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Reduce the number of vulnerabilities requiring immediate remediation by 97%.


Cybersecurity is one of the existential threats of our time. New types of connected devices and compute platforms, from Cloud to IoT, have exploded the cyber attack surface. And more tools collecting more data doesn’t equate to actionable insight for the CISO, C-suite and Board of Directors. The old way of simply scanning on-premises IT devices for vulnerabilities is no longer enough. It’s time for a new approach.

Today, 27,000 organizations around the world rely on us to help them understand and reduce cybersecurity risk. Our goal is to arm every organization, no matter how large or small, with the visibility and insight to answer four critical questions at all times: Where are we exposed? Where should we prioritize based on risk? Are we reducing our exposure over time? How do we compare to our peers?

We are the Cyber Exposure company.


Accurately identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities.

Managed in the Cloud® provides the actionable and accurate data you need to identify, investigate, and prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your modern IT environment.


Reduce the number of vulnerabilities requiring immediate attention by 97%. Predictive Prioritization enables you to zero in on remediating the vulnerabilities that matter most.

VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT FOR MODERN IT provides the most accurate information about all your assets and vulnerabilities in your ever-changing IT environment. Available as a cloud-delivered solution, features the broadest vulnerability coverage, intuitive dashboard visualizations for rapid analysis, and seamless integrations that help you maximize efficiency and increase effectiveness.

Comprehensive Assessment   
Use the included Nessus sensors for active and agent scanning, as well as passive network monitoring, to gain full visibility into your attack surface spanning on-prem through public cloud.

Predictive Prioritization   
Remediate what matters most by combining vulnerability data, threat intelligence, and data science to identify vulnerabilities that have the highest impact to your organization.
Dynamic Asset Tracking   
Track assets and their vulnerabilities with unsurpassed accuracy – even highly dynamic IT assets like mobile devices, virtual machines and cloud instances.
Passive Network Monitoring   
Monitor network traffic continuously to detect and assess short-lived systems and hard-to-scan devices, such as sensitive OT and IoT systems.
Automated Cloud Visibility   
Achieve continuous visibility and assessment into public cloud environments through our Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Connectors.
Pre-built Integrations + Flexible API   
Automate workflows and the sharing of data with third-party systems through pre-built integrations, well-documented APIs and SDK resources.

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Accurately identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities.

Managed On-Prem.

With (formerly SecurityCenter) you get a real-time, continuous assessment of your security posture so you can find and fix vulnerabilities faster.


Reduce the number of vulnerabilities requiring immediate attention by 97%. Predictive Prioritization enables you to zero in on remediating the vulnerabilities that matter most.


With you get a comprehensive picture of your network, while keeping your data under your control. Built on leading Nessus technology, discovers unknown assets and vulnerabilities, and monitors unexpected network changes before they turn into breaches.

Comprehensive Coverage and Visibility   
Actively and passively assess systems, networks and applications to discover all assets and gain continuous and holistic visibility into vulnerabilities that threaten your security posture.

Single Pane of Glass   
Consolidate and analyze all vulnerability data across your enterprise for comprehensive visibility into your IT environment.
Continuous Monitoring   
Deep packet inspection continuously discovers and tracks users, applications, cloud infrastructure, trust relationships and vulnerabilities for comprehensive visibility into your network connected assets.
Streamlined Compliance   
Keep your organization compliant with immediate visibility into your compliance posture. Easily demonstrate adherence to compliance initiatives with pre-defined checks against industry standards and regulatory mandates.
Custom Reports and Dashboards   
Leverage over 350 pre-built, highly customizable dashboards and reports to better understand your cyber risk. Get the visibility and context you need to take decisive action to reduce exposure and risk.
Real-Time Alerts and Notifications   
Customizable alerts, notifications and actions notify administrators about network irregularities and high-priority security events to speed up incident response and vulnerability remediation.
Vulnerability Prioritization   
Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities with the highest impact to your organization. Through a combination of threat intelligence and machine learning the Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) ensures remediation efforts are focused on what matters most.


Nessus is trusted by more than 27,000 organizations worldwide as one of the most widely deployed security technologies on the planet – and the gold standard for vulnerability assessment.


From the beginning, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with the security community. We continuously optimize Nessus based on community feedback to make it the most accurate and comprehensive vulnerability assessment solution in the market. 20 years later and we’re still laser focused on community collaboration and product innovation to provide the most accurate and complete vulnerability data – so you don’t miss critical issues which could put your organization at risk.

Today, Nessus is trusted by more than 27,000 organizations worldwide as one of the most widely deployed security technologies on the planet – and the gold standard for vulnerability assessment. See for yourself – explore the product here.


Get the Power of Tenable Research Behind You
Our research team works closely with the security community to discover new vulnerabilities and provide insights into published vulnerabilities to help organizations quickly detect them in their environment. Our research team builds these insights into Nessus to help you become a vulnerability assessment expert (without actually having to be one).

  • More than 100 zero-day vulnerabilities discovered over the past 3 years
  • New plugins released within 24 hours of vulnerability disclosure (on average)

    Nessus was built from the ground-up with a deep understanding of how security practitioners work. Every feature in Nessus is designed to make vulnerability assessment simple, easy and intuitive. The result: less time and effort to assess, prioritize, and remediate issues. Learn more about the features here.

    Pre-Built Policies and Templates   
    Out of the box, pre-configured templates are included for a range of IT and mobile assets – from configuration audits to patch management effectiveness – to help you quickly understand where you have vulnerabilities. Nessus includes more than 450 compliance and configuration templates to audit configuration compliance against CIS benchmarks and other best practices.
    Customizable Reporting   
    Easily create reports based on customized views, including specific vulnerability types, vulnerabilities by host or by plugin. Create reports in a variety of formats (HTML, csv and .nessus XML) and easily customize reports by team or client which can be emailed with every scan.
    Live Results   
    Live Results automatically performs an offline vulnerability assessment with every plugin update, showing you where you may have vulnerabilities based on your scan history. From here you can easily run a scan to validate the presence of the vulnerability which accelerates the accurate detection and prioritization of issues.
    Grouped View   
    Similar issues or categories of vulnerabilities are grouped together and presented in one thread, simplifying the time to research and prioritize issues for remediation. Snoozing lets you select specific issues to disappear from view for a specified period of time. So you only focus on the issues that matter at that time.

    Security integrated into DevOps. Protect containers in development and operations.® Container Security seamlessly and securely enables DevOps processes by providing visibility into the security of container images – including vulnerabilities, malware and policy violations – through integration with the build process.


    DevOps teams are turning to Docker to quickly build and release new services and applications. Containers, however, present significant security challenges and risks. The short-lived nature of containers, lack of IP addressability and credentialed scanning, and inability to remediate vulnerabilities in production mean securing containers requires a different approach.

    ELIMINATE VULNERABILITIES EARLY Container Security delivers end-to-end visibility of Docker container images, providing vulnerability assessment, malware detection and policy enforcement across the SDLC – from development through operations. By integrating with developer build systems, Container Security brings proactive visibility to solve the security challenges of containers at the speed of DevOps.


    DevOps Pipeline Integration   
    “Shift left” with security in the software development lifecycle. Perform rapid vulnerability and malware detection within the DevOps toolchain, using integrations with the leading CI/CD build systems and container image registries.
    In-depth Visibility   
    Know what is inside a container before and after deployment. See a detailed bill of materials covering all layers and components. Gain “at-a-glance” visibility into container image inventory, runtime operations and security.
    Automated Inspection   
    Perform rapid and automated assessment of container images by layer. Use a specialized malware detection engine to ensure images are malware-free. Apply unique layer hierarchy intelligence to understand when vulnerabilities are mitigated in higher layers.
    Continuous Assessment   
    Protect containers from newly identified threats via monitoring of a wide range of external vulnerability databases. Container images are automatically re-tested as new vulnerabilities are identified so you can rapidly respond to emerging risks.
    Policy Assurance   
    Ensure containers in production are compliant with policy. Notify developers immediately with specific remediation advice when container images exceed risk thresholds – in development and in operations.
    Runtime Security   
    Address new cyber risks that emerge after deployment. Automatically identify and test running containers that have not yet been assessed. Be notified immediately when containers are modified during runtime.

    Streamline verification of adherence with PCI Data Security Standard.

    Tenable’s PCI ASV solution, a workbench, leverages Vulnerability Management scanning to streamline the ASV process, including running scans, resolving disputes and preparing compliant scan reports as required by PCI 11.2.2.


    Merchant and related service providers must accept and/or process credit cards to achieve their revenue objectives. This requires authorization based, in part, on passing a quarterly PCI DSS ASV assessment.


    Tenable’s PCI ASV streamlines the quarterly external vulnerability scan submission and dispute process as required by PCI 11.2.2. With pre-configured scan templates and an efficient evidence/dispute resolution process, Tenable (an Approved Scanning Vendor) can quickly prepare a compliant scan report for merchants and service providers.


    Scan Templates   
    Pre-configured scan templates allow you to scan, remediate and dispute failures according to your schedule, prior to submitting scans for attestation.
    PCI ASV Workbench   
    The PCI ASV Workbench is a single UI for users to scan, manage, submit, and complete the attestation process.
    Content Reuse   
    Apply the same disputes and exceptions to multiple IPs and optionally roll-over disputes and exceptions from one quarter to the next.

    Automated web application scanning. For modern and traditional web frameworks.® Web Application Scanning safely, accurately and automatically scans your web applications, providing deep visibility into vulnerabilities and valuable context to prioritize remediation.


    Web application attacks are the top source of data breaches today. Outnumbered by developers and constrained by limited resources, you’re under pressure to secure your entire web application estate. You need to see all security issues and ensure your developers are remediating the highest priority vulnerabilities.

    AUTOMATED WEB APPLICATION SCANNING. FOR MODERN AND TRADITIONAL WEB FRAMEWORKS. Web Application Scanning delivers safe and automated vulnerability scanning that covers your entire web application portfolio. Through comprehensive and accurate web application scanning as part of a complete Cyber Exposure platform, you can see and manage your cyber risk across all types of assets and fully protect your organization.


    Understand Your Web Apps   
    Understand the sitemap and layout of your web applications so you can see and assess your web applications globally.
    Scan Safely   
    Define parts of critical web applications that are safe to scan, and define other parts that should never be scanned, in order to prevent performance latency and disruptions.
    Automate Scans   
    Enable highly automated, no-touch scans for continuous protection. Easily define the frequency and timing parameters for automatic testing.
    Protect Modern Web Apps   
    Scan your HTML5 and single page web applications, along with traditional HTML apps. Gain broad web application coverage so you can avoid blind spots.
    Gain Accurate Results   
    Minimize the number of false positives and negatives to give you confidence your reports are accurate and won’t waste developer’s time.
    Provide a Unified View   
    Eliminate gaps and inconsistencies that come with managing multiple, siloed solutions. See and manage all your vulnerabilities in one place so you can fully protect your organization. Take advantage of the first Cyber Exposure solution to cover any asset on any platform.

    Accurately identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities.

    For critical infrastructure and operational technology.

    Safely discover not only OT assets, but IT assets in the OT environment. Identify and prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities that should be remediated immediately and the vulnerabilities that can wait until the next maintenance window.


    Security leaders are frequently blind to the IT and OT assets, internal and external connections, and vulnerabilities on their ICS networks. Last quarter’s “as built” documentation and manual inventories are insufficient to deliver the visibility you need to protect your critical infrastructure.


    Tenable Industrial Security asset inventories and interactive topology maps deliver an up-to-date view of what must be protected. Vulnerability assessment identifies and prioritizes weaknesses that can become the pathway for adversaries to compromise control systems and disrupt critical processes. Comprehensive dashboards and reports simplify stakeholder communication.


    Converged Insight   
    Data integration with™ provides a single platform to manage and measure cyber risk across the converged OT and IT systems that support enterprise initiatives undertaken to reduce cost, optimize processes and drive innovation.
    Comprehensive Asset Discovery   
    Identify thousands of OT and IT devices, applications and protocols, including PLCs, RTUs, HMIs, SCADA gateways, desktop computers and network devices.
    Passive Vulnerability Detection   
    Safely and accurately detect a wide range of OT vulnerabilities through passive monitoring (non-intrusive deep packet inspection) of network traffic. View assets and vulnerabilities by severity, count, name, and more – with OT-tailored information, including system type.
    Sensor Breadth   
    Combine Industrial Security passive monitoring with Nessus™ Smart Scanning to maximize insight, while reducing the risk that active scanning will disrupt sensitive OT devices.
    Delivery Choice   
    Deploy Industrial Security as traditional on-prem software that you manage or use it as a service delivered by Siemens.
    Multi-Site Management   
    Deploy Industrial Security from Tenable across your distributed operational environment. Gain central visibility across multiple sites/plants through unified administration and a consolidated view of data from multiple Industrial Security instances.
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