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Accelerate your digital transformation through a software-defined approach to business and IT. The trusted infrastructure provider of choice for more than 500,000 customers globally, VMware pioneered virtualization and now delivers a uniquely consistent platform for cloud and business mobility. As a proven leader, we allow you to run, manage, connect and secure applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment, so you get both freedom and control.

Since our founding two decades ago, our employees and ecosystem of 75,000 partners have been behind the technology innovations transforming entire industries—from banking, healthcare, and government to retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, and transportation.

Every day, we work to solve our customers’ toughest challenges through disruptive technologies like edge computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, Kubernetes and more–to define the digital foundation that will accelerate the next wave of innovation.


Accelerate the Cloud Journey   Consistent Infrastructure Consistent Operations

Unify your hybrid and native clouds. Manage your entire workload from the one environment. Simplify operational complexity and improve performance, security and control.

Transform Networking & Security   Dynamic Business Demands a New Approach to Networking and Security.

In today’s hyper-distributed world, VMware transforms networking and security through software, providing a ubiquitous layer of abstraction from data center to cloud to edge. The Virtual Cloud Network is our vision for networking that empowers customers to design, build, and operate a single network that connects applications and data wherever they run. This extends to security, where VMware helps businesses reduce their attack surface by making security intrinsic to the infrastructure and providing unprecedented visibility and protection from endpoint to cloud.

Empower the Digital Workspace   What Is the Digital Workspace?

The digital workspace is a holistic change in the way end-user services are delivered by IT, so you can deliver the apps and data employees need to work across any device. By taking advantage of today’s cloud-based management technologies, digital workspace solutions deliver self-service, out-of-the-box experiences that scale across platforms, locations, and device ownership models.

Explore ways to modernize your data center and build a foundation for ongoing digital transformation.

Software-Defined Storage   
VMware’s Software-Defined Storage (SDS) strategy is to evolve storage architectures through the pervasive hypervisor, bringing to storage the simplicity, efficiency, and cost-savings that server virtualization brought to compute. Software-Defined Storage abstracts the underlying storage through a virtual data plane, making the VM, and thus the application, the fundamental unit of storage provisioning and management across heterogeneous storage systems. By creating a flexible separation between applications and available resources, the hypervisor can balance all IT resources—compute, memory, storage and networking—needed by an application.

VMware’s Software-Defined Storage solutions enhance today’s data center by delivering:

Per-application storage services: SDS applies at the VM level, allowing storage services to be tailored to the precise requirements of an application and adjusted as needed on a per-application basis, without affecting neighboring applications. Administrators are in complete control of which storage services, and therefore costs, are consumed by which application.
Rapid changes to storage infrastructure: SDS uses a dynamic and non-disruptive model, just as in compute virtualization. IT admins can precisely match application demand and supply at the exact time the resources are needed. Storage services become fluid—a little more for this application now, a little less for that one later.
Heterogeneous storage support: SDS lets you leverage existing storage solutions, such as SAN and NAS, or direct attached storage on x86 industry-standard hardware. With industry standard servers, the backbone of Hyperconverged Infrastructure, IT organizations can design low-cost and scalable storage environments that easily adjust to specific and ever-changing storage needs.


Software-Defined Networking   
Network virtualization technology takes software-defined networking (SDN) to the next level by truly decoupling network resources from underlying hardware. In much the same way that server virtualization emulates a physical server within soft­ware, network virtualization emulates the components of network and security services in software. In this way, the virtualized network is provisioned and managed independent of your hardware. Physical networking devices simply become vehicles to forward packets.

Smarter Security with Software-First Approach

In a traditional hardware-first approach, application security is bolted on after the fact. Networks must guess what the application needs, which can lead to security gaps. A software-led approach based on VMware NSX builds security into your network and applications from the start—and positions you for a whatever comes next.

With VMware NSX solutions, you can get more value out of your existing hardware and create a solid networking foundation for your organization. VMware NSX is the networking and security platform that makes your top IT initiatives operationally feasible.


VMware Validated Designs   

Comprehensive and Extensively-Tested Blueprints to Build and Operate a Software-Defined Data Center

The VMware Validated Designs provide comprehensive and extensively-tested blueprints to build and operate a Software-Defined Data Center.

With the VMware Validated Designs, VMware delivers holistic data center-level designs to deploy and configure the complete VMware SDDC in a wide range of scenarios with detailed guidance on how to operate effeciently.

Key highlights

Automated deployment of SDDC stack using VMware Cloud Builder 1.0. You can deploy vSphere, NSX, vSAN and the vRealize suite using VMware Cloud Builder.
Updated deployment documents. The new deployment documents provide extensive guidance on how to deploy a VVD complaint SDDC using VMware Cloud Builder. This also includes any manual steps for certain tasks that are not able to be automated by Cloud Builder.
VVD Document map: VVD 5.0 introduces a VVD for SDDC documentation map. This provides a high-level graphical overview to help navigate the documentation. It also provides a summary of the available documents, the interdependencies between these documents, and it makes documents which may not have been released for the latest version of the VVD easier to discover.
Updated software support. VVD 5.0 supports Microsoft Windows Server 2016 for the vRealize Automation and Site Recovery Manager windows-based virtual machines. It also supports Microsoft SQL Server 2017 for the external databases used by vRealize Automation, and Ubuntu Server 18.04 for the vSphere Update Manager Download Service virtual machines.
Support for Multi-tenancy and multiple availability zones. VVD 5.0 has support for multi-tenancy in vRealize Orchestrator. It also supports the manual addition of a second availability zone within region A.
HTML5-based Clients: VVD 5.0 is updated to use the workflows of the latest HTML5-based vSphere Clients for environment preparation, post-deployment configuration, and operational guidance in vSphere, NSX for vSphere, Site Recovery Manager, and vSphere Update Manager.

SD-WAN vs Traditional WAN

Compared to a traditional WAN deployment, SD-WAN enables your enterprise to deploy your wide area networks 100 times faster with three times the cost savings. SD-WAN lets you make your branch office agile and efficient with virtualization and cloud.

SD-WAN Makes Branch Networks Better
Virtual WAN   Deliver a network overlay with multiple links from different service providers to form a unified pool of bandwidth. Provide superior performance and high availability for applications independent of the underlying transport links.

Simplified Branch Services   SD-WAN provides insertion of network services whether on the branch CPE, in the cloud, or in regional and enterprise data centers. Software-defined flexibility with automation and business-policy abstraction simplify complex configurations of traffic routing and policy definitions.
Cloud Optimized   Enterprise-grade performance is assured even when traffic is going to cloud applications. Incremental overlay design abstracts the software layer from the underlying hardware layer and the physical transport to make an elastic network.
Pay-as-You-Grow Model   With SD-WAN, you can deploy a wide area network on-premises or in the cloud. SD-WAN eases the services insertion with application-aware forwarding to enterprise data center or cloud. Cloud-based management enables pay-as-you-grow subscription model for cost efficiency.

Hybrid WAN

A hybrid WAN enables shared use of both private (MPLS) and Internet circuits at all business locations. An SD-WAN unleashes the additional efficiencies inherent in these transport options. Traffic is steered intelligently across the right path at the right time; users are guaranteed a satisfactory experience when they access SaaS applications from every location; and IT managers gain a unique level of visibility and control of traffic routing, application performance, and policy management.

Turbo-Boost Your Hybrid WAN with SD-WAN
Enterprise-Grade Performance   Dynamic multi-path optimization (DMPO) technology brings you enterprise-grade performance and availability, as well as visibility and control to commodity broadband Internet bandwidth.

Cost-Effective Delivery Model   Distributed cloud gateways – as a service – eliminate costly and complex-to-install data center gear. This distributed network also provides automatic scaling and redundancy difficult for on-premises networks to achieve.
Rapid Branch Deployment   We deliver this new optimization, along with all other branch services, in a single cloud services edge appliance at the branch. Virtualized services remotely provisioned to this edge simplify and speed up branch deployment versus a stack of hardware appliances.

SD-WAN for Branch Offices

To interconnect branch offices, traditional WAN technologies require costly links, multiple boxes per site, and complicated network architectures. An SD-WAN takes the hub and the spoke out of your WAN. It provides seamless branch office connectivity to any number of network edges, interconnected by a virtual network, orchestrated from a single point.

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