory compliance landscape

Keep Pace with Evolving Risk

From strategy through implementation, our experts provide security expertise and extend your existing capabilities to fill crucial gaps and provide real-world, threat-driven insight to security operations.

Strategic Advisory
Secureworks Strategic Advisory helps address your organization’s unique challenge of aligning security and business objectives to facilitate the development of robust security programs.
Executive Advisory
Program Development & Risk Management
Assess risk and build comprehensive security programs to determine which people, process and technologies you need to improve the strength of your security program based on your unique needs.
Program Development
Vendor Assessment
Controls & Compliance
Our consultants assess and guide remediation of cybersecurity compliance gaps, to help you focus on relevance of controls, time and budget to areas that add value or reduce risk.
Audits & Attestation
Controls Assessment
Maturity Assessment
Risk Assessment
NIST 800-53
CIS Top 20 CSC
ISO 27002

Readily take action by enhancing your security defenses and visibility into the threat landscape.

Get Ahead of Cyber Threats

Threat intelligence helps enhance your threat landscape visibility, providing context for trends to monitor, how threat actors behave, and where you may be most vulnerable for an attack.

Outsmart Cyber Attackers
Combining human and supervised machine learning intelligence gives the CTU Research Team unparalleled insight into the threat landscape, across most technology and environment.
Attacker Database
Enterprise Brand Surveillance
Global Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence Support
End-to-end protection for all stages of your cloud deployment from an assessment of your current strategy to building effective security operations.

Secure Your Digital Transformation

The cloud guardians at Secureworks™ help build your strategy, advise on your program and compliance picture, and detect and respond to threats for multiple cloud environments.

End-to-End Cloud Security Solutions
We provide hybrid IT security solutions across your on-premises and multi-cloud deployments for popular platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure including security consulting, security monitoring, configuration management, vulnerability management, endpoint security, security testing, and incident response.
Cloud Security Consulting
Cloud Security Monitoring
Cloud Vulnerability Management
Cloud Endpoint Security
Cloud Incident Response
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