Reduce Risk by Securing DevOps

Digital life consists of digital experiences, and applications drive these digital experiences. The only way enterprises can truly provide safe digital experiences to their customers, partners, employees and entire ecosystem, is by securing the applications at the heart of their business.

WhiteHat exists to make this possible. The WhiteHat Application Security Platform enables enterprises to secure their digital businesses. From application creation through production, and from the desktop to mobile devices, we secure the apps that people rely on in their personal and professional lives.


Software Applications are at the core of every business. Today’s organizations deploy a myriad of web applications, ranging from external-facing corporate websites to internal-facing portals.

WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic, a part of the WhiteHat Application Security Platform, is our dynamic application security testing (DAST) product. Sentinel Dynamic offers unmatched accuracy needed for secure DevOps implementations, powered by WhiteHat’s Attack Vector IntelligenceTM (AVI) technology. The AVI technology is a combination of our patented correlation-based machine intelligence plus our Threat Research Center’s 16 years of data on application vulnerabilities and more than 100,000,000 verified attack vectors.

No matter how many websites or applications WhiteHat customers need to secure and regardless of how often they are updated, Sentinel Dynamic can scale to meet any demand.

DAST Benefits

Continuous, concurrent assessments   Sentinel Dynamic continuously scans your websites as they evolve, providing automatic detection and assessment of code changes and alerting for newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Verified, actionable results   WhiteHat’s Threat Research Center validates every vulnerability, virtually eliminating false positives, so you can focus on remediation and improving your overall security posture.

Unlimited access to security experts   With unlimited access, our Threat Research Center team acts as an extension of your security team, answering questions about vulnerabilities and providing remediation guidance.

Reporting and intelligence metrics   Trending analysis tracks data in real time, and the WhiteHat Security Index provides at-a-glance visibility into the security of all of your websites.

The role of today’s software developer has become multifaceted, with increased responsibilities to do more in less time, all while keeping applications secure. In this environment, speed of development and security can end up in conflict – often with security being overlooked.

WhiteHat offers three tiers of Static Application Security testing (SAST) products to help secure all stages of the DevOpsSec lifecycle.

WhiteHat ScoutTM, a part of the WhiteHat Application Security Platform, focuses squarely on developers. With Scout, developers can scan their code for security vulnerabilities with unmatched accuracy and speed needed for secure DevOps implementations.

WhiteHat Sentinel Source Essentials Edition is our new static application security testing (SAST) offering which provides a high-speed and fully-automated testing for scanning source code of the most commonly-used programming languages, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing actionable vulnerability reports. These vulnerability findings are comprehensive and highly accurate and prioritized according to their severity, thus providing guidance on what should be remediated first.

WhiteHat Sentinel Source Standard Edition offers unmatched accuracy needed for secure DevOps implementations, powered by WhiteHat’s Attack Vector IntelligenceTM (AVI) technology and direct access to our Threat Research Center and 16 years of its data on application vulnerabilities and more than 100,000,000 verified attack vectors.

SAST Benefits

Well suited for agile development   Includes integrations to key developer tools and support for CI/CD processes; enables remediation of critical vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC to reduce application risk and exposure.

Intellectual property stays onsite   Test your source code within your own environment, so there is no need to upload source code or binaries to a new location. (Cloud options are also available.)

IDE integration and direct access to TRC improves productivity   Developers can view individual vulnerability descriptions and remediation advice, see corresponding source code, track and fix vulnerabilities and ask a question to TRC security experts, all from within their IDE.

Saves time and accelerates app development/deployment   Delivers actionable results containing pre-verified vulnerabilities that are rated and ranked based on threat severity, along with custom remediation advice.

An estimated 90 percent of your code is from open source and third-party libraries. How are you verifying that you have their latest version and these are free from security issues such as Heartbleed, Poodle, Freak, Drown, Shellshock, or Apache Struts 2 RCE?

WhiteHat Software Composition Analysis (SCA) allows you to identify third-party and open source components that have been integrated into all your applications. It informs you about the licenses for each of them and identifies out-of-date libraries that should be upgraded or patched. SCA tells you if any open source frameworks have open CVEs that must be addressed.

WhiteHat offers two tiers of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) products to help secure development stages of the DevSecOps lifecycle.

WhiteHat Sentinel SCA Essentials is our new standalone Software Composition Analysis (SCA) offering that rapidly and accurately identifies third-party and open source components used in an organization’s applications. For each of these components, Sentinel SCA Essentials Edition identifies any open security common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), licenses, and out-of-date library versions.

WhiteHat Sentinel Source Standard Edition offers Software Composition Analysis (SCA) integrated into the SAST Solution.The Sentinel Source Standard Edition offers unmatched accuracy needed for secure DevOps implementations, powered by WhiteHat’s Attack Vector IntelligenceTM (AVI) technology and direct access to our Threat Research Center.

SCA Benefits

Accelerate Time-to-Market with SDLC Integration   SDLC Integrations, with Bug Tracking, ALM, and other developer tools, gives developers data about their code early in the process. They can safely and confidently utilize open source code, without introducing unnecessary risk.

Flexible licensing options to choose from   WhiteHat Software Composition Analysis is offered as a standalone product or fully integrated into the WhiteHat Sentinel Application Security Platform. Accelerate time to-market for applications with Software Composition Analysis, by safely and confidently utilizing open source code, without introducing unnecessary risk.

Effortless Visibility into your Risk Posture   SCA dashboard shows CVE, versions, and license details, and reports on vulnerabilities that may have licensing and security issues.

SCA enhanced
agility   Free from False Positives and supported by TRC
The premium SCA offering provide findings which are free from false positives. Also, get unlimited remediation guidance and direct access to WhiteHat Threat Research Center.

Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives over the last ten years. With a billion users and more than twice that many applications, mobile usage has created a world where people conduct much of their lives and business on line, on the go. We know you need to make sure your customers can use your mobile apps with confidence.

WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile, an industry-leading mobile security testing & assessment platform, has solutions for testing applications in production as well as source code reviews in development. We employ state-of-the-art tools and mature review processes, as well as forensic investigation into the business processes and data calls each app makes. Every vulnerability found in your mobile application is verified by an expert security engineers at our Threat Research Center (TRC).


Complete mobile app coverage   Secures your critical apps with industry leading mobile application security testing. Leverages the power of dynamic analysis, static analysis of mobile source code, and manual assessments.

Verified, actionable results   The experts in WhiteHat’s Threat Research Center validate every potential vulnerability so you can focus your remediation efforts on verified bugs and defects.

SDLC integration   Sentinel Mobile integrates with ALM tools, IDEs, bug tracking systems, and CI servers, making it easy to deploy and integrate into your systems.

Access to a team of security experts   You can approach our TRC engineers with your questions regarding vulnerabilities and obtain remediation guidance, right from the Sentinel portal itself.

What is the value of education in Application Security? Time and resources saved.

Developers need to understand security vulnerabilities to write safer code using best practices. Security teams need to understand application vulnerabilities to help prioritize updates, patches, and ticketing. eLearning helps turn DevOps into DevSecOps. Knowledge about application security, threats, and best practices define the different between replicating the same problem across multiple sites and building secure applications by design.

WhiteHat Security eLearning content explains, develops, reinforces, and assesses secure coding practices with self-paced, interactive sessions that are engaging and easy to deploy for small, large, and distributed teams. Our learning tracks let your education administrator track progress and reward achievement, with certificates for each class to satisfy CPE credit requests.

eLearning track options:

  • Application Security for Security Professionals
  • Application Security for Developers
  • Application Security Training for the Java Developer
  • General Security Education
  • Strategic and Functional Support

    The WhiteHat Sentinel platform bridges the gap between our customers’ security and development teams, allowing them to deliver secure applications at the speed of digital business. But there are times when a new Application Security program needs a little help getting set up. Let our Professional Services team educate and enable your team for success!

    Whether you are creating your first AppSec program or expanding rapidly and need some expert program management to move security left in your software development lifecycle, we can help.


    Establish the right program for your business   Setup and drive enterprise-wide risk management programs in support of WhiteHat Application Security Platform.

    Determine and measure success criteria   Use metrics to track progress across the organization, including regular meeting cadences, program reviews, and service review meetings.

    Cross-functional collaboration   WhiteHat works with your development teams to ensure vulnerabilities are remediated according to security policies and best practices.

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