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Discover cloud-based protection that stops threats in real time and secures businesses and individuals wherever they connect.

Webroot, a Carbonite company, harnesses the cloud and machine learning to reliably predict and protect against cyberattacks in real time. Webroot secures businesses and consumers worldwide with endpoint and network protection, security awareness training and threat intelligence services.

In 2019, Webroot was acquired by Carbonite, an endpoint and server backup and recovery provider serving customers ranging from small businesses to enterprises. Together, we are a leading cybersecurity and data protection company.


Secure endpoints and users against complex threats with multi-vector protection that doesn’t need patches or updates.

Ultimate virus protection through machine learning The Webroot® Platform is a cloud-based architecture that classifies and scores 95% of the internet 3x per day. With over 10 years’ experience innovating in the field of cutting-edge machine learning technology, Webroot Threat Intelligence provides the accuracy and context organizations and vendors need to protect themselves and their customers.

Multi-vector protection
Protects against threats across email, browsers, files, URLs, ads, apps, and more in real time.

Deep learning intelligence
Uses a layered approach to global threat intelligence to continually refine and enhance classification accuracy.

Zero-hour security
Uses advanced behavioral heuristics to identify and protect against never-before-seen threats.

Industry-leading efficacy
Secures endpoints with 100% efficacy over a 24-hour period, as shown in independent tests by MRG Effitas.

Fast deployment & scans
Small endpoint client agent deploys and scans in seconds and is always up-to-date, without bulky updates or definitions.

No conflicts
Runs alongside other security software. No need to uninstall existing protection just to give us a try.

No reimaging>br>Uses journaling and rollback features to restore files to their uninfected state, so you don’t have to reimage.

Online management
Enables endpoint management anywhere, anytime, online with hierarchical controls and visibility.


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Reduce the cost and impact of user-generated infections and maintain regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.)

Why businesses need security awareness training
Although businesses may feel their employees wouldn’t be fooled by something like a phishing scam, cybercriminals still use this attack method because it continues to be successful. In fact, the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report revealed that 93% of successful security breaches start with phishing.

With regular training that includes phishing simulations, courses on IT and security best practices, and data protection and compliance training, businesses can significantly reduce risk, decrease infections and related help desk costs, protect their reputation by experiencing fewer breaches, and secure their overall cybersecurity investment.

Proven efficacy
User error accounts for up to 90% of successful breaches. With computer-based training, you can significantly change the odds.

Ongoing defense
Ongoing user training ensures your clients are kept up to date on the latest methods of attack, so they stay on track and out of the headlines.

Regulatory compliance
Protect users and data, avoid fines, and ensure compliance with SEC, FINRA, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.

Easy 5-step setup wizard and LMS
Our learning management system lets you launch effective education programs in minutes. You can also schedule training and reports to run automatically.

A fully featured phishing simulator
Launching realistic phishing simulations lets you accurately monitor real-world user responses, then direct awareness programs to users accordingly.

Engaging, interactive courses
Succinct, easily-consumed, interactive courses increase end users’ attentiveness, as well as the overall effectiveness of cybersecurity education programs.

Trackable, customizable campaigns
Measuring individual and overall success is key. The LMS keeps track of user participation, making all education accountable and measurable.

Campaign and contact management
Our campaign management wizard, contact manager, email templates, course library, and reporting center let you schedule and assign training efficiently.

Reporting Center
Activity reports can be shared with management to measure progress, risk score, and ROI. Training reports show user progress so accountability and value are always clear.

Stop up to 90% of malware with domain layer security that protects users on corporate and guest networks.

Why businesses need DNS protection
Uncontrolled internet access is a high-risk activity for any business, regardless of size. Faced with today’s sophisticated attacks, endpoint security alone is no longer enough to stay safe from modern cybercrime. In fact, a recent report from EfficientIP found that 77% of businesses around the world suffered at least one DNS attack in 2018. What’s even more worrying: on average, businesses got hit with as many as seven attacks throughout the year. Per the report, the average cost of a single attack was $715,000 USD. When you do the math, it’s clear how preventing DNS attacks could make all the difference to a business’ success (and survival).

Skip the hardware and software
This fully cloud-based, secure, and resilient service takes just minutes to set up. Protect your DNS connection, network, and users from cyberattacks.

Get detailed reports on-demand
Drill down into reports on all threats the business would’ve been susceptible to without DNS Protection in place, and get full visibility into risk and usage.

Enable policies by group, device, IP
Control internet usage for your users using pre-configured and custom policies by group, device or network.

Block threats at the domain level
Over 80 URL categories give you granular, policy-based control to automatically block dangerous and questionable sites (such as Malware and Adult) or unwanted sites (such as streaming media).

Apply leading web classification
Webroot® threat intelligence backs all Webroot products, and is trusted by over 65 leading technology vendors to enhance their services.

Reduce costs relating to infections
DNS Protection stops up to 90% of web-borne malware at the domain layer, so it never reaches your network. It saves you time and money, while also minimizing unproductive web usage.

Join leading security vendors worldwide. Give customers proactive protection against threats by integrating Webroot® Threat Intelligence.

Three internet security services to fit your needs
The Webroot platform is the brain behind many of the industry-leading products and services we offer. It is the result of more than a decade of behavioral data gathered from millions of licensed endpoint around the globe. Having this one-of-a-kind database allows us to provide our partners with custom-tailored threat intel based on their unique needs. Scroll down or click on any of the services to learn more.

Webroot BrightCloud® IP Reputation Service
Knowledge is power.
84% of malicious IPs represent spam and scanners. In 2017, a single IP was responsible for more than 400,000 phishing sites.
The top 10,000 IP addresses most often associated with malicious activity cycled between benign and malicious an average of 18x each in a single year.

Webroot BrightCloud® Web Classification & Reputation Services
Empower Customers with Better Data
The Webroot BrightCloud® Web Classification and Web Reputation Services provide the most effective way to block access to unwanted content and protect users against web-based threats. For these services, Webroot:

  • Uses patented machine learning that enables single classifiers to work at a rate of 20K classifications per second; with 500+ classifiers running in parallel, site classification is extremely fast and accurate
  • Categorizes the largest URL database of its kind across 82 categories
  • Observes and protect users in real time from the risks of connecting to any URL, regardless of reputation
  • Provides details as to why a site classification was made, empowering admins to make better-informed security decisions

Webroot BrightCloud® Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service
Phishing is pervasive.
Phishing was involved in 93%1 of security breaches, making it one of the most widespread threats facing both businesses and end-users today.
According to the latest Webroot data, an average of 1.4 million unique phishing sites are created each month – 46,000 new phishing sites per day – and they are only active for 4-8 hours on average.

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