Deliver and Manage Any App on Any Device with an Integrated Digital Workspace Platform

Simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device with VMware Workspace ONE, an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management and is available as a cloud service or for on-premises deployment.

VMware Workspace ONE® is an intelligence driven digital workspace platform that simply and securely delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating access control, application management, and multiplatform endpoint management.

Workspace ONE integrates unified endpoint management technology (formerly VMware AirWatch®) with virtual application delivery (VMware Horizon®) on a common identity framework. With Workspace ONE, organizations can now evolve siloed cloud and mobile investments, enabling all employees, devices, and things across the organization to accelerate their digital transformation journey with a platform-based approach. Employees are put in the driver’s seat to choose their own devices or benefit from employer-provided devices with the ability for IT to enforce fine-grained, risk-based conditional access policies that also take into account device compliance information delivered by unified endpoint management (UEM) technology. Workspace ONE automates traditional onboarding and laptop and mobile device configuration, and delivers real-time application lifecycle management that bridges legacy enterprise client-server apps to the mobile cloud era


Deliver any application from the latest mobile cloud apps to legacy enterprise apps   
An enterprise app catalog delivers simple SSO access to the right apps to any device, including:
• Internal web apps through a secured browser and seamless VPN tunnel
• SaaS apps with SAML or OpenID Connect–based SSO
• Native public mobile apps through brokerage of public app stores
• Modern Windows apps and macOS apps
• Legacy Windows apps through MSI package delivery, real-time delivery with VMware App Volumes™, and published virtually in the on-premises data center or in the public cloud
• Secure sensitive systems of record apps behind a HTML5 proxy by hosting in the data center or cloud provider with VMware Horizon Cloud Service™
• Complete virtualized managed desktops in the cloud or in on-premises data centers

Unified app catalog transforms employee onboarding   
Simply downloading the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on iOS or Android provides employees with a complete, self-service enterprise app catalog that can be easily customized and branded for your company. The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app provides employees with native apps that can be installed.

SSO that federates even the most complex on-premises Active Directory topologies   
Workspace ONE integrates with Active Directory, LDAP directories, its own internal directory, and third-party identity providers to simplify access to all apps across your organization for all your users.

Password-free access leveraging device trust and PIN/biometric timeout settings for authentication   
Many apps can be simply secured by relying on an employee unlocking a known, unique, and registered device through the local PIN or biometric services. Once unlocked, employees may simply touch an app to open for as long as the authentication window is set. Workspace ONE integrates identity management and UEM to create an industry-leading, seamless user experience across desktop, web, and mobile.

Authentication brokerage leverages new and existing forms of third-party authentication   
Workspace ONE includes an authentication brokerage that supports third-party authentication services such as RADIUS, Symantec, RSA SecurID, Imprivata Touch and Go, and others.

What Workspace ONE Delivers

Combine intrinsic, zero trust security with industry-leading modern management to proactively secure users, apps and endpoints.

Unified Endpoint Management   
Consolidate management silos across mobile devices, desktops (including Windows 10 and macOS), rugged devices and “things”. Reduce costs and improve security with real-time, over-the-air management across all use cases (including BYO).
Intelligence Across the Digital Workspace   
Get integrated insights, app analytics and powerful automation that improve user experience, and strengthen security and compliance across your entire workspace.
Simplified Access Management   
Boost productivity and delight employees with secure, password-free single sign-on (SSO) to Windows, native, cloud and web apps on any phone, tablet or laptop — all through a single app catalog.
A Secure Digital Workspace   
Combine intrinsic, zero trust security with industry-leading modern management to proactively secure users, apps and endpoints.
Modern Windows Management   
Dramatically reduce IT time and cost with modern, over-the-air, complete PC lifecycle management (PCLM) from the cloud.
Virtual Desktops and Apps   
Radically transform traditional VDI with integrated VMware Horizon and VMware Horizon Cloud, which provides unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed and scale – all at a lower cost.
Delightful Experiences   
Empower employees to be productive by supporting mobile workers and traditional workforces alike with the devices, apps, and services they need to be successful.

What Workspace ONE Features

Unified Management for All Endpoints   
Manage all devices – mobile, desktop, rugged and IoT – from a single console with Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) . Drive consistent processes and policies across iOS, Android, Windows 10, macOS, Chrome OS and more.
Mobile Device and App Management   
Manage the complete device and app lifecycle with easy onboarding and configuration, device and data security, asset inventory and management, remote support and troubleshooting.
Device-Aware Access Management   
Ensure only the right users and right devices have access to apps with integrated VMware Identity Manager and Workspace ONE UEM. Continuously track device state, user details, and authentication context to determine user and device risk. Quickly remediate risky access with helpful user notifications, step-up authentication, blocked access, or removal of work data from devices.
Streamlined App for your Corporate Resources   
Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub empowers employees to securely access corporate apps, resources, and Hub Services on any device (mobile, web, or desktop), while increasing productivity with single sign on access, highly customizable workflows across business systems, and reducing cost. Learn More about the app catalog, how employees can stay connected, and take action.
Engaging Productivity Apps and Services   
Provide employees with easy, secure access to business applications with Workspace ONE productivity apps for catalog, email, calendar, contacts, browsing, content, and more. Workspace ONE Boxer provides a better-than-native email experience and improves employee productivity with Workspace ONE mobile flows. Employees get context-based actions and notifications so they can complete tasks across backend business systems without leaving the app.
Intelligent Insights and Automation    
Get integrated insights into your entire digital workspace environment with Workspace ONE Intelligence, which aggregates, analyzes and correlates device, app and user data and provides automation tools to reduce the complexity and burden of manual tasks.
Comprehensive Digital Workspace Security    
Deliver zero trust security by augmenting the inherent security capabilities of the intelligence-driven Workspace ONE platform and a rich ecosystem of integrated partner solutions with Workspace ONE Trust Network.
Simple Access to Win32 Apps   
Offer simple access to all your vital apps on any device. Workspace ONE improves end user productivity with a single place to discover and launch all apps (including Win32 and legacy Windows desktops); it also minimizes management costs and improves security with consistent access and endpoint management policies across app types.

Choice to use any device: BYOD or corporate owned

The architecture you deploy today must work with devices not yet invented. From wearables to 3D graphics workstations, keeping employees productive means their apps must be available when and where they are. While some of these devices may be corporate owned and require IT to configure and manage them through their lifecycle, many will be owned by the employees themselves. Workspace ONE with adaptive management puts the choice in employees’ hands for the level of convenience, access, security, and management that makes sense for their workstyle, providing friction-free adoption of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs while getting IT out of the device business.

Adaptive management designed to maximize adoption for even the most privacy-sensitive employees   
The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app enables adaptive management, so employees can comfortably adopt BYOD programs by deciding what level of access and corresponding management they want to use.

Shrinkwrapped device provisioning leverages OS management interfaces to selfconfigure laptops, smartphones, and tablets for immediate enterprise use   
Self-service, shrink-wrapped device provisioning is achieved through Workspace ONE–powered UEM that leverages enterprise mobile management APIs from Apple iOS and OS X, Microsoft Windows 10, Google Android, and a variety of specialty platforms for ruggedized devices to provision, configure, and secure apps and devices. This also enables devices to receive patches through the OS vendor for the fastest response to vulnerabilities, while leaving configuration and app management to IT.

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