Making Endpoint Management and Security Easy

Syxsense combines IT management, patch management, and security vulnerability scanning in one powerful solution.

Syxsense is the world’s first IT and security-solution provider to offer patch management, vulnerability scans, and Endpoint Security in a single console.

Syxsense has created innovative and intuitive technology that sees and knows everything. Secure every endpoint, in every location, everywhere inside and outside the network, as well as in the cloud. Artificial intelligence (AI) helps security teams predict and root out threats before they happen—and swiftly make them disappear when they do.

Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, Syxsense is a growing and dynamic organization with offices in four countries and 12 partners in nine countries. Over the past 10 years, Syxsense has worked with more than 500 companies ranging from 100 to 100,000 endpoints delivering a variety of solutions for organizations of all sizes as well as managed service providers (MSPs).

The Syxsense product and service portfolio includes:

Our technologies are offered either directly or through an extensive network of solutions providers serving a variety of markets, including health care, government, education, financial services, legal, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and utilities.


Syxsense Manage lets you see and manage all endpoints inside and outside the network with coverage for all major operating systems and endpoints.

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Syxsense Secure is world’s first IT management and security solution that combines vulnerability scanning, patch management, and endpoint security in a single cloud console.

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Syxsense Active Manage offers a complete endpoint solution with managed services to reduce the risk, hassle and expense of patch management.

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Experience the power of realtime security with the added benefits of managed services, 24-hour coverage, and compliance regulation.

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