Privileged Account Management & Application Control

Innovative Technologies that secure privileged accounts across the modern enterprise. 


Own your privilege management journey… Like all cyber security companies, we strive to keep you safe. What’s special about Thycotic, however, is our priority is making you a self-sufficient security champion. We guide you through difficult terrain, and help you achieve more with less.

Accomplish more with less… Complexity isn’t only frustrating to manage, it’s downright dangerous. The more complicated your security tool, the more likely it’ll be misconfigured, misinterpreted, or ignored. If you’re tired of bloated security tools that are painful to use, Thycotic is for you. In fact, you could say Thycotic is powerful PAM made easy

Chart your own course… Our easy-to-use tools eliminate the burden of privilege management and give you direct access to customize. With Thycotic, enterprise-level privilege management is finally possible for companies of all sizes, with any type of deployment. We’re the only company that gives you the same privilege management capabilities and high availability both on-premise and in the cloud, meaning you get to have it all, and have it your way.

Many of Thycotic’s tools come with free options, ask a SecureNation rep to get you started today. 


Secret Server – Privileged Access Management Software 

Protect your privileged accounts with enterprise-grade PAM solution available both on-prem and in the cloud. Secure privileges for service, application, root, and administrator accounts across your enterprise. 

Key benefits: 

  • Establish a Secure Vault – Store privileged credentials in an encrypted, centralized vault.
  • Discover Privileges – Identify all service, application, administrator, and root accounts to curb sprawl and gain full view of your privileged access.
  • Manage Secrets – Provision and deprovision, ensure password complexity, and rotate credentials.
  • Delegate Access – Set up RBAC, workflow for access requests, and approvals for third parties.
  • Control Sessions – Implement session launching, proxies, monitoring, and recording.

Account Lifecycle Manager – Privileged Access Governance

Eliminate service account sprawl with end-to-end access governance all the way from provisioning through decommissioning. ALM manages non-human privileged accounts that access services, applications, data, and network resources. By discovering hidden accounts and understanding their purpose, you can turn them off when when they outlive their use without risk of service interruption. 

Key benefits: 

  • Establish workflows for tighter control over service accounts
  • Delegate ownership with role-based permissions
  • Provision accounts seamlessly and automatically
  • Enforce governance and create accountability and ownership over service accounts
  • Decommission accounts automatically and without causing disruption

 Privileged Behavior Analytics – Incident Detection and Response

Detect anomalies in privileged account behavior so you can take action before a cyber threat becomes a cyber catastrophe. Advanced machine learning analyzes all privileged account activity so you can spot problems and measure the extent of a breach. 

Know the signs of privileged account abuse: 

  • Sudden increase in privileged account access by certain users or systems.
  • Atypical access of the most privileged accounts or secrets. 
  • High number of privileged accounts accessed at once. 
  • Accounts accessed at unusual times of day or locations. 

Password Reset Server for Active Directory and Office 365 accounts – A secure, automated, password reset tool for your employees

Thycotic enables end-users to securely reset the Active Directory and Office 365 passwords from a self-service web portal or integrated Windows Logon screen. IT admins and security teams can enforce custom end-user password security policies, permit users to update their AD attributes such as address and phone numbers, and securely reset their Active Directory and Office 365 passwords through the service portal. 

Key benefits: 

  • Reduce help desk costs & empower your end users
  • Network security for HIPAA compliance
  • Achieve SOX compliance
  • Meet PCI DSS for IT compliance

 DevOps Secrets Vault – Manage passwords at DevOps speed

Centrally manage passwords used to access applications and services without causing friction in the development process. Replace risky password practices with secure API calls for automated secret creation, archiving, and retrieval. 

 Key benefits: 

  • Establish a Secure DevOps Vault – Store privileged credentials in an encrypted, centralized vault.
  • Centralize Secrets – Eliminate the risk of disparate vault instances.
  • Enforce Access – Provide auditable management and enforcement of secrets access.
  • Connect All DevOps Tools – Allow flexibility with a platform-agnostic solution.
  • Automatically Scale – Manage passwords and other secrets at the speed and scale of DevOps pipelines.

Harden your attack surface through DevOps privileged access control.

Connection Manager – Remote Connection Software

Manage and interact with multiple remote sessions for both Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SSH in an unified environment. When configuring remote sessions, you must navigate complex networks, cloud services, and user needs. With multiple sessions active at once, using different connection protocols and a variety of privileged accounts – managing and securing them becomes a challenge.

Key Benefits:  

  • Remote Access: Launch and configure sessions across multiple environments
  • Session Management: Credentials automatically injected into sessions as needed
  • Centralized Control: Access a single interface to manage and interact with sessions
  • Session Recording: Create an end to end record of privileged user access
  • Tracking and Auditing: Provide an audit trail to demonstrate compliance



Privilege Manager – Endpoint privilege management and application control software
    Stop malware and ransomware from expoiting applications by removing local admimistrative rights from endpoints. With the Privilege Manager you can mitigate critical vulnerabilities without disrupting business users or your IT support team. 
    Key benefits: 
    • Deploy a Single Agent – Discover application usage with admin rights, even on non-domain machines.
    • Define Flexible Policies – Whitelisting, blacklisting, and greylisting determines trusted applications and processes.
    • Manage & Remove Local Admin Rights – Determine which accounts are members of any local group, including system administrators.
    • Elevate Applications – Allow trusted applications to run, block or sandbox others, all while maintaining a least privilege model.
    • Improve Productivity – People automatically access apps and systems they need; helpdesk tickets decrease.

Unix Protection with Secret Server – Extend Secret Server privileged account and access protection to your Unix systems

Compromise of Unix systems could be catastrophic, with protection you can ensure your local root accounts are discovered and managed, control and manage SSH keys, and make sure powerful commands are limited in use for least privilege access. 

Key benefits: 

  • Automatically rotate SSY Keys in Secret Server and target systems
  • Allow SSH Keys to be checked-out when access is needed to a system
  • Maintain unique keys for each of your systems, to limit lateral threat movements
  • Generate new SSH Key pairs whenever needed, on demand or on schedule.  
  • Maintain better control over the use of Sudo and Su commands on Unix systems
  • Combine with session recording to maintain audit trails of commands used
  • Improve administrative delegation on Unix systems with Secret Server
  • Help facilitate a move to least privilege by only providing users with the commands they need

Thycotic Professional Services – Leverage their expertise to accelerate value and gain self-sufficiency

While Thycotic solutions are easy to deploy and intuitive to use, some companies prefer to work with our partner led professional services team to set up their environment, establish best practices, and train their teams.

Our Professional Services packages are designed to help clients gain proficiency and become self-sufficient quickly. Our objective is to help clients drive rapid adoption of PAM as a security practice and maximize their return on investment.

Ask a SecureNation representative how Thycotic services can help accelerate value for your team today! 

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