Proven Leader in Security and Innovation

Rethinking Security for the Cloud Generation

Proven Leader in Security and Innovation

Innovation is in our DNA. The attackers are both innovative and relentless. And they only have to be right once—we have to defend against the onslaught, day in, day out. At Symantec, we never stop It’s fundamental to our culture at Symantec that we are never done.

Enterprise Security

Symantec protects the Cloud Generation through our Integrated Cyber Defense Platform, the industry’s most complete portfolio for securing cloud and on-premises environments. We support 15,000 enterprises in taking full advantage of cloud computing without compromising the security of the people, data, applications, and infrastructure that drive their business. Our advanced technology portfolio is powered by the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network, enabling us to see and protect against the most advanced threats.

Integrated Cyber Defense

Symantec’s powerful platform unifies cloud and on-premises security to provide advanced threat protection and information protection across all endpoints, networks, email, and cloud applications.


Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense (ICD) Platform unifies products, services and partners to drive down the cost and complexity of cyber security, while protecting enterprises against sophisticated threats. ICD combines information protection, threat protection, identity management, compliance and other advanced services, powered by shared intelligence and automation across endpoints, networks, applications, and clouds.

ICD Product Integrations
Symantec has invested significant R&D effort to integrate Symantec products around key customer pain points – protecting customer information in SaaS applications, enhancing endpoint security to protect against targeted attacks, and securing infrastructure from endpoint to cloud.

CD Integration through our Technology Integration Partner Program
Symantec and our TIPP partners have created more than 250 integrations across key areas of cyber security today, including Cloud Security, Data Loss Prevention, Encrypted Traffic Management, Identity, Messaging, Threat Protection and Web Protection.

Preventative Protection, Detection, Investigation, & Resolution
Efficient investigation, and remediation processes are critical in today’s high stakes security world. Symantec provides the telemetry that feeds our targeted attack detections, the deep forensic records that speed investigations, and powerful tools to quickly remediate breaches. Built on strong preventative protections in endpoint, network, email and cloud infrastructure.

Content and Malware Analysis
Content Analysis is the most effective way to detect file based malware. It integrates with Symantec Proxy, ASG, WSS, Endpoint Protection, ATP Platform, Secure Message Gateway, CASB, Email Security Service, & WAF.

Content Analysis combines multiple engines – white list, black list, dual anti-virus, and advanced machine learning – to identify advanced malware. It also has the option for full emulation and virtual detonation sandbox to replace less effective sandbox technologies.

Content Analysis can submit files to 3rd party sandboxes including FireEye and Lastline, driving:

  • 4x better malware detection
  • Dramatically reduced sandbox capacity from pre-filtering and centralizing sandbox capacity
  • Ability to leverage proxy to decrypt SSL/TLS
  • Dramatically reduced incident queues from preventative architecture
  • Content Analysis is offered as an appliance, virtual appliance, and cloud service.
  • Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response
    Keep attacks from turning into breaches
    Symantec EDR – aka ATP Endpoint – applies machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect and expose suspicious activity. It enables you to hunt for threats by searching for indicators of compromise across all endpoints in real time.

    Symantec EDR prioritizes incidents allowing you to navigate endpoint activity records for a full forensic analysis of potential attacks.

    You can contain suspicious events using advanced sandboxing, blacklisting, and quarantine; seal off potentially compromised endpoints during investigation with endpoint isolation. And, finally, delete malicious files and associated artifacts on all impacted endpoints.

    Symantec’s EDR agent is already consolidated into your Symantec Endpoint Protection agent on Windows, Mac, Linux. Extend EDR to non-SEP devices with Cloud EDR

  • Proactively detect attacks on endpoint and email
  • Quickly investigate scope, scale, and attack details
  • Quarantine suspicious processes and events
  • Remediate impacted endpoints
  • Symantec Network Forensics: Security Analytics
    Full-packet capture for Advanced network security forensics
    Symantec Security Analytics delivers enriched, full-packet capture for full network security visibility, advanced network forensics, anomaly detection, and real-time content inspection for all network traffic.

    Armed with this detailed record, you can conduct forensic investigations, respond quickly to incidents, and resolve breaches in a fraction of the time you would spend with conventional processes. Security Analytics is an advanced network forensics analysis and analytics tool enabling you to:

  • See the full source and scope of attacks and respond faster
  • Arm incident response teams with clear, concise answers and evidence
  • Use unrivaled data enrichment and threat intelligence
  • Add context to existing security tools
  • Integrate with Symantec ATP to extend investigations across network, endpoint and email
  • Keep Data Safe and Compliant in the Cloud
    Get complete visibility and control of sensitive data in sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps.

    Symantec Data Loss Prevention Cloud and Symantec CloudSOC is an integrated cloud security solution that combines the best-in-class data loss prevention (DLP) and cloud access security broker (CASB) technologies to uncover shadow data in the cloud.

    Keep Your Information Protected while Keeping Your Employees Productive
    Your employees need secure access to critical data wherever it lives, from wherever they are.

    Symantec’s Information Protection solutions let you track and protect your most confidential data, and give access only to those users who need it.

    Track and Secure Your Confidential Data in Motion, at Rest, and in Use
    Knowing where all your sensitive documents, spreadsheets, and other proprietary information lives, and making sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, is the first step towards keeping it safe.

    Symantec Data Loss Prevention lets you discover, monitor, and protect your confidential information wherever it’s stored and however it’s used – on mobile devices, within your data centers, or in the cloud.

    Encrypt Your Data in Case it Falls into the Wrong Hands
    Encrypt your data to safeguard it against loss and ensure regulatory compliance.

    Symantec Encryption includes full-disk and removable media encryption for endpoints, email encryption to secure sensitive communications, and file share encryption to protect files on shared network drives and in the cloud.

    Give Access Only to Users Who Need It
    Ensure the right people, and only the right people, are accessing your critical cloud-based content and services.

    Symantec VIP Access Manager integrates Single Sign-on (SSO) with strong authentication, access control, and user management so that you can control and audit who accesses your internal and 3rd-party cloud-based applications.

    Strong Authentication Made Easy
    Add increased security for your internal and customer-facing services, without reducing convenience for your users.
    Symantec VIP provides two-factor and risk-based token-less authentication, to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive networks and applications.
    Identify and Act on Cyber Risks
    Simplify incident response and identify the risk of cyber breaches with User and Entity Behavior Analytics. Symantec Information Centric Analytics is an advanced cyber risk analytics solution that gives you the ability to triage and remediate incidents quickly, mitigate insider threats, and effectively respond to cyber breaches.

    Symantec Complete Endpoint Defense

    The most complete and integrated endpoint security platform on the planet.
    Delivered as a cloud service or on premises, and easy to implement and manage, Symantec endpoint security protects devices, apps, and networks with artificial intelligence that optimizes security decisions.

    Simplify Your Path to a Complete Endpoint Defense
    The most complete endpoint defense on the planet is now easy to buy. Whatever level you need, choose multilayered suites including prevention, hardening, and detection and response: Maximal protection with operational simplicity and efficiency.

  • Reduced Complexity with a single agent and console
  • Interlocking defenses at the device, the app, and the network level
  • Effective protection at a low total cost of ownership
  • With Symantec Endpoint Protection.
    The world’s most advanced, best integrated, cloud-delivered or on-premises endpoint protection runs on a single agent and is managed from a single console.

  • Defeat ransomware and unknown attacks with multilayered protection that combines signatureless and other critical endpoint technologies.
  • Get to full value faster with artificial intelligence (AI)-guided security management that quickly updates policies and enhances your endpoint security posture.
  • Detect threats more accurately with the Symantec Global Intelligence Network (GIN), the world’s largest civilian database.
  • With Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response.
    Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response provides powerful cloud-delivered analytics, threat intelligence, and round-the-clock managed services.

  • Discover and resolve threats much faster, supported by superior visibility and detection analytics.
  • Solve for cyber security skills shortages and streamline SOC functions with extensive automation and built-in integrations for sandboxing, SIEM, and orchestration.
  • Fortify your security team with the unmatched expertise and global scale of Symantec Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Service.
  • Roll out EDR across Windows, macOS, and Linux devices (via SEP-integrated EDR or a dissolvable agent).
  • With Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile.
    Risk-based Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile defends against all threats that put business data at risk of exposure, theft, and manipulation–while respecting user privacy and facilitating productivity.

  • Actively protect corporate resources with immediate protection from risky devices.
  • Block malicious apps and terminate malicious processes before they expose sensitive data.
  • Protect corporate infrastructure by blocking compromised devices from accessing corporate Wi-Fi.
  • Prevent data exfiltration by blocking access to known malicious command and control servers.
  • Predict attacks and detect zero-day exploits using machine learning and the massive Symantec GIN.
  • With Symantec Endpoint Threat Defense for Active Directory.
    Symantec Endpoint Threat Defense for Active Directory restricts post-exploit incursions by preventing credential theft and lateral movement by combining AI, obfuscation and advanced forensics methodologies at the endpoint to contain attacks in real-time.

  • Harden Active Directory environment against malicious use by attackers.
  • Disrupt reconnaissance activity and contain the attack at the point of compromise (endpoint).
  • Prevent attackers from using Active Directory to steal credentials and move laterally.
  • Reduce the attack surface with continuous Active Directory and assessment reporting.
  • With Symantec Endpoint Application Control.
    Symantec Endpoint Application Control strengthens defense against advanced attacks by minimizing the attack surface and allowing only known good applications to run.

  • Auto-classify risk levels for all endpoint applications—whether or not they’re in use.
  • Generate smart ‘allow’ and ‘block’ lists that operate without impacting user productivity.
  • Simplify policy updates by auto-managing drift with smart recommendations for handling new applications.
  • With Symantec Endpoint Application Isolation.
    Symantec Endpoint Application Isolation shields known good applications from tampering by stopping attackers from exploiting application vulnerabilities. It also isolates malicious and suspicious applications to prevent any privileged operations that can harm the endpoint.

  • Auto-classify risk levels for all endpoint applications—whether or not they’re in use.
  • Isolate applications to prevent unauthorized operations.
  • Shield applications to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.
  • With Symantec Endpoint Complete Cloud Connect Defense.
    Symantec Endpoint Cloud Connect Defense provides dynamic protection that is complementary to endpoint security to address modern device attack vectors that target cloud connected users.

  • Manage Windows 10 protections using the common Symantec endpoint security console.
  • Validate network integrity to protect users against rogue Wi-Fi networks and spoofed carrier networks.
  • Use policy-driven VPNs to protect systems from accessing suspicious or malicious networks.
  • Comprehensive security that strengthens and secures Office 365 and G Suite.

  • Expunge ransomware attachments with isolation and sandboxing.
  • Unmask ransomware links in real time—even at click time—with link probing and analysis.
  • Block zero-day and evolving ransomware with threat intelligence powered by 175 million endpoints and 163 million web email users across the globe.
  • Prevent business email compromise (BEC) with complete impersonation defense.

  • Isolate malicious links to ensure they don’t hit your users’ inboxes.
  • Remediate attacks faster with analytics that provide deep visibility into targeted campaigns.
  • Reduce phishing risk with built-in security assessment and training tools.
  • Prevent data leakage enterprisewide through integration with Symantec Data Loss Prevention and policy-based encryption services.
  • Extend protection across SharePoint, One Drive, and internal email via integration with Symantec CASB.
  • Prevent business email compromise (BEC) with complete impersonation defense.

  • Identify emails that falsely appear to be from a user or domain within your organization.
  • Block attacks that impersonate legitimate email domains using sender authentication methods.
  • Warn users about suspected impersonation emails with insights gained from security email threat analytics.
  • Protect your brand reputation and increase trust in your emails by solving the practical issues in enforcing sender authentication (DMARC, DKIM, and SPF) with Symantec Email Fraud Protection.
  • Employ a multilayered defense to insulate your users from innovative attackers.

  • Isolate email threats to prevent credential theft and malware payloads.
  • Evaluate links for vulnerability in real time both before emails are delivered, and again at click time.
  • Anticipate future campaigns with intelligence gathered from previous attacks against your organization.
  • Pre-empt attacks with real-world threat simulations and built-in awareness tools, tracking readiness over time.
  • Triage with actionable intelligence when you’re under attack

  • Speed your attack response with detailed reporting that includes 60+ data points on every clean and malicious email.
  • Hunt and correlate threats across your environment by streaming security email intelligence to your Security Operations Center.
  • Remediate and orchestrate your email threat protection response by quarantining and blacklisting attacks.
  • Prioritize the top risks to your organization by using Symantec Information Centric Analytics to gain broad visibility into email threats, security incidents, and user behaviour.
  • Strongest-possible email encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities without frustrating your users.

  • Prevent data leakage with built-in DLP policies to support your security and legal compliance.
  • Integrate with Symantec Data Loss Prevention to stop data loss across your entire environment.
  • Apply policy-based encryption controls to sensitive emails for security and privacy.
  • Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Platform. One vendor to optimize your security against every control point.

  • Reduce complexity: Prevention, isolation, detection, and response with an integrated solution.
  • Defend email, web, and endpoints with threat analysis, blocking, and remediation across multiple channels.
  • Extend protection to productivity and messaging apps—in the cloud and on premises—such as Slack, Salesforce, and Box.
  • Providing Effective, Multilayered Network Security as Part of the Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Platform.

    In the cloud, on-premises or both, you need to stop inbound and outbound threats targeting your end users, information and key infrastructure. Secure cloud, web and mobile traffic using advanced solutions leveraging our secure web gateway advanced proxy architecture.

    Cloud and Hybrid Secure Web Gateways

    Secure the web with our leading cloud, appliance and virtual machine solutions
    Symantec Secure Web Gateways (SWG) combine advanced proxy architecture with the intelligence of Symantec Content Analysis to offer a single, powerful web security solution that delivers world-class threat protection. Supporting Cloud and hybrid deployments, the scalable proxy secures web and cloud traffic and accelerate your business applications providing superior security for an enterprise’s data, apps and users – wherever they go.

  • The network security cornerstone of an enterprise’s integrated cyber defense
  • Cloud based access control systems with a Software Defined Perimeter
  • Tight integration with a wide range of network security solutions
  • Acceleration, peering and caching capabilities for performance optimization
  • Universal Policy Management to create and deploy policies across cloud and on-premises gateways for consistent security policy enforcement
  • Symantec Web Isolation

    Protect targeted users from browser-based malware and phishing threats
    Symantec Web Isolation stops zero-day malware by protecting user devices, enabling remote, interactive web sessions safely sending rendering information to the browser. Integrating with your Symantec network solution enables policy-based traffic isolation for suspicious or potentially unsafe sites and content.

    Symantec Secure Access Cloud

    Simple, secure, and scalable, Zero Trust Access is now available for enterprises as they transition to the cloud
    Secure Access Cloud is a SaaS platform providing granular application access management, eliminating the inbound connections to your network that are created by existing tools such as VPNs and NGFWs, creating a zero-trust application access method for an enterprise. All corporate applications and services are completely cloaked – invisible to would-be attackers. A user requesting access to a specific application needs to be first authenticated and authorized.

    Content Analysis and ForensicsM

    Identify and eliminate advanced persistent threats
    Symantec Content Analysis system extends multiple antimalware engines and malware analysis (sandboxing) to Symantec Secure Web Gateway solutions. Additional forensics capabilities are gained by adding Symantec Security Analytics delivering enriched, full-packet capture for complete network security visibility, advanced network forensics, anomaly detection, and real-time content inspection.

    Encrypted Traffic Management

    Eliminate your SSL/TLS encryption blind spot
    Get complete visibility into SSL/TLS encrypted network traffic and find hidden threats across your entire network security stack. Scan SSL-encrypted traffic for viruses, worms, and Trojans; and stop them at the gateway. Protect the privacy of your users with Selective Decryption capabilities while preserving the data integrity and protection you expect from strong encryption.

    Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

    Industry leading CASB enables secure and compliant access to cloud applications
    Securely adopt cloud apps and meet regulatory compliance requirements with an industry-leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that integrates with the rest of your enterprise security. CloudSOC provides visibility, data security and threat protection for today’s cloud generation of users across a wide range of sanctioned and unsanctioned apps.

  • Cloud application visibility and risk intelligence for thousands of apps
  • Data governance, UBA and policy controls for sanctioned cloud apps
  • Real-time user behavior analytics, data security, and threat protection for unsanctioned cloud apps
  • Cloud data encryption and tokenization for regulatory compliant use of cloud apps
  • Network Performance Optimization

    Improve your network performance for a better end user experience
    Symantec Network Performance Optimizations solutions enhance your application performance the experience of your users while reducing bandwidth costs. Advanced caching, acceleration, and network QoS capabilities are delivered with patented technologies and optimization features for WAN, cloud, and Internet environments.

    Integrated Cyber Defense   
    Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform unifies cloud and on-premises security to protect users, information, messaging and the web, powered by unparalleled threat intelligence. Contained within the Integrated Cyber Defense Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive cloud security solutions to govern access, protect information, defend against advanced threats, and protect workloads as they move to the cloud.
    You can count on your employees to access everything, from everywhere   
    It’s getting more difficult to protect your users—even from themselves. So, as you move critical data, apps, and systems between on-premises and cloud environments, you need an integrated approach – across web, Internet, email, SaaS – to keep everything (and everyone) secure.
    Secure Information   
    Putting your workers in motion puts your sensitive data at risk
    Now, more than ever, information in motion is information at risk. With rapid adoption of cloud applications and mobility, it’s impossible to keep up with conventional point solutions. It’s time for integrated information centric security that connects all the dots.
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